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Yea right...acurate. Who's that in the graphic? Aya Matsuura?
I'm not accepted at Cita Cinta. It's been eleven days since my disastrous interview but still there's no phonecall from 'em. Thus I might as well sod it. Y'know what, this is the second time I'm denied a job. The first time was when I applied to be a chaperone at a finance conference at The Jakarta Convention Centre in October. Just last three weeks ago when I was about to modify my CV (it was the CV I used to apply for the chaperoning job) for Gadis and Cita Cinta, I found out I made a lethal mistake in it, thus it wasn't a wonder why the committee of that finance conference didn't accept me. Oh well...now my only hope is that job in the acquisition divison at TPI. The interview's today (well it was supposedly on Friday, however it got put off until today at 03:00 PM) and please...I beg you to WISH ME THE BEST OF LUCK!!!
For you Boa fans out there, Jean's got her own Boa fanlisting up! Go sign up for membership! I can't join it coz I've already joined another Boa fanlistings.
Monday, June 23, 2003 08:22 a.m.

take the "How Angsty Are You Quiz" @ undead friday.

Kind of acurate. At least I'm less angsty now than I was in high school.
I went to Bandung on Thursday and got home on the same day at 11:00 PM (so sorry to my Bandung mates...my trip was sort of sudden and I only spent a day there). Our first stop in Bandung was Diaz, the shop that sells good quality fake stuff (so good that no one will be able to tell they're fake unless they look at the price tags). Oh, the shop also sells beautiful hand-woven bags, high quality jeans and leather bags which aren't "branded" (that are way better).
Y'know what, at first my mom wanted to buy me a pretty green (fake) Miu-Miu bag, but I told her I'd rather die than be caught dead wearing fakes, thus she got me a black leather bag (that has no label) instead. But she told me I wasn't to use it until I was accepted in either TPI or Cita Cinta. Thus it is her who uses that bag to engagements such as pengajian at the time being. God, I had no idea my mom actually considered buying fakes, being a tai-tai that she is...
Saturday, June 21, 2003 08:31 a.m.

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The most talented girl in the Indo blogging world is BACK!!! This is what I've been anticipating! Heheheheh! Welcome back, sista!!!
Ok, this might sound sorta haughty, but blokes (and only blokes) ALWAYS seem to forget my age!

"What? Seventeen and twenty-three? That's fucked up!" A quote by a bloke on the age gap between me and my last ex
(no bloke, it was NINETEEN and TWENTY-FIVE)

"You'll get to know it when you get to college." Another bloke, on "real boredom".
(How many times have I told you I'm ALREADY in college?)

"Are you sure you're old enough to club? Did you fake that citizen ID card of yours?" Pipi, on why he didn't take me to go clubbing with him the night prior, some time in late 2000.
(Maybe I should've shown you my BIRTH CERTIFICATE)

Those are just three guy quotes that show how most blokes forget my real age. On one hand, I'm flattered because they do this since I look younger (no older than sixteen, some people say), but on the other hand I think I need to get my birthyear tatoed on my forehead as to remind people to take me seriously.
Wednesday, June 18, 2003 03:06 p.m.

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Hm...half acurate...
I'm just done reading Michael Cunningham's Pullitzer Prize-winning novel "The Hours", which has been made into a movie that got Nicole Kidman awarded with an Oscar. In this book we're given a deeper look at each of the three women's psyche, something that we got a misconception of in the movie. It appears that of all the three ladies, only Clarissa "Mrs. Dalloway" Vaughn is bisexual, the other two are straight. Laura Brown isn't in love with her Kitty. She lip-locked with her just because she was curious to know how a man would feel when holding a woman. Also, in contrast with the movie, Laura didn't mean to commit suicide and DIDN'T BRING A JAR OF SLEEPING PILLS when she checked into the hotel (the name of which I forget). She merely wanted some time away from her son and to finsih reading "Mrs. Dalloway". As for Virginia Woolf, she kissed her sister Vanessa on the lips just because she wanted to avange her moody maid, Nelly Boxall. She thought her being ill didn't mean Nelly could take control of the house. She needed to show Nelly she was still the mistress of the house by doing something forbidden (by the standard of the 1920's Britain) right behind her back.
I guess Herr Cunningham is fag himself because he didn't mention any spouse on the list of people to whom credit is due. And it says on the page before the title page that the book's dedicated to some bloke called Ken something...(surname's fogotten since the book's already returned to Limma).
Monday, June 16, 2003 11:21 p.m.

Well hello. My name's Nana. If you already know my full name, good for you. If you don't, you'll know if you happen to see my exam papers or absence list on campus. I'm your typical 20-year-old who's definetely much more a girl than a woman. I'm also your avarage big city gal: loves chilling out at malls (especially on weekdays), blog, chat, dig designer stuff, check out Eurasian blokes, cherish freedom in thinking and expressing, and go ballistic when those nasty (at times) creatures with adam's apple degrade my sex. My mother tongue is Indonesian, but I speak the lingo of the people from Land of The Anglos just as fluent (well, almost...) and a smattering of Deutsch, Habla Espanol, and Zhong Wen. Since I'm not good at profiling myself, I'd better stop before I send you to the land of nods. Oh, one more thing: I'm a junior at some state university in West Java and am an English major.

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