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Yesterday after I finished ranting I got disconnected as soon as I pressed the done button, twice. Internet connection, don't fail me now.
It's now crystal clear that we're equally immature. Of course, you won't admit it. Like, what human being likes being scolded by anyone s/he thinks is inferior?
Oh come on everybody, aren't we all superstars in our own heads?

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Friday, April 29, 2005, 07:29 a.m.

Free, free, free...my voice can be heard...
Sssshhhh! Shut up! I don't think people should scolded for doing what s/he's been wanting to do for so long, as long as it doesn't harm people, involved or not. Why, I just want to take a break!
Sometimes you just can't rely on what you hear. You really have to experience some things to get a real grip in life. I'm saying this to YOU, y'know that?
You know what I really want right now? To watch Girl Talk, hosted by Soleil Moon Frye. LOL. This show aired in America back in the late '80s. I'm such a big fan of the Girl Talk books that I very much would like to see the show. It's not like the stories were made into episodes, but um...from what I've observed from the spoiler, it's more like a talk show, Soleil discussing general teen issues like best friends. Anyone has a tape?
Last night, when my mum and I made a visit to old family friends, a married couple whose son went to the same high school as me, I found out something significant about my dad. As my mum and the couple (the wife is helping my aunt with the decoration at her wedding reception) nostalged, the former mentioned that before my dad went to the UI, he was actually getting ready to go to school in Germany. That's right, GERMANY. He religiously studied German, and had everything like his enrollment taken care of by a friend who had already been there, but then when he learned that he was accepted into The UI, he changed his mind. I was shocked, but couldn't help musing what would have happened if he'd gone to Germany. Most likely, he'd have ended up like Marcel's dad and Aiko's mum, and I would've joined the second generation of half Indonesian, half German breed explosion (Sophia Latjuba and The Wibowos are among the first generation hehe). OH NO, YET ANOTHER GERMAN THING!
Oh no. Dry season is here...
I feel really empty. And like a loser. Oh, and of course I think before I talk. Hell, I do. Otherwise I'll end up hurting other people's feelings, RIGHT? *cynical smile*

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005, 10:13 a.m.

let your body do the talkin...
My Mariana Renata posts always draw more hits than even my visitor contents, don't they? LOL. For the past four days since my last Mariana Renata post, I've been getting 40-ish hits by early dawn each day. And now here comes another MR post to make the hit whore in me want to celebrate...Hahahahaha. Now boys, how would you react if you told you that I...know her personal e-mail address? Would you get down on your knees in my face so I would give out the address to you? Well, even if you actually did so I wouldn't budge. Don't ask me how I got it...it was WAY LONG before she became famous, back in 2000. I might scrutinize her a lot, but I don't dislike her so much I put her personal e-mail address for public consumption. And believe me, I've never sent her death threats! LOL. No, seriously.
If you ask me whether I'm a fan or hater of Mariana Renata, because I've written a lot about her (mostly scrutiny) since my early blogging days, I'd say neutral. If you hold me at gunpoint and force me to be really honest, I'm intrigued by her. There, happy now? LOL. Ever since I came across 3-page profile on her in the December 1999 issue of Hai, I knew right then and there that she was gonna big one day, no matter how long it would take that one day to come. So I'd better watch out for her.
Ever since I was in my mid-teens, I've had this ability to predict which starlets are gonna make it big and which starlets will be "here today, gone tomorrow." Don't ask me how do I it because I myself am not too sure...But I guess it involves a bit of my sixth sense and my ability to see the situation or opportunity (which I believe other mortals posses). Back in 1998 when I was 15, there were two debuting female singers in the biz, Samantha Cole and Alex E. One afternoon, as I was reading an Alex E profile in Kawanku, I recall thinking, "Gee, I guess it won't be too long before everybody goes, 'Alex E? Who's that?'" Indeed, my prediction materialized not long after. Honestly, I'd never given any thought to why Samantha Cole and Alex E dissappeared like smoke until today, but trying to figure it out now, I guess the reason of both women's unsuccessful effort to conquer the music industry was due to Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. In that year the two widely-acclaimed divas successfully possesed the mind of people all over the globe, fans and haters alike, with their respective hits My All and My Heart Will Go On. Oh, and let's not forget Shania Twain who, also in 1998, launched an album that straight away became one of the best-selling albums of all time, Come On Over. There was simply, absolutely no chance for a new comer.
Still in the same topic, but at a much more recent time, the boyband North really should have broken into the scene either in the late '90s when boybands and girlbands were surefire hits, or sometime in the future, when the punk rock frenzy is predicted to start fading. Coming out as a dancing vocal group when youngsters are still mesmerized by Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, and the like is a bad idea. And the Peter Catera song which stays pretty much the same makes it even worse.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005, 12:11 p.m.

manusia bodoh...
No thanks, I don't want your crown. I'm afraid it will turn me into somebody like you. I want to continue to make my friends comfortable by seeing each and every one of them as equals.
You think I'll beg you for forgiveness and help after this incident? Dream on!

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Monday, April 25, 2005, 02:20 a.m.

some people were actually born severely whacked in the head
To Orgil, whoever you actually are: Yea sure, her parents know her best, her agent knows her best. Then again, however, isn't everybody entitled to her/his own opinion?
So-called educated? Please. I don't think you're educated yourself. For one, educated people don't leave rude comments under ridiculous screen names with no contact info. Only cowards do that, and sure enough, everybody hates cowards. I take it you think of yourself as a coward?
Dowh and Marcel, thanks a lot for trying to help me the other day, and I appreciated it. But seriously, even the popular girls back in high school really weren't that patronizing. In all honesty, at that time I really wanted to slit your throats right on the spot, chuck out your brain and mix it with my creme brulee, but my human heart prevailed. Shock therapy really doesn't work for some people, and I'm one of them.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005, 12:27 a.m.

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