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Nana. 22 on May 14. Recent college graduate. Currently self-employed. Extemely: moody, critical, lazy (sometimes). Eldest of two. Indonesian passport. Will relocate to Auckland, New Zealand, in June. More?

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    Hokay. Now this layout is ENTIRELY by me. Images edited on Adobe Photoshop CS and HTML coded manually (I need to get my Dreamweaver back). No more borrowed background images. Don't ask me who the girl over there is...I stole her picture off some online magazine for my project in reading class, last year. As usual, it's best viewed on IE 5.0+ with any resolution and 32 color bits. Steal and be the subject of "what goes around comes around." Select past layouts?

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    yea I guess my campus is perfect for a scream sequel set...
    Um hokay. I'm in love again. And this time the "lucky" guy isn't German in any way (yes, yes I can hear the collective sigh of relief of Marcel and a few of his school mates that I know (if they read this), also my other German mates...probably the biggest sigh of relief I've ever heard in my entire 22 years and 7 days). He is...er...can't tell you. However if you're itching with curiosity you know what to do...poke me on either YIM or MSN! LOL.
    My Indonesian university is becoming notorious with mysterious murders of late. Currently, if I'm not mistaken, there have been TEN new murder cases in the Depok area of the UI, and the first half of 2005 hasn't even drawn to a close. The most notorious of all is the murder of a Chinese-Indonesian guy who majored in IT. He was murdered on the train departing from the campus' station by thieves who were trying to steal his laptop. Once the thieves got hold of his laptop, they pushed his body off the speeding train. A couple of weeks ago when I was in Bandung Lia told me there was a girl found dead in the bushes near the politics and communication campus, and just this afternoon, my pedicurist told me in the news today there was a story of a girl found hanged in a classroom of...a UI campus. Oh, the horror. Luckily I'm totally done with the school and moving to another country in 1,5 months. To my mates still schooling at The UI...careful ok! Look over your shoulders time and again. There's certainly a psychopath or more lurking around!!! DO leave the campus by 06:00 PM. Avoid going through the path in front of the center library, and the one that used to be Balhut after the night falls. And for God's sake RIDE A YELLOW BUS OR ASK A FRIEND FOR A LIFT INSTEAD OF TAKING THE TRAIN! Seriously, the people who run the university ought to do something about the jungle surrounding the entire area of campuses, for obviously it's what makes the Depok branch a psychopath heaven.

    Listening to: Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy - Tchaikovsky
    Saturday, May 21, 2005, 07:48 p.m.

    Oh amor...
    WOO HOO!!!!! YAYNESS!!! I. AM. ACCEPTED. AT. THE UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND!!! YAY AGAIN!!! LOL. The acceptance letter has arrived today via fax, and the official paper is on the way. Oh yay (yet again). But the faxed document doesn't mention credit assumption, in fact it mentions that my course will take three years. THREE. GODDAMN. YEARS. What about the syllabus of all subjects and credits I gathered from The UI? So here I am with my counsellor begging the school's international student board to think it over...and we hope there will be at least a subject transferred to cut the course period. The answer will be around next week.
    Hokay, now that the letter's here, there's still one more problem down before applying for a student visa. That's right...injection needle, here I come.
    Anyway peeps, off the topic, visit my Deviant Art, pretty please...I've been there almost for a fortnight yet until this moment I've only got 125 pageviews :(

    Listening to: La Tortura - Shakira & Alejandro Sanz
    Friday, May 20, 2005, 12:19 p.m.

    debuting biographer/teacher?
    My education counsellor offered me a teaching job at her office yesterday (my education agency is also an education center, providing Mandarin and English courses and TOEFL/IELTS preparation training). I said no because I couldn't teach and had never taught anyone before, but last night after discussing it with Avin (who by the way got himself a job of standardizing supermarkets at Hero), I thought why not give it a shot. I'll do my best to learn and if all else fails I'll just be like my vocabulary lecturer...All he did was sit around and only explained after his students asked him questions. But even he made a good teacher, at least to me...I still remember some big words like "zeal" and "winsome." So I've texted my counsellor and said I'd changed my mind. Hopefully the vacancy isn't filled yet.
    Happy 22nd birthday to Faurita! Miss ya honey! Haven't seen you since grade 9! Are you on Friendster?

    Listening to: In The Shadows - The Rasmus
    Thursday, May 19, 2005, 08:46 a.m.

    I was over Marcel's place yesterday afternoon to pick up the beautiful silver brooch he got me from Bali for my birthday and...get more Freddy pictures! LOL. This is the only one I got :( But really it's the best Freddy pic ever! I've never seen him grinning this wide.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Ok, so his teeth aren't as good as I thought, but he's still mighty cute, ja? LOL. I know, I know...*sigh* I can't be more pathetic.

    Avin, come on...don't be the umpteenth person to sing The Offspring's Why Don't You Get A Job at me. I'm trying to, ok? For serious.
    Anyway, I just love how Jay Sean sings, "Hold on..." for it's just like Michael Jackson! Yes, I'm still a huge Jacko fan. I don't care that he's a pedophile, I just love his music...

    Listening to: Why Don't You Get A Job - The Offspring
    Wednesday, May 18, 2005, 07:11 a.m.

    my new freddy
    So...Orchid's bro Degas gave me this really cute stuffed animal as a birthday present, and perhaps also to make up for his tardy to Hartz to have our birthday treat! LOL. I decided to name this doll Freddy, definitely in honor of my German would-be-soldier crush Frederik Scheuermann. LOL. He's leaving on the 30th, and I'm so gonna miss him heaps! Oh BTW out of my expectation he remembered my birthday, and sent me a wish right on the 14th. Hehe :)

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Freddy and I.
    Happy belated 29th, 22nd, and 19th to Iwan, Kemal and Natalia, and happy 27th, 25th, and 21st birthday to Yasmina, Helda, and Tasha! Triple celebration yay! LOL. Birthday e-cards are coming your way...

    Listening to: Rock Me Amadeus - Falco (I heart the song hehe)
    Tuesday, May 17, 2005, 09:35 a.m.