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kuliah oh kuliah
It's official. I. Did not. Pass. English 103/NZ literature. FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK! I got a B- for the first assignment, a C for the second, I never skipped a tutorial and I had good class participation. The only thing ruining it is my exam, in which I left out an essay because I ran out of time. Screw the world.
Miraculously, however, I did pass FTVMS 101. Assignment one D+, assignment two C+, came late to tutorials sometimes, didn't finish an essay in the exam, the fact that this is my first time doing films...but I passed. God works in mysterious ways.
Now. I must work harder in summer school. One of my summer school subjects, Woman 205, has only assignments as an assesment. This is a good chance to get an A.
Oh, and happy belated 19th birthday to Emma! How's Melbourne, honey?
Aduh kak...Gue kangen banget sama elo! Rese lo, bikin mudik gue garing and gue nggak sabar pengen balik ke negeri biri-biri. Gue kangen elo...dari rambut elo yang pirang and jenggot elo yang item (coklat?) sampe omongan-omongan elo yang daleeemmm (sumur kali). Lo pasti nggak kangen gue deh. Tapi pernah nggak sih lo kepikiran gue? Pernah nggak kepikiran kayak apa sih negeri antah berantah bernama Indonesia itu?

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005, 11:11 a.m.

Happy 22nd birthday Kathy! After much contemplating, I've decided not to send her a card. Kat is apparently still carried away by our 2000-2001 saga. We share lots in common despite our different starsigns (mine's Taurus, hers Sagitarius). LOL. We're two show-offs and we were in love with the same guy. Hahahaha...It looks like she knows the sender of the anonymous birthday cards in the previous years was me, since I never got a reply. Well this time perhaps I'll wish her a happy birthday on Friendster, which means no going under cover. We'll see how she'll respond (if she responds at all). We were good mates before 'the silent catfight' and besides that was YEARS ago when we were teens. Now we're 22 and we're supposed to be mature and sensible...
My heart goes out to 25-year-old Nguyen Tuong Van, an Australian-Vietnamese guy who's awaiting his execution in Singapore. He's going to be hanged this Friday at 06.00 AM local time. In 2002 he was caught smuggling heroin at Singapore's Changi Airport during a transit from Cambodia to Australia.
So. Van is a common surname in Vietnam, although maybe not as common as Nguyen (anyone remembers American-Vietnamese actor Justin Nguyen? LOL). Which makes me Tomiko Van, singer of Japanese band Do As Infinity, of Vietnamese descent?

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Monday, November 28, 2005, 07:22 p.m.

Yoohoo Angie, you're gonna get a kick out of this! Maybe there are lots Indo websites like that, but this is the first Indo celeb-bitching blog I stumbled upon.
I share people's "pain" regarding the post on Marshanda. Having spent some time in Auckland, now I don't understand why Indos wear jackets in all weathers, including when it's blazing hot. Well I know they do it for style, and I know that sometimes it's ok to put on a jacket because the weather is good so you won't feel hot in your jacket. But come on...the jacket is plain unnecessary.
Indo is still the land of extreme plagiarism. SCTV's new promo plate (hokay I don't know what it's actually called...but it's the box thing that has a show's name and times) is a COMPLETE RIP-OFF of Star TV's.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005, 09:23 p.m.

kita berteman saja, teman tapi mesra
In late 2001 and early 2002 my must-see websites were the blogs of Aiko, Angela, Kerry, Eve, and Angelina. Two of these gals have quit blogging completely, and the other three have moved permanently to Live Journal. Now my top must-see sites are all mine, namely my DA, Friendster, Gmail, and this blog. LOL.
Oh gee. I guess I know who did these stupid ridiculous meaningless alphabet and number posts here. Damn fuckin' familiar. Bet it has practised alphabet and number in many other blogs. Someone must be kind enough to put this creature in a kindergarten or mental institution.

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Saturday, November 26, 2005, 07:46 a.m.

Aaaawh Nick and Jessica have officially split! Mourn mourn mourn...they're like Brad and Jen to me.
Nancy: "Oh"? Is that all? You were so crazy about him!
Me: Um, that was last year.
My mum told me when it came to guys, I was just like the guys themselves. It's true I'm not ashamed to show the world my feelings when I'm mad about a guy, but after I'm tired of him I dump him just like that. I can even go, "(insert name here) who?" LOL. I treat my men like things...when they're new I use them for some time on end but after I get bored they go straight to the back of my cellar or cupboard. So Casey doesn't have to worry.
I'm sooo fuckin' pissed with CBN. It gets painfully slow or gives no connection at all just because of the rain.
You know what I miss terribly? Having a hissy fit.

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Friday, November 25, 2005, 09:31 a.m.

oh it is such a perfect place to...
I don't know what to blog about and I don't feel like blogging. Yet here I am posting random stuff.
Irwan Chandra, a local actor and model, is going to tie the knot in February and guess how old his bride-to-be is? Twenty years old...while Irwan himself is 29. Aaaarrgh lucky girl! I want my ideal spouse to be at least 3 years my senior, however I seem to attract mainly younger guys!
I really should stop complaining. I have a thought that maybe (just maybe...) Casey has a thing for me too, but my complaints about my grades, the weather, my family and everything else make him back off. And it's not pertaining to Casey only. Last night when I was chatting with Orchid on the phone, she said, "You know, it's better to be pursued than pursuing...Pete was good, but you were always like, 'Pete is nice, but he's fat.'"
Willy Dozan, a local martial arts actor who has Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Hollywood movies as well as an Italian award (by stage name Billy Chong) under his belt, is 48. He's divorced twice, first from singer Betharia Sonata and second from 23-year-old village girl Tini Kartini, and now guess who his current girlfriend is? Sixteen-year-old high schooler Dewi Cahyanti. Man that's fucked up...although older than Willy's children, that girl sure is young enough to be his daughter. Given the fact that his second ex wife is only 23, Willy is definitely undergoing the "second puberty."
Enough with the gossips. Good news! My brother is accepted into Ryutsu Keizai University, economics major! He had the entrance test last Sunday, and he was so scared he couldn't make it to the uni (or any uni for that matter) that he made my mum promise to let him return to Indo once he was finished with the language school. LOL. Anyway, he hasn't decided whether or not to take the university's offer of place. He still wants to attempt at Waseda.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005, 08:45 a.m.