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Oh god I have such an incurable addiction to blogging that even during classes I think of blogging. HELP! So there you have it, haters. I'm not gonna stop blogging anytime soon.
Ok, midtest results so far...
Grammar: A (96)
ACK: A (80)
Writing: B+ (78)
Listening: C (66)
ICT: C (65).
There. Not very satisfactory I know. I guess tomorrow IC midtest results will be due. I do hope I'll get at least a B+...*fingers crossed*
Speaking of IC class tomorrow, I'm afraid I'll have to skip it. I've just found out from one of my campus friends that there'd be a Consumer Behavior quiz tomorrow and that means I have to read some 35 pages of chapter 6. Well I was absent the last time we had a CB class (which was a fortnight ago) and last week there was no class. Fuck. I should've found out much earlier. So I plan on skipping IC class so I'll be able to read ten pages of the chapter. That's right. Ten pages. That's the maximum number of pages I can read in less than a day, I guess. But hey, it's better than not studying at all, is it?
Now we move on to a totally different topic. Y'know what, my mom has this sixth sense of looking through people. She often advises me, my dad, and my bro not to continue being in contact with certain people because they're "evil within". I wonder why I don't inherit her sixth sense. Well I can see through people too, but that's a quite rare thing. But then again I think that sense comes to every mother by nature, so there's a possibility that I'll be able to see through people once I become a mom.

Which Piercing are you?

My only piercings are the ones in my ears. One in each ear.
Friday, April 25, 2003 11:09 p.m.

What Moulin Rouge Bohemian Value are you??
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I've seen Moulin Rouge and I didn't really like it. However, I like its Bohemian values!
Bad news. I only got 65 (equivalent to a C) for ICT midtest, but I was THE ONLY ONE who got the maximum points for its application letter-writing part! Well actually there was no surprise in my getting a C, becuause before the test I was absent twice. Besides, ICT's my least favourite subject. At first I thought it was because of the boring lecturer (yea Andrei, the way Kak Intan teaches us is boring...but just keep your mouth shut about this, ok?), but then she had to take maternity leave (she still is on her leave, by the way) so she was replaced by one of our favorite lecturers, Mam Ita. Even now after Mam Ita teaches us ICT I still find the subject appaling. So it must be the subject itself.
Y'know what, one of my all-time favorite drinks is home-made green apple juice! The recipe is simple. Take a green aple (slice it first), half a glass of fresh sterillized milk, two teaspoonsful of honey, and a few ice cubes. Blend 'em in a blender and voila, you have a tasty, fresh, and healthy drink!
Friday, April 25, 2003 12:23 p.m.

Sorry to A Walk To Remember fans, but I really don't think the movie's that special. True-it's totally American Pie's opposite, it's a tearjerker, it's completely a girls' movie, and Shane West is gorgeous. But those are about the only plusses about the flick. Nothing's more predictable, cliche, and boring than a movie about bad boy meets good girl, bad boy falls for good girl and swears she changes his life, good girl's dying from leukemia and then bad boy marries her.
It's been almost two years since my high school graduation. Do I still smell of high school, I wonder?
Oh God. Finals are nearing. More homework and finals projects to catch up on. Have to study hard. Ho-hum. A few of my seniors didn't pass semester 4, and no surprise there though, since semester 4 is hard as hell. I've studied hard enough throughout this semester, but still I need a little more luck to pass fourth semester with flying colors.

Which female singer are you?
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Oh wow! This is absolutely the result I expected! I didn't cheat, mind you!
Thursday, April 24, 2003 10:22 a.m.

First long-ass entry
CBN's been a total pain in the ass since yesterday. Yesterday morning and afternoon it connected, but refused to open certain sites, including my ex blog and my mates' blogs. Last night it didn't connect at all. So right now, just like yesterday afternoon, I'm using my brother's server and voila, not only does it connect really fast but also opens all sites...except my ex blog since there's an underscore in its URL. Well, I know that certain computers can't open my ex blog, and those computers include those of my bestfriends' in Singapore. Since I want to everybody to be able to access my blog, I moved...again.
Ok, after quite a plethora of angry entries, here comes time to be (sort of) insightful. Why do we set high standards for ourselves? The anwer is because if we don't set high standards for ourselves to meet, we won't get anywhere and we won't be somebody. It's good to set high standards for yourself, but don't forget to keep your feet on the ground. I mean, before you set those high standards, you have to know everything within yourself, such as talents, etc...Because such cases as someone whose talent is actually making music tries way too hard to become an athlete still occur. Trying to hard at something you're not talented in will only cause severe depression.
Ya know what, I've been reading Michele Roberts' "Daughters of The House", and the novel's kinda hard to read because it uses ambiguous language! For instance, here's a funny ambiguous description about shitting:
Shitting was an equal delight. It was, to begin with, so varied. Some days knobs of shit as hard and beadlike as rabbit droppings fell away from her. Some days slugs or pellets. On others she watched a thick brown snake dive down between her legs,. Letting out felt so good. Shiver as the shit took over, nudged her open, swelled, dropped softly out.
Now how's that? Hehehehe. Try to read any book that uses ambiguous language and you'll find yourself frowning and laughing at the same time!
Fuck! Boomspeed deleted my account without a warning first! I still have several other active accounts there alright, but still I hate Boomspeed for being so sneaky!
To Chesa, Dican, and Fel: No, I wasn't mad at you! *hugs*
Wednesday, April 23, 2003 07:44 a.m.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003 07:36 a.m.

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