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I don't wanna be lonely anymore...
Lesson of the week: When in a bad mood, stay away from superior-beings. People who think crying is strictly for weaklings and sleeping at night is so gay.
If we have some understanding of life plus super annoying syndromes some jobs tend to cause, it will be easier to let go.
I hope you like my new layout. It's not quite ready yet.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005, 08:17 p.m.

baby you can be with me...
I should tell Ibu Tri to hurry up with my transcript so I can send it to the embassy as soon as humanly possible and fly to NZ by May. Nevermind with the 2-month wait. To those in doubt, even my bro who is more spoilled than me can make it in Japan-cooking his meals himself and all-in no time (he arrived just three weeks ago, remember?). So yea, I can adapt faster.
Oh yea sure, I might not be able to drive, but I'm responsible. I might be whiny, but I listen and not judge. I've achieved most of goals. I might be immature, but I'm considerate. Aaaand you may continue to discredit me.
Lesson of the day: Well honestly I've heard this proverb since my childhood days, from an Olga book...Those closest to you are in the best position to hurt you.
People really shouldn't be judged for feeling sorry for themselves. Well for one, it's just one of the many ways to keep one sane. Keeping a blog is another. Sorry if that doesn't make sense.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005, 12:06 a.m.

there is no life, no life without its hunger...
It just annoys the hell out of me when people use the term "free sex" even in local English mags such as Contact. Well, let this English Language scholar tell you that "free sex" is the direct translation of the Indonesian "seks bebas". Believe me, you'll never find such a term in any Oxford or Webster dictionary. Native speakers usually use the terms "promiscuity" or "premarital sex" to describe the action of having prenuptial sex with a great variety of people.
Upon reading a cover story on model-turn-actress Indonesian-French Mariana Renata in the April issue of Seventeen Indonesia, I was astonished by how fate actually brought her good luck by being in a Josh Groban video, She's Out Of My Life. Or perhaps, that's the impression she wants to impose on her fans. In the article, she stated that one day she got a phonecall from her agent, asking if she wanted to be in the video of a Josh Groban single and she said yes without knowing who he was. Well, I don't blame her for not knowing such a renowned tenor. Most of us college students don't watch the telly much or browse through enterteinment websites. But why didn't she find out at least a bit about the person she was to work with? Maybe this person has a reputation that can possibly damage her image if she works with him/her? Apparently, some people are just lucky beyond belief.
To fans, male ones, if you by any chance stumble upon this page: Please guys, spare me the hate mails. I've never met Mariana Renata in the flesh and thus I can't say whether she's nice or not, whether I like her or not, but what's wrong with being skeptical? And no, I'm nowhere near jealous of her beauty and success.
Oh, and sorry to Grobanites out there, but I don't like Josh Groban. Yes, yes, even my bestest mate Orchid thinks I'm crazy for this reason. Well, dude's got an angelic voice and all, but I simply don't have respect for any singer whose claim to fame is singing other singers' hits. She's Out Of My Life was originally by Michael Jackson. Now that's some knowledge huh?

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005, 10:28 p.m.

akulah yang paling mengerti duniamu...
Yasmina, I couldn't leave a comment on any of your entries. I don't feel like signing up at 43things because I know I'll never use it, just like my accounts on Hi5 and MySpace. BTW, about your coffee entry, well that reminds me of a college mate whose relatives have an estate in Yogyakarta where they grow mushrooms. They make a big fortune out of the mushrooms so my mate wants to do just that-either joining his relatives in the mushroom business or buy an estate of his own.
Hm...I know this sounds so bitchy but I really hate it when people who perform my service (like my maids, pedicurist, etc) talk to me about themselves while doing their jobs or ask me incredibly stupid questions (like when my peducurist, who's a high school drop-out, asked me if there were some people who "failed the exams" when she heard of my graduation). Worse, they carry on talking even when I'm having the MP3's on my desktop full blast, listening to music on my earphones or reading, obvious signs that I don't want a conversation going. Of course talking is a human right, and I can't blame them for asking stupid questions or making stupid remarks since they're not well educated, but I prefer they apologize first. Any idea how to "tell them off" without offending them?

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005, 10:30 a.m.

I don't understand people who sign up for Friendster blogs. I absolutely agree with Kat, Jonathan Abrams and co really mustn't set up blogservers when they can't even make the profile pages load faster. For HTML linguists, I can never understand why they sign up when they know they'll be unable to revamp the blogs' appearances. Even people with no HTML skills shouldn't do likewise. I suggest they sign up at LJ and the like where they can at least learn a little HTML and change the background images as they please.
To Kat, if she by any chance comes across this blog of mine: I miss you! Let bygones be bygones, ok? Friends again?
I just can't bring myself to message her via Friendster or add her right away, even though I know her full name and e-mail address. Don't ask.
Anyway, I've just got MY FIRST EVER laptop yesterday! The latest Acer. Yay (yes, I know...I'm so kampungan. Entschuldigung)!!! But for the moment I'm too lazy to take a pic of it as well as learning some new things in order to operate it correctly.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005, 05:52 p.m.

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