If you're an ardent reader of my blog, you must remember that long before I was accepted at TPI for internship, I applied to Gadis but never got any feedback. And guess what, as soon as I finished my internship at TPI, some from Gadis called to inform that I was to take a test for employment on Tuesday the 5th at 09:00 AM! But they're not gonna test for internship, but a REAL JOB instead! If I'm accepted and they ask me to take a full-time job, then I'll turn in down (due to my studies, of course). But if they let me freelance, then I'll take the job!
Tuesday, August 5, 2003 07:35 a.m.

Guess what, Jason is currently in Thailand shooting the latest Head & Shoulders commercial! He plays the leading role, and the commercial's gonna be aired all over Asia, which is also including Indonesia! So just look out for him...
God, other than Jason, my other crush Ramon (the Malay-Irish one) is already on his way to stardom! After being one of the victors in The 2003 Cleo Malaysia Most Eligible Bachelor and gracing the cover of Maskulin's May issue, this Eurasian hunk is up to starring in a movie (title of which is still undisclosed) with Aida Aris, one of Malaysia's most famous actresses. Oh wow. When Ramon and Jason are already stars, I'll be telling people how they were like before they became famous, that I have their phone numbers and personal email addresses...Hehehehe.
Indonesians, you sure know Anya Dwinow, right? Well guess what, SHE WAS MY CLASSMATE IN GRADES 3 & 4!!! And not only were we classmates, we were also deskmates (in grade 3) and gangmates! In grade 4, Anya, I, and three other girls (Firdaus, Rima, and Riani)were in this gang called "The Sherlock Holmes Project". *hears her readers gigle* SHUT UP! I know that was ridiculous, but we were 9-year-olds who were so into detective stuff, and we even believed the school mosque was haunted! And all five of us were into ballet as well! Anya had already been learning ballet at Namarina, so had Riani, and me at Sumber Cipta, while the other two gang members just kept begging their parents to allow them to have ballet lessons! Hahahaha...Unfortunately, in fifth grade Anya had to move to some school in Tebet. Funny thing was, prior to her move, she told us she was moving to Switzerland...Hahahah :) Oh well...lots of childhood memories with that elementary school bestfriend-turned-celebrity mate of mine. And I also have a class picture (grade 4) which Anya is in, but I'm not putting it up. I don't want some thieves to steal it and put it up on their websites or even tabloids without giving me credit!

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A quiz. After quite a long time. Wonder why I've become less addicted to quizzes as ever...
Saturday, August 2, 2003 01:05 p.m.

Mom and dad just got back from Singapore yesterday, and they brought home lots of stuff! Among those is a Tension CD! Well in case you've never heard of Tension, they're a boyband from Taiwan (?) that's not as commercial as F4! "But Nana, don't you despise boybands?" you might ask. Yes, actually I still do, but when it comes to Tension...whatever on earth has happened to me? They captured my heart, is all I can say. Especially Andy, the long-haired one, for he really reminds me of Gege Jason! I think they're really impressive, unlike most boybands. Not only can they sing, but they also get strong voice characters. And what makes me an even happier bunny is, they wrote their thank you notes in English, and their English is VERY GOOD too! I wonder where they went to school...
Their album's tight as well, but what really disappoints me is the super cool "Gotta Be Your Man Remix" is not there! And the only song of theirs I hate is "She's Having My Baby". In the video it's Andy (of all the members) who plays the father-to-be, and thus plays the wedding scene! Why should it be Andy? Why not Brian or Raymond instead? Oh dears...I've started to sound like I'm 14 again. Heheheeh :) Anyway, is there any of you readers who knows how old Andy is? Please let me know ASAP!
Thursday, July 31, 2003 03:01 p.m.

I hate being indecisive! Ok, if you're an avid reader of my blog, you should know by now that I was offered to extend my internship here for another month (until the end of August). But what I thought was an extended internship turned out to be a CONTRACT, which means I'll GET PAID. But problem is, half of me SO WANTS to have a month worthy of a break, as I've planned a trip to either Bali or Singapore with Orchid and I spent the first couple of weeks of the semester break worrying about whether or not I'd get my internship going. Besides, I'm already fed up with deadlines, and translating REALLY isn't as easy as you think. You can't just transform a sentence in one lingo into a sentence you think makes sense in another lingo, and look up words you're unfamiliar with in the dictionary. You have to watch the grammar of both lingos too, you know. Another half of me says this contract might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance that might not come again even after I get my Bachelor of Arts' degree in hand. And that I'll be damned if I miss it. However, if truth be told, I think the first half of me is most likely to win since I'll be working my ass off on my thesis and 25 credits this coming semester, and I'll have regrets if I spend the remaining month of the semester break working nine to five and coping with deadlines. When in need of a holiday, I can get really tense and boy, do I LOATHE waking up on weekends to the thoughts of stuff on my to-do list and going home to paper/essay/deadlines. And bizarre yet crazy thing is, there are ACTUALLY a few peeps who insist I sign the contract. NOW WHO ARE THEY KIDDING, EH? It's my mind, not theirs. My body, not theirs. And I know bloody well how my mind and body work. I don't blame you on calling me a lazy bum, as there are gazillions of people who work and study at the same period of time. But let me tell ya something. I'm the kind of person who HAS to take one thing AT A TIME, because if I insist on taking several things at a time, I'll most likely fail them all. Oh well. I'm just tired.
Tuesday, July 29, 2003 11:38 p.m.


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