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he-bitches come and go...
When I had an ugly breakup with Ricky, my dad constantly scolded me. He said I was utterly stupid for crying for such an asshole. Oh, and not only that, but daddy kicked my butt too. Literally. I kid you not.
Oh daddy. I wish he would say, "If you make my daughter cry I will make YOU cry," to all the boys who mess with me. That would be the most beautiful thing a guy ever said to me. But knowing my dad...
Wait. Maybe god's already doing that for me. God's been kicking both guys on the penis, Adam's apple, and groin, and...ya name it. Both guys? Who are they, you ask.
In the cases of Freddy and Casey I held myself up to be hurt. I kept trying and trying the despite the can't-be-more-obvious signs of their disinterest in me. But not with these two guys, Ricky and YOU (yes you. Not the other guy. YOU.) They hurt me on purpose, for the hell of it. Sick bastards.
I have a feeling that you're not the last he-bitch I deal with. There are more to come. I can't guarantee that I won't cry again, but I can guarantee I'll still stand tall. I am, after all, a lion.
Excuse my PMS.
Enough with the sob story. Look how I've dressed up my Kelly Clarkson paperdoll!

Kelly Clarkson

You know, I hate it when I explain to some Indonesians that I study films and media and they take it I study broadcasting. Seriously, do you even know what "broadcast" means?

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Thursday, February 23, 2006, 12:54 p.m.

my son there is nothing I can give, but this chance that you may live...
Come to think of it, I really should congratulate myself for passing at all. I wasn't only juggling two classes (most others took one), but also depression. So yeah, here's a toast to my success.
HAPPY EARLY 22ND BIRTHDAY ORCHID! Welcome to the club!
I'm so in love with this song, a soundtrack of Disney's Prince of Egypt, called Deliver Us by Ofra Haza (RIP) and Eden Riegel. I think it's the first song in the movie, accompanying the scene where Moses' sister runs along the Nile as baby Moses is adrift. Anyone has the MP3? Oh BTW Moses is my fave prophet...He's way cool, respected by both Christianity and Islam. Oh, and Judaism too! Bah, how could I forget that one, of which he was the founding father...
More of paperdoll madness!

Cate Blanchett Christina Ricci

That one is glam rock star Cate! LOL. She's unlikely to dress like that, unless she plays a rock star in a flick. It's downright cool that she won Oscars for her roles as Queen Elizabeth I and Katherine Hepburn, both did exist in the world. Maybe it's her speciality to play real life characters? Oh, and on a totally irrelevant note, at Paperdoll Heaven I like casual dress-ups better because there are more choices for mixing and matching.
Just out of boredom. Name at least five Christina Ricci movies you've seen: Casper, Addams Family Values, Now and Then, Gold Digger: The Secret of Bear Mountain, Sleepy Hollow, The Gathering. I love the chiquita.
EDIT: I got it I got it I got it! A "Deliver Us" MP3. Nobody gave it to me. I downloaded on Imesh. I especially love Ofra Haza's performance. Such a fine, fine performance. That and the fact that she passed away not too long after Prince of Egypt was released send tingles down my spine.

Listening to: Ofra Haza & Eden Riegel - Deliver Us
Wednesday, February 22, 2006, 12:28 a.m.

paperdoll madness part I
Fenina is such a darling! She introduced to me this already very addictive site! Here are three dolls as starters...

Kate Becksinsale Jennifer Aniston Ayumi Hamasaki

I know that in real life Ayumi is sooo unlikely to dress that way. It's too simple for her. But then again in this case she's just a paper doll and I'm the stylist...
BREAKING NEWS: WOO HOO! I passed all my summer school courses! Nevermind that I got a C- for both classes. Well I'm pissed, but at least I passed toh...
O Lord, teach me to rejoice in thy blessings...

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006, 12:13 a.m.

imesh gelow
AAAARRRRGGHHHH! Where have all the cowboys, no, new songs gone? I've downloaded about five new songs the latest Imesh in the past couple of days and none of them appears on the library. At first I thought the library was full, so I deleted the songs I don't like (when my technician set up this laptop she put lots of her songs (such as those by Peter Pan) in it) and the hoax ones. No avail. Then I figured those files are probably not in MP3 files. But even WMA files appear in the library. So. What went wrong? I desperately need new MP3's for my Iriver...
You're hurting. I'm hurting. Mau sampai kapan?
All through summer school I had no time to miss my hometown. But now after school's wrapped I miss Indo a lot. Sometimes it's just amazing to realize it's been almost two months since I got back in Aucks and just a short while ago I was in a completely different place, separated by continents and oceans.

Listening to: Boa - Snow White
Monday, February 20, 2006, 08:43 a.m.

Happy belated 25th birthday to Joanne! Yes, you have to be mature now since you're 25...
Omigod. Good golly miss molly. I've become a criminal. No no, not the killing type, not the raping type, not the junkie type, not even the plagiarising type. Just a criminal of some sort. Hopefully I can get away with it...
I care, but you force me to pretend I don't. And since you've chosen to lose me, so be it.
Here comes the new layout! Don't worry the right hand part isn't supposed to look like that of course...I'm working out ways to shift it down to below the header image. Hm...anyone can help?
EDIT: Problem solved. By myself.
Mama and my cousins are getting hotdogs at the time of this writing. Fuck. I wish I were home.
Believe it or not I haven't been Miss Crankypants (a.k.a my PMS alter ego) for the past couple of days! If I can go on like this until my period (which is due in either late this month or early next month) is over I'm soo gonna reward myself.

Listening to: Kelly Clarkson - Because of You
Sunday, February 19, 2006, 10:24 p.m.

I'm alright. Fine. At least for this moment.
Just got my digicam back. Gonna take some pictures today.
Bad guys and PMS. I wonder why they always - and I do mean ALWAYS - come at the same time like a package.
Happy belated 24th birthday to Kat and early 20th birthday to Emma! Many happy returns, girls...
Boa's new album Outgrow is out! I wonder if it's distributed in Auckland. And I love how the album title suits Boa's new image! She's turning 20 this year and since she's been around since she was 12, she's always known for her teeny bopperish image. I just hope she doesn't resort to trashy so-called grown-up images like her American counterparts. I'm worried she'll do that, given the fact that she shows so much skin in her Best of Soul album cover. For now I like her style in the Outgrow cover. Classy.

Listening to: Boa - Make A Secret
Saturday, February 18, 2006, 10:35 a.m.

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