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I got Mary Anne! Hehehee :) If you've seen Baby Sitters Club (the movie), you should know that Mary Anne's portrayed by Rachael Leigh Cook, long before she became worldwide famous with her 1999 movie "She's All That". Actually I don't have a favourite Babysitter, but I'm glad to get Mary Anne because she's the most beautiful.
I can't wait for Angela and Aiko to make their big comeback! About Angela, I remember this feud she had with Rei exactly last year, where in one of her entries Angela said she got 150 hits a day. Then there was this one reader who left a comment on Angela's blog saying she shouldn't have been so proud of her 150-a-day hits. Well, I think it was REALLY suitable for Angela to be proud of her hits, because just the other day I found a girl who's proud to get JUST SIX HITS A DAY! Gee, six compared to 150! And I'm not selling you out about that girl...Contact me if you'd like to get her URL.

Thursday, May 22, 2003 07:32 a.m.

Ok...the reason why I haven't updated since Friday is because I was away in Pontianak, West Borneo, for two days (Saturday the 17th-Monday the 19th). God was it good to be there again after five years, despite the revolting weather. I definitely got to see my baby cousins, sisters Mevi (2) and Diva (1). Mevi's this brilliant baby who's known for her ability to memorize names and faces, even from an old photograph. That was obviously why she could tell my name the moment I arrived at her place right from the airport. I bet she had memorized my name and face from the only picture of me in her house which was taken in 1997! Gifted, gifted child...Unfortunately she's not my own. She's my aunt's.
Still about Mevi. You know how toddlers like to attract strangers, right? Mevi had her own ways to attract me during our first two encounters. First she lifted up her pet kitten, Nam-nam, and THREW IT AT ME. No kidding! Had I not run to avoid the kitten, I would've gone home with bloody scratches on my skin. Secondly, she held my legs tight then pinched it really hard as if to awake me from a dream. Third, she kisses me on my right cheek, then she hit me, also really hard, on my forehead. Talk about brutal! Fortunately she acted nice and adorable in our next encounters.
Y'know what, I've been on angelbitch.pitas.com barely a month, but I've got more than 1000 hits!!! This is certainly a rare thing. My previous blogs had already existed for a few months by the time they got their 1000th hits.
I know this is very late, but I still have this weird urge to post my 20th birtday wishes:
1. To end up with a guy that's completely my type
2. For Boa to release a full English album. She's released quite a lot of English version singles so why doesn't she release a full English album?
3. To do well in my up-coming apprenticeship
4. And the most cliche, to pass semester 4 with flying colours.
Tuesday, May 20, 2003 10:53 p.m.

People, young teenagers and adults alike, upon my turning 20,
"God, look at you! Twenty at last, eh? Looks like we'll recieve a wedding invitation in a matter of months!"
Aaawww shut up! Wedding! I don't even have a steady boyfriend for heaven's sake! Worse was the response of some extended family members and mom's acquaintances (did I spell that right?),
"Twenty and still not married? I thought you were gonna step in your mom's foosteps..."
FYI, my mom married my mom when she was 19 going on 20. Yea right, that was way back in 1982. This is year 2003, peepuls!
Saturday, May 17, 2003 12:06 a.m.

Here it is...I'm at the threshold of my 19th year. Another threshold of living year...only this time it's more special since this is the end of my teens. So...HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!HERE COMES ANOTHER YEAR OF LIVING! WOO HOO!!!
And guess who the first to wish me a happy birthday was...Yep, it was Pipi, same as last year. He rang me at 09:40 PM, and not only did he wish me all the best for my first year as a 20-something gal, but also told me something really deep...Sorry, I ought not to tell ya what it was that he said, that's our secret. But you're wrong if you guess we become an item again.
Wednesday, May 14, 2003 12:58 a.m.

See the codes of Tarkan and Boa fanlistings under "The Fanlistings"? I made 'em! *Alter ego: So what, Nana?* Those are the first fanlisting codes I made and donated, but the webmistresses of both fanlistngs haven't put 'em up. I hope the codes are sufficiently good to meet their taste...
Random thought: About some guy who got on my nerves...He's getting older, yes. Getting any wiser, hell no.
Tuesday, May 13, 2003 10:13 a.m.

Nana. Twenty. Taurean. Black eyes. Natural jet-black hair. Bespectacled. College junior. UI, Faculty of Humanities. Nocturnal. Depressed. Up for grabs. Into Eurasian blokes. Militant feminist at heart. Has been blogging since May 2001. Doesn't really belong. Listens to all kinds of music except raggae, dangdut, and keroncong. Loathes sushi, boybands, moralists, judgmental people and Avril Lavigne. Mother tongue is Indonesian. Don't mess with me. Never think you know me.

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