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Oh gosh this quiz's been around since earlier last year!
Thursday, June 26, 2003 10:54 p.m.

TRENDY : You shop in stores like Wet Seal, Bebe, and Express. You're always in style. Your cell phone is one of those new 0 color phones and you can't get enough of that Sanrio / Morning Glory stuff. You only date Asian guys. It's all about heels and flawless, professional makeup is your specialty. Flawless?... Flawless.

What Asian Girl Are You?
Hahahhaa. Oh well. True, I can't get enough of Morning Glory stuff, especially when I was 13-17. But Sanrio? No way...And I don't really like none of the brands mentioned above. I prefer The Gap, Guess, and Marks & Spencer. And...date only Asian blokes? Well so far all my ex boyfriends are Asian, but I hope someday I can hit it off with a Eurasian bloke :P
Y'know what, last night Alfrein (he was mentioned in my previous entry below) told me on the phone he had the same kinda dream the night I had that Pipi and Leony dream! But of course his dream wasn't about Pi and Leony. It was about his current girlfriend Neneng (don't get her wrong...she may have a very Sundanese name and look Sundanese as well, but she goes to La Selle College!) and her ex, Ricky. Outlandish isn't it? Alfrein's girlfriend's ex is also called Ricky!
Oh well...what a coincidence. Alfrein and I had the same kind of dream, starring our loved ones and two different blokes by the same name, and at the exact same night! However, if truth be told, there was no surprise in that coincidence since Alf and I were both BORN ON THE SAME BIRTHDATE (14 MAY 1983) AND THE SAME SPHERE OF TIME (at night...me at 10:15 PM, I don't know what time exactly Alf was born at but it was at night).
Oh well...there u go, another supernatural entry by me. Ever heard of a western superstition about the EVIL supernatural power two persons born on the same birthdate and at the same time can cause? Maybe you should beware of me and Alf from now on *laughs*
Wednesday, June 25, 2003 11:10 a.m.

which pleasure are you?

Y'know what, I EVENTUALLY met Aiko in person! We met up at PIM, and gosh, she's far more beautiful than she looks in her pics! Hahahah no I'm not sellin' ya out...Anyway, I met up with her in order to buy a book by her Indonesian-Turkish cousin Nadiye Coskuner, High Tide, Low Tide. I once read about Coskuner and her book in Femina, but unbeknownst to me at that time, she was Aiko's cousin. Since the book has yet to hit bookstores, I bought it through Aiko.
Aiko, I had no clue the girl in pink in that 1995 K-Zoot commercial was Nadiye! Well I have a strong memory about that commercial, I even remember its jingle! And I used to admire that gal in pink (a.k.a Nadiye) and I wanted to be as gorgeous as her once I was a grown-up! Wow. It appears I've been a Nadiye fan before I even knew her name. Heheheehe.
Ok. Let's change the subject. Pi gave me a call last Friday just to say hello, but I ended up complaining to him about how everyone was pushing me to diet. And just last night, I had yet another dream about Pi. This time the leading role wasn't only Pipi's, but Leony's (I have no idea if they're still dating or not) as well. The dream took place at Ratu Plaza, and I was sort of invisible, because I was sitting next to an escalator (I don't remember what floor I was on), but people acted as though I was invisible. Whereas Pi and Leony, standing next to one another but wasn't hand in hand, were staring at me. I could see Leony's face very clearly. She had breast-length hair that wasn't rebound (unlike the hair of most Chinese gals'), and she had two moles around her right eye. Since I woke up this morning at 06:00 AM, I've been dying to know if that's how Leony REALLY looks like. I've phoned Alfrein and Mitha, the only Pipi and Leony's high school mates I'm still in touch with, to ask about her looks, but they said they didn't remember how she looked like since they hadn't seen her again in a couple years.
That wasn't the first time I had a vision about people that exist in real life but I have yet to meet. When Pi and I were still an item, I had a dream about Pi and a Eurasian girl having a bicycle race on his campus. The next day, I told him about that dream and he told me that Eurasian gal was Susan, a friend of his who majored in journalism, and that they were merely mates. However, several days later, he admitted to having an affair with her. And this kind of "premonition" doesn't only revolve around Pi. Once when I was ten, I had a dream of my dad hugging a Javanese-looking woman who seemed to be his colleague. About a month later, my mom got home from a reception ranting about how my dad hugged a female colleague tightly at the reception. Now...what is this? Sixth sense or something?
Tuesday, June 24, 2003 08:07 p.m.