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Imagination, life is your creation
Oh my god. I hate my mum. She's extending her stay here until the end of the month (longer than her initial July 23rd) and she refused to stay in a hotel so we share the same room here in my uncle's house. So far she's been using the stuff she bought "for me", namely the pink knee-length polyester dressing gown, first. She used that until she "bought me" another polyester dressing gown, purple and ankle-length this time, and so now she's wearing that to bed and the pink one has been handed down to me, the rightful owner. Oh, before the pink dressing gown she "bought me" a dark blue wool blanket, but won't let me use that until she heads home to Indo, and therefore I have to use my aunt's BUTT UGLY green padded cloth blanket. As if possesion matter isn't enough, she always asks me to knock on the door first whenever she's in the room dressing, but NEVER KNOCKS ON THE DOOR HERSELF when I'm in dressing. There's no point arguing however, she would raise such hell until I can't help but raising my voice, and then she would scold me for disturbing my kid cousin's sleep. This has so often happened, and just minutes ago it happened again, this time she threatened to fly home this Wednesday. Yea go home, I'm fine here. I take care of my bank account myself and cope with the somewhat annoying National Bank people just fine. Not forgetting my classes. They're smooth-sailing so far. I might take a little more time to get used to the public transportation than expected but that's about the only problem. Yea go home already.
This is official. I HAVE GAINED THREE KILOS!!! Yuck. I thought going up and down the hilly roads of Auckland would bring back the proportional figure of my late teens but no. It must be the hot chocolote with caramel or marshmallows! I've been having sooo much of it since arriving here.
You know, I'm practically living my life-long dream. From seven years ago until as recent as 1,5 years ago, family money was really tight I thought I really had to give up my dream of schooling abroad. In 1998, we couldn't even afford airline tickets to Pontianak and had to go there by ship (but luckily I never had to endure the two days of sitting idly in a ship. In that year I went back and forth between Pontianak and Jakarta by plane just with my aunt, my dad's youngest sister.) I even thought we would never go overseas again even just for holidays. That was why in 2001, after finishing high school and failing the state university entrance exams, I took a three-year professional degree course at The UI so I could get a decent nine-to-five job after graduating to help my parents in finance (In Indonesia, if you do a professional degree you have to have an internship to graduate, but you don't have to if you do a bachelor's degree.) As my tenure at The UI was drawing to a close, family finance got better and we started travelling again and in 2004, my parents totally supported my brother's plan to study in Japan. And here we are, two Arslan kids far away from home, living our dream of tasting life as students in New Zealand and Japan. Everytime I'm reminded of this, I want to shout gratitude to god.
I was sooo mad about Barbie when I was a kid (yea, like what little girl doesn't?) and when I remember having a Barbie doll that came with a casette when I was six. I remember the songs in the casette - in fact I still play them in my head sometimes -but I can't recall their titles. How could I keep them in mind...I didn't speak a word of English until I was eleven.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005, 04:04 p.m.

dum dum
The Indo people here are...well, some are genuinely nice, some are giving you a bad time in the subtlest ways they secretly bet on how long you can survive. In the second category is the girl from my Films 101 lecture (yes, I finally ditched history for this one. I swear this is the last time I dropped a minor!) Oh god how I wish the power to zap her! But thank goodness she's not in my tutorial!
My sixth sense still works. Yesterday I thought of Andrew, an exchange student from Kentucky who studies Biology, all day. Then when I was in line at the bank after Films 101's screening, I met him! However, I wonder how my power has never worked on things or people I REALLY John for example.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005, 01:10 p.m.

asyiknya minum teh botol di auckland
Guess what, yesterday I got an e-mail from Denise Tia from the films and media department about my offer of place in the class FTVMS 101. Did I ever tell you I was on the waiting list? When I signed up exactly a couple weeks ago, Denise put me on the waiting list (I'm fully aware that the class is the most popular in the Faculty of Arts so I didn't mind) and told me she'd get back to me in a week, whether or not I could get in. Then I signed up for linguistics class just to back it up. Eleven days went by, the first linguistics class took place, I still hadn't heard from Denise, I hated the linguistics class so I ditched it for History 101 and the latter turned out to be sucky...and in the midst of my confusion about how to deal with the history class came the much-anticipated e-mail! Yay! However, I haven't made up my mind. Denise told me to reply e-mail to conform my place and I did so right away, but it was late afternoon, after the office hours...She won't read my e-mail until probably 09.30 AM today, so my enrolment in this class isn't secured yet. I also have missed the first FTVMS class (yesterday at the same time as my history class), and both films and history have their second class today at the same time. What to do, what to do?
On a much lighter note, Daniel is going home to The Netherlands on Saturday, either this week or the next (because my mum, who's going back to Indo on Saturday next week, said she'd probably be in the same flight as him), and therefore there have been talks about my aunt planning to throw a farewell bash for her best yet sometimes most annoying employee, but I have no idea when it will take place, so hopefully it's I can expect an abundance of food and ice cream that isn't served under normal circumstances after school. LOL. However if it's next week then fine, I can help her prepare. Mind you, I'm in no way sad about his leaving. John's already preoccupied my mind 24/7!
Speaking of my mum, I can't wait for her to go home to Indo. God she puts a lot of her stuff on my small desk, whose most space is already taken by laptop and printer, making so full and messy. I also can't wait to buy pretty frames for the pictures I brought from Indo and put them on my desk. My mum has bought me a message board, and the first things I stuck on it weren't a class timetable or assignment due dates. It was Japanese photobooth pictures of me and my girls!

