A 21-year-old immature-looking girl. She's technically mixed, but Indonesian by birth and nationality. Many deem her hyperactive, but she doesn't give a damn. She's scheduled to graduate from The UI in February 2005, and fly to New Zealand for more of higher learning in June. Her favorite past times are taking online quizzes, reading, and surfing on the net. Other than being a wacky bespectacled blogger, she's also a clique and fanlisting whore.

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tralala, trilili...
I'm tired of this layout already. New layout is in the works. See how easily bored I am? And actually I like complicated-looking layouts, but my webdesign skills don't accomodate it.
I'm skipping dinner now. I'm obviously overweight since I stand at 166 cm (about 5 feet 7) but my scale recently read 58 kilos. Bummer. And I've never fitted in the jacket that my bro especially chose and bought for me in Japan!
My bro really is a lucky bloke. Not only did he get to travel to Japan (a.k.a his dreamland) while his good ole big sis had to stay in Indo due to financial reasons in July, but he'll also fly to Singapore for medical check-ups on January 10th. Me? Stay behind for the same kind of reasons. To top it off, he's already admitted into the lingo institute that he aims at in Japan, so he can start his course there in March. Daayymmm...I don't even know if I can get into The University of Auckland or not since my syllabus is yet to be legalized by the dean!
My heart goes out to the earthquake and tsunami victims and their families. May God be with you all.
Monday, December 27, 2004, 06:56 p.m.

walking in the winter wonderland...yeah yeah...
How was your Xmas going? So glad we passed it with no riot or worse, bomb explosion! And it's the first Xmas that I gave a present to someone who celebrates it, and this year it was none other than my sister! I gave her a pillow case out of my aunt's Xmas patchwork collection. Orchid was really excited to recieve it! Xmas also means Xmas movies on local TV channels, including Sister Act and Home Alone (both with respective sequels), and I'm never tired of them. I especially like Home Alone (the first one) because it's so "Winter Wonderland", and as for both Sister Act movies, I like their last scenes.
Marcel, isn't it funny...You're crushing on my best mate and I'm crushing on yours. And our crushes are not responsive, ignoring our phonecalls and stuff. Wonder how long this will be going on?
Sunday, December 26, 2004, 01:51 a.m.

Mewwy Cwistmas!
He was online twice in a day, which was unusual. What was also unusual was that he didn't greet me at all, and so we didn't have a chat. He just dislikes me, but doesn't hate me. Aiko, of course he doesn't read my blog! Otherwise he would've confronted me about my last entry about him! LOL. Guess what, Andrei (remember the dude?) still reads my blog! He leaves a comment occasionally. And what happened to your domain? Did you give it up?
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! For those living in Indoland, have a SAFE Christmas...And for my online and real life mates, check your inboxes. I've sent a special Christmas greeting your way!
Saturday, December 25, 2004, 09:00 a.m.

buzz...who will save your soul?
Here's my "excuse" to take graphic design seriously. Presenting MY FIRST EVER GRAPHIC DESIGN AWARD!

I won second place in Beauty Effulgent's image effect contest. Not bad for a novice huh? And the pic I submitted?

Hahahahah I know...That would make you think if Siv Kheng was stoned when she chose the winners, but then again the judge's decision is always final and I don't give a damn.
Aaaaw good ole E-store days...I definitely had a good time shocking everyone by telling them I majored in English instead of IT or any of those design thingies (visual communication, graphic, etc), like the majority of the students there.

HAPPY NATIONAL MOTHER'S DAY! Pamper your mum on this special day, since she's always been pampering you all your life (well, at least in your childhood!). And happy belated 18th birthday to Rosie! You hot, hot chica...Hope ya had a happy one!
Speaking of mother's day, I was doing the grocery with mum yesterday at Carrefour when a woman with a basket of flowers suddenly came to me and handed me a flower saying happy mother's day. I was a bit shocked, and at the same time felt a bit offended, but of course I didn't show it to the woman. Thus right before her eyes I pulled my mum next to me, handed her the flower, and said, "I'm yet to be a mum, so MY MUM deserves this flower better." Why was I offended at such a kind gesture, you ask? Because it made me think if I really looked much older than my chronological age! Ever since I hit my late teens, I've been called ma'am or madame instead of miss. And it's in spite of the fact that I'm ALWAYS clad in pastel tops and denim, and often carry my teddy bear vintage bag (mind you, I don't do it to look cute but it's because I like dressing that way). And those blokes. Don't tell me they say I'm cute only when they have a hard-on!
Thursday, December 23, 2004, 12:23 a.m.