Act happy, and you'll be naturally happy. Uh huh. Yeah. As if.
I'm currently reading Dancing in My Nuddy Pants, a Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison. It's the fourth book, and I skipped the initial three coz they were not available at Limma. Georgia is so much like me it's scary, except she has better luck in love.
Monday, October 25, 2004, 11:22 p.m.

confession of a *insert any adj. here* mind
As I become worse and worse as a pretender, I'm gonna make a confession.
Yes I'm in love. Man...does being in love suck!
Ko...sorry yah aku kasar waktu itu. Tapi koko hebat, bisa tahan ngadepin aku 2,7 taon belakangan ini.
I...uh...can't pretend to be ok when I'm not. Can't pretend to be all smiles and chirpy when the more I try to get over you, the more I want to cry.
Time heals, and I never know how long it will take to heal my wounds.
But for the time being, let me cry. Let me unleash all these feelings that have been caving me in.
Saturday, October 23, 2004, 08:20 p.m.

for a handsome sturdy husband to build handsome sturdy walls...
It's hard to have PMS in Ramadan. You're boiling inside, yet you can't burst it out coz you don't wanna ruin your fasting. Bah.
BOYS. IF YOU WANT A TOY, GO TO TOYS R US, OK? DON'T MAKE ONE OUT OF A GIRL'S HEART. Aretha Franklin really should put her legendary R-E-S-P-E-C-T shriek in the male ears, each and every one of them.

These words are my own, from my heartflow...I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU...
Natasha Bedingfield's These Words, parodied by me
Friday, October 22, 2004, 02:12 p.m.

My middle name Adriani + my English blog = people thinking I'm a Christian.
My (rather) good English + my blog = people thinking I was raised abroad. As if. Only my mindset proves that I'm an Indonesian born and bred. Right Nyscha? LOL.
French is one tough cookie. Can you believe I have the worst pronounciation in class, in spite of the fact that I NEVER skip a class? C'est dificille!
Still about French class, I was in such a haste to CCF yesterday that I forgot to use my roll-on deodorant. And I didn't realize it until I was halfway there. My goodness! So during the journey to CCF and in class I kept praying I didn't stink. And although my armpits didn't perspire I'm still afraid to ask Dhinuk, the brightest girl in class to whom I sat next, if I stunk.
Oh god I've got lots of bithcings today, but I can't unleash them since I'm fasting. I should've blogged last night.
Remember the website I made Pipi for his big 2-0 a couple years back? Well it's gone now. The server's deleted it. But the guestbook's still around and since it was his 22nd birthday on the 18th, you have to sign it! LOL.
Thursday, October 21, 2004, 09:22 a.m.

long-ass entry
Behind the closed doors of my room, I'm a tons different person. I sing with all my might coz nobody is watching nor listening. I talk to myself, aloud. And I also talk to him. Pretend to, I should say. I cheer him up, go ballistic at him...
I miss his Indonesian entry. Apparently, there were tons of messages (most likely to be from girls) coming his way, written in slang and advanced Indonesian that he didn't understand, which made him switch to English, explaining he didn't speak that much of Bahasa. Still cute :)
Yes I'm in love with him. Isn't it obvious. But I'm still sane enough not to beg for his forgiveness, or worse still, love. Hell, I even feel I was enough of an ego booster for him when we were still close. I know my limits. I ramble about him here because he doesn't read this blog.
Goodness. Their lives are something I'd trade anything for. God give me strength.
I decided not to bring back the 'you' contents of the blog. It would kind of ruin the layout, and I'm sick of pop-up windows I put them to a minimal use in this layout. And I can't even use an iframe for those contents either because I use this Pitas page as the main page.
On a cheerful note, my cousin Ipung's housemate Reza ordered two Oriflame items from me, and Ipung told me to bring the stuff to their boarding house at 03:00 PM today. So I, accompanied by my bro, arrived and knocked at the door of Ipung's room and expected my cousin to open it. But instead of Ipung, there emerged a cute bloke...who turned out to be Reza! Omigod! Then I handed him his ordered things, he tested them, paid me, and left for his own room to let me and my bro hang out with Ipung in his room. I kinda wished he hadn't, but when we were about to hit road for home, Ipung went to Reza's room to let him know we were going home, and out he went to thank me once again and wave goodbye. Oh my...I was definitely blushing when Reza was around, and my bro and cousin must have noticed it, but they didn't tease me about it. Or maybe not yet.
Tuesday, October 19, 2004, 07:10 p.m.

Nana. Old enough to remember the '80s. College senior. Head spinster of Awesome Spinsters United. Mixed by ethnicity, Indonesian by nationality. Into older blokes. Addicted to online quizzes. Makes simple and nice layouts. Runs this and this. Speaks fluent Indonesian and English, plus a smattering of German, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese. Loves playing Santa Claus. Understands Malaysian well. Reads and writes Arabic. Prefers Starbucks to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Has been on Friendster MUCH longer than the rest of the population. Hates it when stars branch out of their real talent (like Mandy Moore tries to act, Hilary Duff tries to sing). More? Too bad! Missed an entry?

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