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Friday, July 22, 2005, 01:45 a.m.

all about my
Yasmina, oh yes the joys of being single...LOL. And John isn't the only guy I'm having my eyes on. There's also this bank teller at the Student Commons branch of The National Bank (of which I'm a costumer), who's sooo gorgeous (actually he's more gorgeous than John) but I don't know his name. Oh, and Daniel (that's his real name.) Daniel is my aunt's assistant at the restaurant, and he was a "summer school" student at a tourism institure here, but since his school is over and he wants to stay here until his visa expires he works for my aunt. By the way, Daniel is another Eurasian, of Indonesian and Dutch parentage. Actually I have no crush on him (yes, I'm not as big on Eurasians as I was a couple years ago), and hopefully it's just me, but yesterday he...sort of flirted with me? We looked each other in the eye a lot and he joked with me a lot too, which he'd really never done no matter how often I've eaten at my aunt's place.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005, 12:31 a.m.

everything unimportant
The only Ispacer from Indonesia (I think, so far), Irene, told me there would be an excursion to Davenport this weekend. I was surprised. I thought there would be a workshop this weekend? Where's my orientation schedule? Oh well whatever, I'll take part. Except there's a problem. Again I've blabbed about my Ispace crush, this time to Irene, but luckily his name still isn't out. I just told her that he's caucasian and doing a master's degree. Thus know there are five people who know that I have a crush on an Ispace guy, and the clues are he's white, in Ispace, and working on a master's degree in philosophy. Still no name and country of origin though. Let's hope that John isn't the only "philosopher" in Ispace. Aaaand when I turn up in the Davenport excursion, they'll know right away that I come for John, and then they'll be like, "Oh no, here comes trouble. We or one of us will have to look after her when she's losing her breath and dizzy from hiking." Oh well. I'll tell them that I need a break or wanna get away from my mum (Roji's met her, he'll believe me.) Besides, John REALLY was NOT my only reason for coming to Rangitoto.
Second day of school. Unlike yesterday, I'm gonna have to go earlier to find my classrooms today. One of the classes in my schedule even says, "See department for classroom." Duh.
My cousin Khansa's other best mate Ava had a sleepover here last night. Ava is half Indo and half Pakeha and her hair is gorgeous, wavy and two-colored, black and light brown. However, I have a feeling that her hair will darken as she gets older, like many of her fellow Eurasians. Marcel was blond when he was a kid, and so was Brandon Lee. And I read in one of Aiko's testimonials that she was more blonde when she was a child. I guess Eurasian hair should be one of the wonders of the world!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005, 08:39 a.m.

it must have been good...
Ok...first day was smooth sailing. Danish gal Liv and I wrote each other funny notes in English 121 class but we could also concentrate at the same time. I slept through my first (and last) Linguistics 100 class and it turned out that I could still drop this subject. So I did this, even though I've already bought the one textbook needed for the class. I know, I couldn't have been more stupid. I thought we would use the book as soon as the first class began. Oh well nevermind. I'll sell the book to either Vol. 1 or UBS one of these days. And wanna know the replacement? It's History 101, where I'll be studying the Russian revolution. Woo hoo!
Bad news. I met Roji at the bus stop near Civic Theatre and as we were boarding the same bus I began to fess up that I...had a crush on Edmund. Well I DO like Edmund, but I don't have a crush on him, and I told Roji I that I did anyway so that we could have something to talk about and I also wanted to see how he would react. Well I said I liked Ed because he was nice and he looked out for me in the excursion, and Roji asked how come I didn't have a crush on John as well, since he was also nice and kept an eye on me during the museum tour. I said John wasn't my type (PURE LIE), to which Roji replied that even if "I had had a crush on John I wouldn't have stood a chance anyway, since he was apparently taken." Roji said the night after the museum tour and the quiz night, John had a date, and that he told Roji himself when they were having talks about books and the drama club. Awwww. Ouch. But anyway, it was a just a date right? It could have been a casual one!
Hm. Ok. Signing off.

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Monday, July 18, 2005, 05:34 p.m.

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