Hey-lo all! Two of my first midterm exams are over, and I don't have another couple of exams until tomorrow, so it's time to take a break! See, I'm hardly true to my words when it comes to blogging and hiatus, just like Jean! I like your new layout! I like it better than your previous ones because as far as I can remember, this is the first time your layout looks good on 1024.768! Hehehe :) But how come you don't provide bio, guestbook, and other website must-haves? Aren't you afraid the owners of cliques and fanlistings you join will delete you? Oh well...since there 's nowhere to vent on your blog, there goes my feedback. LOL.
Alright, let's begin with a rant! Remember when I ranted about a guy who sent me an annoying testimonial on Friendster? Last night that same guy messaged me on YIM, saying he'd just had sex. I wasn't in the mood for chatting as I was busy browsing one of my fave sites, Am I Annoying, so I gave him only short replies (e.g. I see). When I was finally in the mood for a chat, I asked him whom he'd had sex with. He said he had it with a friend. But then he added, "No offence..." with a grinning icon next to it. Somehow the latter annoyed the hell out of me. So what if he had sex with a friend, instead of a girlfriend? Many people have friend sex nowadays. And to me it left the impression of me having some sort of a crush on him, and he disappointed me by saying he had sex with a friend. What's more, he did it as if to say, "See? You think I cried over your rejection? I'm swinging with other girls!" FYI, this guy asked me to be his girlfriend after only about three times of chatting on YIM, obviously out of insanity. And obviously my answer was a no, because how would you date someone who you had yet to meet? Ok, back to the sex thingie, annoyed, I told him I got some work to finish and closed the conversation. So there...that guy knows of this weblog and he even has come here twice, maybe more, but I have no problem talking trash about him here. He knows pretty damn well I don't really like him.
As promised, I'm putting more pictures from Anyer vacation here...However, I'm too lazy to put more than one (as I have to resize and upload them), so here goes another one of the Anyer vacation pics, which happens to be one of my faves!

Can you see the mountain? People say it's Krakatau!
Monday, March 29, 2004, 09:16 a.m.

iHola! I'm back from my Anyer vacation. Didn't really enjoy it because I had to share a cottage with like 19 other people, and there were only TWO bathrooms! The bathrooms quickly got dirty of sand and on the last day there was a problem with the water pipe in one of the bathrooms (the bigger one), hence a small flood there. So I skipped bath that last day. Plus, basically I don't like beaches (I SO MUCH prefer mountains to beaches). It's not that I don't like getting my skin tanned or even burnt or can't swim...hell, I often swim in a swimming pool without applying sunblock first, but I just hate the salty taste of seas and the fact that you'll always get sand on your skin before and after you have a shower. So I was the only one spending time reading and going to mini markets instead of tanning and swimming at the beach. And not to mention, our cottage-though the biggest and probably the most expensive-was simply the worst. The bed sheets were so sticky it seemed that it hadn't been washed for ages. Fortunately I brought a pillow from home and I slept in Bayu's US$ 1,000 tent both nights.
Y'know what, I'll probably be on hiatus again until next week (I say "probably" since I'm hardly true to my words when it comes to hiatus. Who knows when I won't be able to resist the temptation to blog, right? LOL) for midterm exams start tomorrow. I have religion tomorrow and Turkish on Friday! Wish me luck!
Oh yeah, as usual I took lots o' pics during my stay in Anyer, which I'll post in my next update. The following is one of them, as a starter.

Those are the boys in Bayu's tent, taken on our first day (if I'm not mistaken). Bayu is the grinning one with specs.
Wednesday, March 24, 2004, 08:07 a.m.

God, I have lots on my mind...Wish I could go back to my early childhood where my only concern was toys.
So. My bro's been hospitalized since last night. He's been having fever since like three days ago and never gotten well. His disease isn't detected yet, but I hope it's not blood fever again. He got that three years ago.
And this is official. I'm staying another year in college. Until February 2005 to be precise. Don't ask.
And finally...this is my last post of the week. I'm going to Anyer tomorrow with my campus mates, and since Monday (3/21) will be a red-letter day so I'm not gonna be home until probably Monday afternoon. This is my first long weekend away from home so I guess you can imagine how excited I am! LOL
Friday, March 19, 2004, 10:09 a.m.

Still related to Friendster...Hell, I'm mad about it even though I've been there much longer than most of the Friendster population! Not so long ago, someone I've known for probably two weeks wrote me a testimonial. Instead of anything nice, he wrote something offensive. But I put it up anyway, so people (Indonesians, since his testi is in Indonesian and so are most of my other testis) will think he's the one who needs to get his head checked, since all my other testimonials say I'm nice/cool/smart. LOL.
Y'know what, last Monday I did something that I thought I'd never do in a million years! LOL. I had a writing homework that was due that day, and this time it wasn't that I procrastinated, but I really was STUCK. Even until the last minute. In this situation, I coudl've chosen to skip the class, but I thought wouldn't it be better if at least I got a score of attending the class? So I came up with the idea of telling the professor that my computer crashed before I had finished the work and I couldn't save it into a floppy. That I did, and I also asked her if I could submit the homework on Tuesday. She said yes. Hooray! LOL. Hahahaha :)
Wednesday, March 17, 2004, 09:54 a.m.