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The day has just started and I'm already pissed off. I told my aunt that I need a job since I'm having a two-week midsemester break starting tomorrow and I don't wanna spend it walking idly downtown on my own. She promised to ring a mate of hers, a Burger King branch manager, to see if there's a vacancy. All of a sudden Toha, a close family mate who's been having a sleepover here, woke up from the sofa and asked who needed a job. After my aunt explained everything, he laughed patronizingly at me and said I'd never get a job if I don't have an IRD card. Now what human being isn't pissed when someone belittles them like that? He then showed me his IRD card, which I inspected long and I said, "Hold up, I haven't finished reading the back of the card," when the man wanted it back, just to get under his skin a bit. When I gave him the card I felt like throwing it at his face, but I successfully refrained. Someone should hand me a trophy for my self-control. Oh well, let's just say he was threatened by my looking for a job because if I do get one I'm gonna make more money than he does, albeit gradually. New Zealand is VERY strict to job seekers. I know lots of immigrants who have university degrees from their home countries, but can't get decent jobs here (e.g. careers relating to their fields) because their schools don't meet the New Zealand standard. Toha is one of them and he doesn't even have a college degree from Indo. I, on the hand and as everybody knows, go to the country's best university. *lifts chin up*
Alright, say goodbye to bad mood, hello to happy one. Guess what, I met Casey again last night at Borders! And I'd predicted it beforehand! As I was walking to Borders to check out the bazaar stands at Metro Sky City, I had a feeling that I would run into people I know, and Casey would be one of them. Once at Metro, the bazaar stands were already packed up, so I went to Borders instead. Once again, my power worked. There I met Richard, an Indo guy who goes to some school I can't recall, and not far away behind him there was Casey! I called out his name and introduced him to Richard. Hahahaha :) Then Rich got out to smoke and Casey and I had a small talk, but phone number exchange. LOL. Not long afterwards as I was walking from Borders to my aunt's resto, I met the FTVMS hottie! I wish I knew his name...But what the hell, I'm glad my sixth sense has started to work the way I want.
Still about yesterday, guess what, there's a new movie star in town! Move over, Dian Sastro! Just kidding. Hahahah :) But yep, at yesterday's Indonesia independence day celebration, I was asked to audition for Benang Kusut, a movie by Sinless Production, a company owned by some Indo kids who have just finished university here. The movie is gonna be filmed here of course, and I decided to give the audition a shot mostly because my minor is Films and I need to get to know how film production works in practice. I'm not really interested in the acting part. Nevertheless, I couldn't help feeling happy when Ellis, a fresh AUT grad who's also the movie's art director, had long, deep looks at me - my appearance and how I talked and all - to see which character would best suit me! LOL. The audition is on Saturday afternoon, September 3. Wish me luck everybody! Well if I don't make it at least I can try to lobby Ellis and the rest of the crew to let me watch the filming...

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Sunday, August 28, 2005, 03:42 a.m.

casey casey casey!
I met Casey yesterday and we had a good chat! LOL. It's all thanks to my sixth sense, or good intuition or observation or whatever it is...At the Student Commons yesterday there was an announcement that a poetry-reading would be held at Strata, one of the school cafes, and everybody was free of charge. Upon the announcement, I had a feeling that Casey would be there. And this time I was SO sure of it. I had no idea Casey was into poetry, but since he's very much into drama (he's even got publication for his performances in his native Austin, Texas), it was possible that he might be into poetry as well. Turned out he was. LOL.
Once at the cafe, I didn't see him until I'd seated myself next to some guy called Cameron. Then I moved to a seat next to an Asian guy because from the one next to Cameron I couldn't see the poets' faces thanks to the distracting lights behind them. From there too it was no better, and at the same time I was wondering if I should move to the seat in front of Casey (he and two mates were sitting on a round table and the chairs were turned outside). However, I was worried too. What if the girl across from him was his girlfriend? But then again I thought, aaaww what the hell, he might leave before the poetry-reading was over, and I'd come a long way to get there...So off I went to his seat, tapped his shoulder, asked if his name was Casey (to which he said yes, and I went "Woohoo!" under my breath), and asked if the empty chair before him was taken. He said no, and so I settled myself...Turned out that the girl was the girlfriend of the guy next to him. They were all really fun, and we were among the last to leave the cafe, but still I was too chicken to ask for their numbers...
Casey didn't remember my name (until I re-introduced myself, of course), but he remembered me from orientation. I mean, how could he not remember me? I was his charge (sort of) in the museum tour...But there was no surprise when he couldn't recall my name because almost nobody here can. It became clear to me that he'd blocked and deleted me on MSN because he seemed to be online a lot (before we left Student Commons, he excused himself to the library to check his e-mails) and yet I've never seen him online on MSN despite the fact that I added him over a fortnight ago. And don't worry I didn't frighten the guy by saying I'd already known his surname (although I did ask him about his surname just to make sure I got it right. Well I did...) and e-mail address. Nah...I don't want him to cover his face whenever he sees me even if it's within a 10-mile radius. LOL.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005, 03:26 a.m.

