OMIGOD...FASTING MONTH AND I'M SO DARNED BUSY! Talk about fasting month, it's been three days and my fasting goes well so far. I'm glad Ramadan it's already here, coz by late November I'll be able to fit into my old gowns, including my high school prom one! Oh, not to mention my Christina Aguilera kinda jeans...LOL. And talking about barrage of assignments, they are:

  • Writing hw: due today, done

  • Speaking class presentation: due tomorrow, still at work on it with my group

  • Speaking class paper + presentation: due November 3rd
  • Indonesian Consumers paper + presentation: due November 4th

  • English-Indonesian translation hw: due date same as above

  • Copywriting paper + presentation: due November 8th.

  • MY GOODNESS! TALK ABOUT TORTURE! Therefore I won't be able to blog as frequently as usual...
    Quote of the day:
    "No wonder they think you're younger. You DO look younger than your actual age, but 17...I don't think so. Your face shows more maturity than that of a 17-year-old's. Y'know how 17-year-olds are...most of them are over their hormone-driven phase, but aren't quite ready to enter adulthood. So could pass for an 18-year-old or a 19-year-old, but never 17 nor 20."
    Henny, in response to my complaint about blokes mistaking me for a 17-year-old.
    Wednesday, October 29, 2003 08:50 a.m.

    Guess what, my parents just got back from Singapore (yep...Singapore is like The Arslans' second home country, since we go there at least once a year) and what did they get moi? NOKIA N-GAGE, BABY!!! Though recently launched, the cellphone only cost SG$ 548 or about 2,5 million in Rupiahs. That's unlike most new cellphones that can cost up to 4 million Rups! Ok...enough about the good stuff. What irks me is the digicam that I used to take pics of my baby N-gage and other stuff my parents got me from Singapore won't work on its charger. Its USB button just won't turn on when pressed, and I'm too tired to analyze what's wrong. Hell yea I took a pic of my N-gage...I mean, if my gal mates can show off their LV's, why can't I flash people the latest addition to my collection of gadgets?
    Anyway...guess what again, Jamie's broken up with his girlfriend becaus of me! I mean Jamie my third ex!'s not that I interfered with their relationship, but it's Jamie who's got issues and he successfully kept me in the dark. The reason of his dumping his girlfriend was pretty cliche: he wasn't ready for long term, and he's done the same thing twice. With me, the case was different. It was because of the religion issue (can a Catholic and a Muslim be joined in a holy matrimony? No way) that we broke up back in June 2002 after 1,5 months of dating. Also, although he had two new girlfriends until Saturday the 25th, and I dated my last ex from July to December of 2002, time and again he would ring me just to say that he missed me a lot, and occasionally he would utter the sacred three words. Sometimes I thought it was a joke, but often times I took him a little bit seriously since I still had (and still do until now) a morsel of feelings for him. But now...I don't know...I'm still fascinated that there's actually a guy who 's willing to hurt for me.
    Random shout out: Koko're responsible for my new-found addiction to Brandon Lee! You really remind me of him since you two have lots in common. Mix, interests, even height! No wonder people say you and Brandon look alike, although in my opinion you look more caucasian than he did!
    Speaking of Brandon Lee, don't you think death really freezes his good looks? I can't imagine him being alive now...he would be middle-aged (38 to be precise), married with children, and have wrinkles. I also wonder if girls like me, who were kids at the time he died and barely heard about him, now become fans of him. Oh well...

    talk about eternally adorable!
    Sunday, October 26, 2003 09:26 p.m.

    That's my fave pic of Brandon Lee (February 1 1965 - March 31 1993), Bruce Lee's son, and his wife-to-be Eliza Hutton. Oh god look at them...a very cute couple *sighes* I can imagine what Brandon did to her next LOL :P Brandon died in an accident during the filming of his most critically-acclaimed movie, The Crow, and was supposed to marry Eliza 17 days after his death. Death really did the couple apart. Tragic...And I remember when the news broke, I was having breakfast with my family at The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Surabaya, and my dad was slightly surprised when he read the headline "Anak Bruce Lee Tewas Di Ujung Pelor." (English translation: Bruce Lee's Son Dies In The Edge of Bullets) on a local newspaper. In the middle of the article there was a picture of Brandon. I also remember staring at the pic, admiring how gorgeous he was. Gosh, I was 9 at that time, and I guess it marked the beginning of my on again-off again obsession with Eurasian blokes. LOL :P
    Friday, October 24, 2003 08:58 a.m.

    I really am in the latest issue of Tempo (for foreigners: "Tempo" is the Indonesian "Time"! Established in the 1960's (if I'm not mistaken), it was banned for 4 years (1994-1998) during the Soeharto regime)! Under a pseudonym, obviously, but if you're my regular visitor it will be easy for you identify me since there are quite a number of hints in the article that are mentioned on this blog. What's more, Mardiyah, the writer, dedicated ONE WHOLE COLUMN (yep, you heard me right) to my life story. now I'm enjoying my 15 minutes of fame while it lasts. LOL :P
    I'm glad there are eventually people who are willing to go into trouble covering what really happens within us suicidal youth. It's sickening that a lot of people have been undestimating us, saying we create our own problems. No, the truth is it's THE SOCIETY who create problems for us. What people mostly do is expect us to become people we're already not, and they're itching to eliminate our problems. When I was younger, I was easily angered when people told me to take life easy. I mean, what life is easy when I had to study about a gazillion subjects (most of which have been proven not useful in my life) in order to pass a grade, my parents forced me to see psychiatrists when I felt there was nothing abnormal about myself, my friends constantly picked on me, I was haunted by my traumas of rapes, and people judged me for my points of view? And recently I was mad at a friend of Pipi's who said she didn't understand why I ever tried comitting suicide and thought it was stupid. Yea of course you didn't understand's most likely that you've never had any real trouble, any real depression. Try to have a bloke grope you without your permission and keep going despite your hollering at him to stop will you get a little hint at what I undwerwent.
    In my opinion, the prevention of teen suicide isn't so hard. First we have to understand that each human being is different. School kids, for example, may behave in a similar way, but underneath they're all different individuals. Keep an eye on them to notice the slightest change in their behavior. If this change occurs to a kid, approach him/her mildly. Be a good listener, and never, I mean NEVER, be judgmental or forceful. Offer an advice, don't forget to choose the right word (for example, "I suggest..." is better than "You must..."). Keep the child company until he/she feels better, but be careful not to give lavish attention because some kids are annoyed by that. Finally, assure the kid that you'll still be there should he/she have a new problem by giving your contact details.
    Wednesday, October 22, 2003 08:12 a.m.