If you find my fetish of everything Eurasian disgusting, so do I to your fetish of designer goodies. I mean, look at you. Corrupting just so you can get your next Dior or LV bag. It can't be more pathetic.
God I'm so lost in thoughts nowadays that the moment I find something seemingly interesting to blog about, the next moment I lose it because either I forget it or I find some new topic.
God I'm losing more and more mates these days. The good news is there will be less expenses for my wedding.
I have to be thankful for my ability to design layouts, because even though it's not stellar, at least I don't have to share the same design with God knows how many people out there (thank you Henny for the inspiration). And I also have to be grateful for my look, coz since I'm so not a supermodel potential I get to know how blokes really are.

If you're bored, don't write a song about it. That's what a blog is for.

The Pop Culture Madness review on Sheryl Crow's 1998 hit My Favorite Mistake.

Very true, hands down.
Sunday, September 26, 2004, 11:02 p.m.

The Indonesian alphabets and their French counterparts have lots in common, but the pronounciation of Y is different, and I didn't realize until last Tuesday that my mom and my gramma always pronounce Y the French way. Why? Maybe because of the French in them? My mom's side of the family are also used to describing some things in Dutch, and therefore I'm familiar with those Dutch words without being able to spell them. LOL. Like, for example, the aftertaste of foods that are too sweet. I know the Dutch word, but don't ask me to epelez it. I'll get my cuz Reza for that! LOL. He's just graduated from my university's Dutch Letters faculty with flying colors!
DAMIANNN! Thanks for not blocking me after that practical joke! Hahahah :) I wuv you wuv you wuv you wuv you! Damian sarang!
We hate each other now but I know sooner or later you'll miss us. Damn, I already do.
Gotta hit the sack. Bonne nuit, everyone.
Friday, September 24, 2004, 10:42 p.m.

Ok...ok...I didn't blog coz I was too lazy and didn't know what to blog about, not because I'm having a new layout in the works! LOL. Well, looks like I'm now rid of that infamous Nana habit of blogging about nothing. Heheheh :)
Ok, I'm all about promoting here it goes. Visit! Visit! Visit! That's yet another release of the Mademoiselle Arslan production, done yesterday. Hahahah :) Actually my Auntie Mien didn't ask me to make her a website promoting her cool to the core patchworks. The idea just struck me like a lightning when my family (bro + parents + two cousins) and I came over to her house last Monday, and I happened to have my digicam in my vintage jean bag. And the idea of carrying the digicam wasn't even mine...My mum's. She said my cuz might want to have a photo session. They didn't, but once my Aunt Mien put out the new additions to the her vast patchwork collection, I had to be thankful for the digicam for I knew I could help her make mega Rp by with it. So there. Oh, and Aunt Mien hardly put her patchworks on sale (she sews or knits for her own personal satisfaction), except when some of her acquaintances offered to buy them.
Another promotion is Aiko's bro's music school. LOL. Concilio Music Center, located at Jl. Margasatwa 48B, Jakarta 12540, Indonesia, is now open. Courses included piano, vocals, violin, and organ. For more details, call +62 21 7890232. Have fun learning music!
Thursday, September 23, 2004, 10:24 a.m.



Monday, September 20, 2004, 10:34 a.m.

More prank calls. Dial +62 815 815 4007 or +62 566 5442 to find out why s/he indulges in hearing me say only a hello. Mental ward rules baby! *sarcasm*
The bull doesn't need a match. It only needs to swim freely.
Sunday, September 19, 2004, 09:16 p.m.

You? Six feet tall? But you're only A LITTLE BIT taller than me, and I'm five feet seven! So I guess you're five feet eight, maybe five feet nine at most, but definitely not six feet!
I went to an Oriflame event at D'Best's ballroom and there was a performance by SMU 70's cheerleaders. And guess what, the captain was teen model Aisya Adiputri, who turned out to be prettier in real life! Aisya was probably the main attraction, for the overall performance was...well...bad.
Blogging is perhaps the only way to maintain my English, since I won't be doing any English until my departure to Australia in either March or July 2005. God, it's been just about three months since my last English class, but I've already forgotten some. Is it ok to use the term "to make friends" as in "to make money"?
Ok, so my French course at CCF has already begun on Tuesday the 14th, so here goes...Bonsoir! Bienvenue a Angelbitch! Comment ca va? Je m'apelle Nana et je suis indonesienne! A bientot :)
Friday, September 17, 2004, 11:04 p.m.