save my best behavior for a little later...
Ok, English 103 mark is in's a measlier (is there such a word?) B-. Goodness. I enrolled in UofA determined not to repeat the mistake I did at The UI, being a B avarage (cumulative GPA at graduation is 3.03, thanks to the big mistake I did in my sixth semester there). My Films essay is most likely to get the worst mark of the three, since I can't really tell the difference between montage and contunuity editing and my convener is a tough marker. Oh well. More study, less boys. Promise. No way, I can't! What straight girl can live without boys? And it's not that I spend a lot of time calling them anyway...I don't even have their numbers! Study more. English 103's second assignment material is out, and I'd better start working on it despite the fact that it's not due until October 7.
Screw you if you think English literature is a piece of cake. That's why you keep making grammatical howlers and can't punctuate. My second English 103 (NZ literature) assignment is about any novella from the book Seven New Zealand Novellas (each novella is written by a Pakeha author, most of whom are immigrants from England), and we must discuss the implicit aspects of it, like seasonal structure. My choice is Maurice Duggan's O'Leary's Orchard, since that's what I'm currently reading (hahahah). Still, it's not easy because this novella uses a lot of metaphors. And language is sooo poetic!
Off the topic, Wayne really is a good selling point of my aunt's resto! Maybe that was what she thought when she took him in? LOL. Last night there was an Arab-Indonesian girl who dined at the resto, and she kept coming to the counter for...anything (chilli sauce, soya bean sauce, etc.)! But of course her real purpose was to check Wayne out! LOL.

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Friday, August 26, 2005, 01:36 a.m.

Yo! What is up bitches!? I'm glad all of the assignments have been handed in and I'm free until late next month, because the second assignments of my classes (except English 121, September 16) are due in early October. Oh, and mid-semester break starts at the end of this week! Life is good...
You know what, my aunt's got a second assistant (she needs about two because her other one is a part-timer, and her resto sells really well patrons come and go at all times!) and this guy is a Chinese-Indo guy who's currently studying English at ELA, an English-as-a-second-language school run by my school. He plans on taking a master's degree in commerce at my school next year. Anyway, this guy - let's call him Wayne - was a model back in Indo - appearing on catwalks and fashion pages - and sure enough he's got a body and face to die for (no no he's not muscular and I don't think he's got six-pack abs, just tall and well-built). My aunt's girlfriends are already gaga over him so yea I'm no different. LOL. However, one embarrasing moment did occur yesterday and it made think maybe I shouldn't show up in the resto for some time. Yesterday while I was chatting with my aunt and her other assistant Aji, who was ready to go home because his shift was over, I said, "Isn't Wayne cute!" Suddenly both Aji and my aunt grinned mischievously at something - or someone - behind me, and as I looked over my shoulder there was Wayne waiting for me to step aside because I was standing at the kitchen door. Omigod!!! But I suppose Wayne's used to girls going gaga openly over him. He didn't say anything about my remark, and nor did he smile about it. Plus, my aunt said her girls were more brutal. Some of them actually whistled as he came in their direction.
On a totally irrelevant note, I skipped Sin City with the Films kids last night. I just didn't feel like going anymore. And hopefully it's just me, but Tania seems to be avoiding me lately. She didn't reply my texts about the writing method of the FTVMS essay, and she didn't answer me about whether or not the movie was still on. She didn't answer me either when I called out her name after English 121 tutorial was over yesterday. We were still in the room although she was already at the door, so she must have heard me! I wonder what I've done wrong to her but then again she's a class representative for FTVMS 101, so she should expect to hear a lot from us. As for the FTVMS hottie, nah don't worry I'll get to know him in tomorrow's lecture. He and his best bud, a Maori (or Samoan? Still can't tell the difference!) guy whose name I can't remember, never change seats so I'll sit with or near them in the lecture!
English 121 assignment marks are in, and I got...a measly B+. Yikes. But don't blame my guy escapades, it was merely stiff luck!
It's been two years since I met Andreas for the first and last time...
Oh, and I've made a a quiz! Take it!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005, 02:44 a.m.

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