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Isyana (Nana to Indo peeps). 23. Taurean. Auckland, Aotearoa. Second year (starting July 2006) BA at UofA. Dip. Arts holder from UI. Naturally hot-tempered but she manages. Color-coordinated most of the time. Usually knows more than she lets on. Prefers writing to talking. Good books (she doesn't read what you call chicklit and teenlit), photography, graphic design, travels, the internet. Lives in her Giordano jeans and mostly pink-hued Polo tees. Went solo to her high school prom. More?

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to err or not to err
Ok this is weird. I thought Pitas was down last night as I couldn't log in and my blog couldn't be accessed, but the main and log-in page still worked and other Pitas blogs were accessable. Now as you can see I can log in, but my website still can't be displayed. Do honk if you can see this entry.
After having finished my last round of Anthony and Cleopatra (the play's three hours long, so I saw it in three days, one hour each day) for my English 213 (Shakespeare) paper at AV library yesterday, I had a talk with Patrick, the old guy...the head librarian. We talked about Shakespeare (he suggested I buy a Shakespeare glossary for the paper), plays (he's been in and directed many Shakespeare plays. In fact, he's in the Anthony and Cleopatra play that I just saw, as a young man with a minor role), and how he and Tom were so much alike. Both are blond and bearded with similar smiles, long-haired, into Shakespeare and play-writing, have been in and directed many plays. Patrick also addresses Tom by his first name, Thomas, and remarked that he was still 'a baby' and that he 'would get more balance when he was my age'. thinks the two should play father and son in a play...Or Leo can cast them as those in one of his movies.
But one thing keeps me a bit worried. I hope I didn't sound excited when I had the Tom chat.
And I've got a new bloke! I know, I know...I'm fickle. But I'm young and single so it doesn't hurt anyone does it...Ok, he's called Viet and sooo damn cute. Well that's actually a nickname since he didn't tell me his real name and I didn't ask either. He gave me his nick name because his real name is hard to pronounce, I guess? He's Vietnamese if his nickie doesn't ring your bell, and he works at the midtown Starbucks. We got to know each other's name when he asked me for my name for my chai tea latte. Last night I came to the Starbucks branch again, and Viet happened to be working. As soon as he saw me walk through the door, he ran to take my order, but it wasn't what made my night (is there such a term?). He said, 'Where have you been? I haven't seen you in a looooong time!' I was a bit surprised, and took a moment before I replied, 'Hey, it's only been about two weeks.' In fact, we last saw each other exactly 13 days ago (as of now) and I remember it perfectly because that Monday I was soo nervous about my Uniguides training. Isn't it a bit weird...Viet and I hardly see each other and it was barely a fortnight when we met again, yet he said he hadn't seen me in a long time. He missed me, perhaps? LOL.

Listening to: Jewel - Intuition (acoustic version)
Sunday, July 23, 2006, 08:35 a.m.

crazy over amelie
Ok, I'm a bit frustrated. Did anyone see my newest Glassons tee? It's white with small pink, green, and black dots. I've checked my wardrobe and laundry to no avail.
Omigod omigod I sooo adore Amelie M'a Dit by la chanteuse Francaise Alizee. Seeing the video below one might think this is a soundtrack of the movie Amelie, but it's actually not as the song is off Alizee's 2003 album Mes Courants Electriques and Amelie was released in 2002. The video makes me wanna see the flick...It was a massive hit and I remember back in 2002 lots of blogger featured Audrey Tautou (did I spell it right?) as Amelie on their layouts, but back then I couldn't care less. I'll probably get the DVD tonight.

That's the English version. I've already got the French one on MP3. Oh, and by the way this is my second fave Alizee song. The first is Moi Lolita, her debut single which is also her most successful by far.

Listening to: Alizee - Amelie M'a Dit (English version)
Saturday, July 22, 2006, 10:52 a.m.

ngga penting lagieh
A mate of mine, a guy, said I was a 'MILF in traning'. WTH?

Listening to: Nicolae si Nicoleta Guta - Eu Te Iubesc Prea Mult
Friday, July 21, 2006, 01:26 a.m.

sixth sense at work at full force
Oh my goodness.Oh my goodness. Steady, Isyana. Steady.
Just a few hours ago, when I was reading a textbook at Starbucks, I had a feeling that something bad would happen TONIGHT in Jakarta. That feeling lasted about an hour.
Just a few minutes ago, I was chatting with my high school mate Maya on Yahoo when she suddenly said there was an earthquake happening just moments ago, and that she was going home due to the fact that her office was dismissed. She works at an advertising agency at Kelapa Gading, an east coast area in Jakarta, and the office was dismissed thanks to the fear that it might be the trigger of a tsunami. A few seconds after Maya went off, my mum, whom I was also chatting on Yahoo with, said the same thing. An earthquake had just shaken the house.
Yes, I'm shaking as I'm typing this.
As a matter of fact, just last Monday there really was a tsunami at the Pangandaran beach, south of Bandung, only a few hours away from Jakarta. But I'd still say this is my sixth sense back at work because until the earthquake I'd never heard of the tsunami and my prediction that the 'something bad' would happen tonight was accurate.
Oh God. We've got enough disasters already. Please. I beg you.

Listening to: me crying silently
Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 11:16 p.m.