Ok, last night I went to Purwacaraka's "Talented Young Performance 2003" which features Cherezma, a former Purwacaraka Music Studio student (along with other students (former and present)) who is the best drummer on earth, and none other than my cousin!!! Hosted by Helmy Yahya (one of Indonesia's highest-paid emcees), the four-hour show was EXCELLENT! Among the kid choir, there was this four-year-old girl called Kanya who really stole the show! Not only did she get a solo part singing "Ambilkan Bulan, Bu" (Get Me The Moon, Mom) and "Pelangi, Pelangi" (Rainbow), but also stood next to Helmy Yahya when he handed awards and flower bouquets to the Minister of Woman Empowerment, children's song writer AT Machmud, and The CEO of the biggest food corporation in the country, Indofood, Eva Rianti Hutapea.
The show's closing segment really was a replica of Sister Act II's. Purwacaraka's youth choir were dressed in robes and shawls like members of a church choir when they got on the stage until they finished singing "Is You Is Or Is You Not My Love?" Then as they started singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" they suddenly took off the robes and shawls and their everyday clothes (a.k.a jeans, tees, and cargo pants in various forms) came to sight. In the middle of the songs, the most anticipated guest star (there were two guest stars in the show, one was the violinist known for his trademark spunky GREEN violin Henry Lamiri), Krisdayanti (for Westerners: she's the Celine Dion of Indonesia), appeared! She sang a couple of her hits and a medley of ABBA songs.
While singing one of her hits, Krisdayanti got off the stage and asked if there was any kid of knew that song by heart. Seconds later, she was surrounded by children, which really was an EXTREMELY CUTE sight! But of all those children, only one could sing along with the diva...
Anyway, that night was a truly a night to remember. Not only did I get the ticket for free (from Chrezma, obviously), but the show also successfully made four hours fly without the audience realizing it! Hats off to Purwacaraka and the whole crew!
Monday, July 28, 2003 08:43 a.m.

OH GOD THIS MAN IS SOOOOOO OUTRAGEOUS! I stumbled upon a Siti Nurhaliza website (for Westerners: She's a Malay pop princess...a Britney Spears equivalent except she sings REALLY well, can't dance, and is ALWAYS fully clothed), and on the "Talk about Siti" section I found this totally outrageous comment from a bloke by the name of Boboy who's definitely a HIGHLY CONSERVATIVE AND SHALLOW Muslim. His comment goes like this:
Suara sebahagian dr Aurat.. :-| kalau dah hukum kata TUTUP..tutup jerklah..naper nak bertekak2 lagik. Ni dok pertahankan benda yg dah TERANG HARAM, tu lah tandanya kita ni manusia akhir zaman! Memuja, memuji, meminati artis wanita lebih2 lagik. Wallaallahualam.
English translation: Voice is part of a woman's nakedness. If the Koran says don't flaunt it, then don't, let alone sing...Keeping on doing what is PROHIBITED is bad. This whole praising and adoring female artists thingie shows that we're near the doomsday.
Hm...he must be the kind of man who still believes a wife should walk three paces behind her husband, beats his wife and daughters, forces hijab on 'em, forbids 'em to pursue higher education, does poligyny, and the worst...STILL BELIEVES THAT WOMEN SHOULD ONLY BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD! All I can say to this man is WAKE UP, BUDDY!!! YOU'RE IN THE 21ST CENTURY FOR ALLAH'S SAKE, INSTEAD OF SOME BC YEAR! FACE THE REALITY THE WE FEMALES HAVE LITERALLY TAKEN OVER THE WORLD, AND THAT YOU MALES ARE FAR LESS FOOLPROOF THAN US!
Friday, July 25, 2003 12:06 a.m.

STOP PRESS!! Winky Wiryawan (Indonesians, you SURE know who he is!!!) is in a room right in front of my cubicle talking to the secretary of the production manager AT THIS VERY MOMENT. MY GOD IS HE BREATHTAKING OFFSCREEN! He's wearing blue jeans, a white tee and white sneakers...My coworkers are daring me to ask for his autograph...But no, I'm not the one who's after celebrities.
After three weeks of translating anime series, tearjerking dramas from Hong Kong and India (except Shararat), telenovelas, at last I get to translate an EXTREMELY interesting programe called Myth Quest. Actually, that Canadian adventure series is the third exciting programe I'm assigned to translate (after NBC's Working and BBC's Walking with Cavemen), but it's the most exciting of all. Myth Quest is about two modern-day teenagers who live out the world's most enticing myths (from Egypt's Isis and Osiris to Japan's legend of the snow demon Yuki-Onna) in search for their archeologist father, who got swallowed into the Alter World by a stone he found on his cyber museum (that's right...a museum site). I've been translating its episode guide for the time being, and am still doing episode six. And not only do I get to know how the story goes, but also watch the videos before it goes on air next month! Tee hee!
Wednesday, July 23, 2003 03:07 p.m.

Which [Charlie's Angels] characters are you?

Aaaww I'm cool, intelligent, and sophisticated! Heheehehe :) That's flattering, although Alex isn't my fave angel. It's Dylan.
HAPPY BELATED 8TH BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY COUSIN AILSA!! I remember she was born during my first week in junior high school. And my aunt (not Ailsa's mom), after getting home from the hospital to congratulate Ailsa'a parents, hugged my then 9-year-old bro and said, "Rifqi, you're still the most handsome!" That's right, on my mom's side of the family, my bro's the only grandson. We bought her Chloe, a Bratz doll, for her eigth birthday. Aw...me wants a Bratz doll too! Well I'm not too old for dolls...I can be categorized as a collector!
Pi gave me a call last night, and during the conversation he said, "You sound tired. Why not go to bed?" Then I realized that's how he's always seen me, before and after our relationships, with or without him. Sick, tired, unhappy, busy, restless. Yet I always sound naturally happy whenever we talk on the phone. That makes me wonder...did he date me out me pity?
Tuesday, July 22, 2003 08:25 a.m.

God, Emma, you copied and pasted your part of our chat on MSN! Yea yea...in all honesty, I still don't know what an orgasm REALLY is. I always enjoy making out and moan without realizing it, but I've never wet my knickers! Do women reach orgasm only after they wet their knickers? Oh well...hahahahahah! Do we have lots in common! Not only are we of mixed parentage and do people mistake us for races we're not, but we also love expressing our sexuality! Now I really don't care if my Indonesian readers are gonna call me a slut again...
Several days ago I finished translating the synopsis of Shararat, some sort of the Indian version of Charmed (except it's not three witch sisters, it's witch grandma, mom, and daughter), and guess what, the gal who plays the witch daughter looks an awful lot like an elementary school of mine, Rachma. Rachma herself is part Indian (a quarter, I guess), but she looks totally Northern Indian!

Do you need a boy/girl friend now?

Monday, July 21, 2003 08:47 a.m.

My name's Nana, and I'm a 20-year-old college junior itching to get out of the country I've lived in all my life, Indonesia. The eldest offspring of an Indonesian, Dutch, and Egyptian parentage, I'm anything but exotic. What sets me apart from the crowd is that I have this outlandish ability to see beyond the norm (don't think The Eye), a sort of photographic memory, and have been idolizing Jackie O (as opposed to popstars and supermodels) since the tender age of 11. I'm into Eurasian blokes, but that doesn't mean my boyfriend strictly has to be Eurasian. Email me if you'd like to know more or go to my LJ if you speak Bahasa Indonesia. Oh, before I forget, I'm also a member of


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