Dunno why, but my internet connection's been hella slow in the past couple of days. Talk about fucked-up. BTW, I'm leaving to Bandung with Lia, Bayu, and Novar in about 7 hours. My dad and bro have finally flown to Japan yesterday at 11.20 PM and will be back probably on August 5. Oh well...mom's gonna have the house all to herself until I get back from Bandung on Wednesday.
Anyway, does anyone know Nu Virgos' latest single called Stop! Stop! Stop!? I guess the girlband's been in the biz for quite a long time, just haven't been around for quite some time. They're three girls who obviously focus more on their appearance (flaunt those cleavages, ladies!) than vocal quality. But what the hell, I still like Stop! Stop! Stop! because the tune is so early 90's, with sax and all. Perfect for those who remember early 90's well to dance to and reminisce. I think the song's doing well in the charts, and this can only mean one thing...That early 90's is back? If so, I can't be happier! I'm tired of this pseudo 80's era and kids who pretend to know and remember the real 80's.
I've been taking quizzes like crazy nowadays! Naughty quizzes from Liquid Generation for instance. I also retake quizzes I took a long time ago such as the ones from Catwalk Queen. Not to mention quizzes with different result images by different creators which are of the same kind as the ones I took long ago (e.g. the Which Evanesence song are you? quiz). God, I've never been more of a quiz slut than I am now!
Monday, July 26, 2004, 12:05 a.m.

Bukan cuma semusim, tapi lima tahun lebih udah Nana lewatin tanpa kamu
Tanpa ada kabar berita, Nana cuma bisa nebak2 kamu dimana, udah balik ke Indo belum, and whether or not kamu inget sama Nana
Senengnya nemuin kamu belum berubah, bahkan rambut kamu pun modelnya masih sama...

This is the story of my first serious crush. Definitely the story even long-time regulars have never heard. Please note that I don't give out all the details, as he probably reads this blog (I showed him this blog a few days ago, obviously before the thought of making our story public crossed my mind)
This bloke (his name will remain undisclosed until we can hit it off *yeah right Nana...as if he's ever THAT interested in you!*) I first met almost six years ago. At that time he was more interested in my then so-called best mate (why so-called? Because she was more of a backstabber than a best mate, and it was definitely before I met my true best mates Orchid and Henny), but we became good mates anyway. We were so in sync with each other I didn't mind sharing him with my "best mate", and I enjoyed those times until it was time for him to go abroad for college. That was when everything ended. It was as if he vanished into thin air. Yes he gave me his e-mail address, but it turned out there were a gazillion other people with the same address. My "best mate", being a men's lady she was (and perhaps still is), broke up with him and quickly hooked up with one of her admirers. As for me, he filled all my dreams, even until Pipi came along exactly 14 months after he left, and couldn't forget him until Pipi and I became a couple for the first time in December 2000.
Now, how did I find him? If you think I ran into him on Friendster, NOPE, sorry babe, try again. LOL. It was as simple as this: I found my high school diary, where I scribbled my thoughts along with some people's phone numbers, and yes his (home humber) was among them. So I dialed the number, and guess who picked up the phone? THE BLOKE HIMSELF! God could I believe my luck! We had a short conversation. I introduced myself by my first name, as it was how he liked to address me. A little more flashback: He, like others who know me, first knew me as Nana, but then he told me he liked calling me Isyana better. And god, it appeared that he'd forgotten me, and only after I mentioned my ex best mate's name was he able to recall me little by little. Oh well. Then on the second call, we exchanged e-mail addresses, and afterward, added each other to MSN and Friendster. Now we meet online on a regular basis and are planning to meet up.
How I am looking forward to meeting him! Can't wait to show him that the gawky, tomboyish 15-year-old high school sophomore he used to know is now a full-grown lady of 21, although still hyper at times. That the always complaining I-don't-understand-why-nobody-wants-me teenie is now a maiden with love experiences to match his (he had a reputation of being a player, and I still can't believe now he's actually...been SINGLE for a year!).
Dear Lord, thank you so much for setting us back up. Although maybe we'll never be a couple, at least I know now that we're meant to be friends.
Saturday, July 24, 2004, 11:28 p.m.

You know I've been living in my neighborhood all my life (my old house is just a block away from my current). I've been annoyed by the sound of kids playing outdoors in the afternoon for the past couple of years. Then, just today, it dawned upon me that I was exactly like those children a decade back and more! Perhaps I made more noise back then! I remember bicycling around the neighborhood with my brother, Rona, and Roy, and playing with then babies Marsha, Ajeng and Shinta. God how I missed those times. I've lost touch with Roy, Rona, and Ajeng. Roy's and Rona's mums still live in the same house and therefore are still in touch with mine. Ajeng and her family moved a long time ago, and the last time I heard of her was that she went to a secondary school just across from my secondary school, but that dated back to around two years ago. Same thing with Shinta. Of course I'm still in touch with Marsha becasue she's my cousin and she still lives in the same house. To Roy, Rona, Shinta, and Ajeng, if you ever stumble on this website...sorry I don't know your full names, but if you once lived at Jl. Kosambi and Jl. Aren in Tomang, West Jakarta and spent most afternoons of your childhood playing with a geeky girl with big froggy eyes and bangs, well...I was that girl. DO DROP ME A LINE! I'm still Nana from the block.
BTW, the part II of my Puncak vacation pics are up on the LJ. Have fun looking around!
Oh, and I didn't know my brother is a big Sophie Ellis Bextor fan! He even bought the ORIGINAL Watch My Lips DVD by the said singer. It must be in her beauty...I mean, it's not that Sophie's music isn't good, but it's unlikely for an X-box-playing, Linkin Park-listening bloke to listen to such 80's poppy dance music...
Friday, July 23, 2004, 08:46 p.m.

God, everyone's leaving...Jean's off to Malaysia today, Anggi has landed safe and sound on New York, Henny will move to London with her brother in September, Yiki flew to Catania, Sicily Island, Italy for a job training a couple days ago and is residing there until October, even my bro and dad are bound for Japan on Sunday the 25th! And it seems like I'm the only one waving good bye from good ol' Indonesia. My trip to London is called off. My mom insisted we save the money for my departure to Queensland, Australia in March (hopefully), and for the whole family to stay there until my school starts. Can hardly wait.
I put my banners on Star Girl and Mezza-9, and holy shit, did they look ugly! Apparently the space provided for the banners is smaller than the standard banner size, but then again, my banners are that size and so are others' banners. I wonder how come the latters look better?!
Thursday, July 22, 2004, 08:27 a.m.

21-year-old Isyana Adriani Arslan was born and grew up in the capital of a country right above Down Under, Indonesia. Better known as Nana in both real life and www, she has been blogging since her last days of high school in 2001, on Friendster since June 2003, and basically online since her high school freshman year in 1997. She's currently a senior at Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Humanities, and prides herself on her pioneer spirit, mixed ancestry, ability to make all-around nice layouts (though not highly skilled), addiction to online quizzes and coffee, and rather extraordinary English talent. Wanna make her day? Simply sign her guestbook or check out her archives.




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