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Tadaaah. New layout baby! Hahahaha. That's one of the pictures I took on the trip, one that I like the best.
I bumped into Tom yesterday. We just said hi and went seperate ways. And remember he didn't introduce his girlfriend to me the last time we talked? Later in the day, it dawned on me that he used to introduce me to lots of people, and once even introduced me as 'Thomas' Isyana' to a some biology student he was talking to at the time. And remember that he once asked me out (he was like, 'Are you free tonight, Isyana?') and I said no, I was meeting Viv to study together. I should've told him I was free for the couple of weeks to come since it was the beginning of last semester's midterm break but I didn't, thinking he'd ask me out again some other time. How naive. Of course he didn't. Then things between us got slightly different but only for a little while. Or so I thought. Now it dawned on me that although things seem to have gone back the way they were now, some of them remain unchanged.
Oh well. I hope he still likes me. Most of the guys I rejected (be it literally (meaning I did turn them down) or not (those who think I turned them down but actually I didn't)) still like me. There's this one guy who always pays me a visit when both of us are in Indo (he's working on a master's degree in Holland presently). We would go to the movies, and he'd hold my hand. LOL. Sometimes I let him, sometimes I pull away because I feel like the other woman he can't get over. He's been after me since 2001 but in 2004 he started seeing this girl. Funny thing was before he started seeing the girl he asked if it would be ok with me. Yeah of course. I was truly happy for them.
By the way, this is Tom's girlfriend. She's currently in Outrageous Fortune and was previously in Shortland Street, both are famous local TV shows. Isn't she gorgeous? LOL. And nah I'm not being sarcastic. You boys can envy Tom for scoring himself a stunning blonde who happens to be a famous actress (well she's not that famous yet...but I did recognize her when I saw her with him).

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Monday, April 23, 2007, 11:15 a.m.

yeh, here we go again...
Ok. Ahem. Let me set the record straight. I am in NO rush to the altar. Yeh true I'm kinda jealous of my mates back home exchanging I do's with their spouses or becoming preggers but really, I DO enjoy the single life...My said mates, most of them can only dream of studying abroad, and I bet most of them have no idea how it feels to have two...nevermind.
As for my setting the criteria for a potential husband-to-be, well, the credit goes to my Asian up-bringing. My mum married my dad at 19, my nanna married my grandpop at 24, and they're all still happily married. My mates, most of them are in their 20s, early and middle. And don't get me started on my family nagging me to find a potential would-be hubby. But again, that doesn't mean once I have a boyfriend I will talk him on and on into popping me the question. No way mate. That's like the number one tip on how to lose a boyfriend. It's true that when I next have a boyfriend I want him to be my last, but he happens not to be then that would be fine. Who am I to rush such things...
Off topic, I went on a field trip with the photography club today (I took pictures with an SLR camera and man aren't they amazing! I'll post them later!) to North Head and Mount Victoria and guess what, along the way we saw three couples having wedding photo shoots! That's right. THREE. One of us even saw another one before he joined the gang on the trip. That's freaky. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD?

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Sunday, April 22, 2007, 01:46 a.m.

more of the same thang
Ok, some news from home in brief...

  • My high school mate Messa is currently pregnant with her second bub, and she's my age. Younger than me by several months actually.

  • My secondary school buddy Indah tied the knot not long ago and is now expecting her first.

  • My college buddy Tika is getting married on August 5

  • And so is my fellow wannabe Spice Girl from secondary school Tuning. I mean, she's getting hitched in August too I don't know the exact date.

  • My second cuz Nancy is getting married in June.

  • Followed by my cuz Faisal who will have his big day the month after.

  • What does this all mean? It means when Auntie Ish hits home late this year there will be more pitter patter of tiny feet and more NZ baby stuff to buy! Yay! Man didn't I have a blast buying stuffed sheep and whatnot for nieces last year before going home!
    Also, Auntie Ish remains no contender in the amazing race to the altar.

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    Saturday, April 21, 2007, 12:29 a.m.

    the ideal guy...
    A mate who's been married for about a year talked to me on Yahoo yesterday, and he told me about his wife's miscarriage. While I was so sorry for the couple, I couldn't help but laugh at what caused the miscarriage: they had sex twice when the baby in the womb wasn't strong enough...Ok, and it gotta stop there. You get the idea. So it's not even funny, you say, but gee...this guy was dishing it out in detail! I couldn't help but feel he was mocking me for being single AND virginal. But don't get me wrong ok. I'll carry on with the mission of guarding my precious, precious virginity until a knight in shining armor bringing a wedding ring comes along. I just found it funny, period. Like, yeah I know a lot of married couples exchange sex tips with each other but I think they gotta leave the singles alone.
    A lot of people tell me I have no idea what I look for in a guy. The truth is I do. Yea. Here are the qualities I look for in a guy. If you meet all or most of them, feel free to apply...

  • When I was younger I wanted an older guy above all else. Throw me at university when I should be long since done, I learned that younger guys aren't that bad. If the guy's three years my junior that would be fine. Younger than that, I'd better hook him up with my 17-year-old cuz Marsha...

  • He's gotta accept me as I am. As a package. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't like being rushed, I don't go clubbing, I don't like the beach, I don't like mini skirts, I don't have sex, I don't cook (but am willing to learn), I'm not a pet person, I like Hello Kitty, I like pink, I'm very laid back when it comes to cleaning and working out, I listen to world music (and that means Boa, Ayumi Hamasaki, Secret Garden, Tarkan, Zeljko Joksimolvic...), I'm so used to being on my own that I might seem awkward sharing my space with a guy, I like having a lot of me-times (that means reading a good book at Starbucks and - when I'm in Indo - going to the beauty parlour), I trust my instincts and I operate on certainty. The latter means there's no reading between the lines for me. Unless you tell me you love me and would like to bring the relationship to the next level I assume you're just playing around. And guess what, that's exactly what I'm gonna do with you. Play around.

  • He's gotta be a Muslim too. There's no getting around this one. I'm not against interfaith marriages but personally I wouldn't go for one. I've heard of wayyy too many interfaith marriages that don't work and I want my kids to grow up having a solid ground in their belief. You get the big idea. I can go on and on and on explaining it...

  • He's gotta take care of himself. I mean, I do take care of myself and it's only fair to ask you to do the same. So if the mere thought of a shower irritates you, don't even think of walking next to me.
  • Respect my family. The last thing I want is to be a runaway bride and, trust me, a marriage won't work without the olds' approval.

  • Pretty simple eh? I mean, you don't need to buy me designer stuff or even pay for my dinner to win my heart...
    Off topic, I'm on PMS. Crazy rants might appear without warning.

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    Thursday, April 19, 2007, 08:09 p.m.
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