A 21-year-old immature-looking girl. She's technically mixed, but Indonesian by birth and nationality. Many deem her hyperactive, but she doesn't give a damn. She's scheduled to graduate from The UI in February 2005, and fly to New Zealand for more of higher learning in June. Her favorite past times are taking online quizzes, reading, and surfing on the net. Other than being a wacky bespectacled blogger, she's also a clique and fanlisting whore.

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Marcel Kusumo! How many times do I have to remind you to remember the less fortunate ones whenever you're in trouble? Guess what, I'm one of those less fortunate! Orchid still shows you attention, albeit not lavish, while for me, just the thought of him and how he ditches/avoids me makes me lose my apetite. But come to think of it, it's good in a sense that it makes me lose weight without the no-sugar diet and exercises.

Listening to: You Keep Me Hanging On - Kim Wilde (my goodness this song really describes my current situation...plus I miss the '80s. Those were the times where my only concens were toys and school...)
Wednesday, January 19, 2005, 12:21 a.m.

more pix! tee hee!
You see, nowadays it's hard to tell who's for us and who's against us. As well, it's no easy feat to recognize a greater part of my readers, so it's more than possible that people who are not supposed to read this blog are actually ardent readers.

This is the picture that I like the most of Daniel and Marcel. Semi candid because Daniel didn't seem to realize I was taking this pic :P

Orchid met her separated-at-birth twin! Hahahah just playing...Don't they look alike? And that's why Marcel's relatives urged me to take this pic! Actually, the gal in orange is another of Marcel's cousins, but I can't recall her name.

Marcel, Daniel, and Adam were seriously talking about schools in Switzerland (I think) when I took this piccie. That's why this still is semi candid, but it doesn't apply to Orchid...

As for yesterday (Jan 17), I met up with Aiko at Pisa, Cilandak Town Square, mostly because she'd been craving its ice cream for God knows how long. LOL. And, as camwhores who never leave home without digicams, of course we took pics...mostly with her digicam though, because my memory card kinda ran out of capacity (I'm planning on getting Marcel's 2-0 bash pics developed). Here is the only snapshot I have of Aiko, taken right after we were done with our desserts.
Happy 21st birthday Maggie! I hope you remember me...from EEC days. LOL.
Tuesday, January 18, 2005, 12:26 a.m.

kebakaran jenggot
Whatever happens to the commenting system? The entry below this is the one that I want people to comment on the most, yet the faulty comment book gets in the way...See, if it also doesn't work on this entry just go to either the tagboard or the guestbook.
God...this is really terrifying. I can see myself repeating the same mistake that I did in my relationship with Pipi, except I don't have to be in a relationship this time...Just the fact that I know my crush's best buds well is enough to repeat the mistake. And now this scary thought just can't leave my mind in peace! Gotta be very careful and have a ton more control.
More birthday pix, as promised

Sooo candid! LOL. The people on the other wing of the resto were also celebrating a birthday, and they made lots of noise! Not to be outdone, here we are making some more noise! LOL. The Einstein-looking man is Marcel's dad, and the woman next to him is his sister, Jasmine's mum.

I took this one. BTW, Daniel (Danny :P) is very fluent in Bahasa thanks to his 10 years of living in Indo! LOL.

Orchid and I, taken with Orchid's cellphone...one of those peculiar-looking camphones Nokia released of late...

Listening to: Little Susie by Michael Jackson (Sad yet beautifully-composed song. I'm kind of able to relate to it.)
Monday, January 17, 2005, 12:52 a.m.

Marcel's 2-0 bash pix!
Ok...the title is self-explanatory...Without further ado:

Meet my fifth boyfriend! Hahahah kiddin...Marcel and I before most of the guests came (yes, I was the first outsider (by outsider I mean non family members) to come!). And no, he went to the resto straight from home, instead of some wedding reception (in case you're wondering why he's wearing a batik...)

Ok...I expect you to know by now that Marcel was the birthday dude. Well, Danny is Marcel's school mate (they go to a German school in BSD), Orchid is my best mate whom Marcel has a serious crush on, Jasmine is Marcel's EFFING HOT cousin, Adam is Jas' boyfriend who goes to a university in Switzerland. And of course that's just a small percentage of the guests...most of them were Marcel's immediate family members.

Adam and Jasmine talking...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S ACTUALLY CANDID? And hell I'm so dang proud of this pic!

This is not really candid...And no, Marcel and Danny ain't no fags.

To party people...Ya know I took LOTS MORE PIX than those above. However, I'm just too lazy to upload them, resize them, and then put 'em up here. But I'll get around to it.
And I've just realized a mistake. Orchid took a pic of me leaning against Adam, with Jasmine looking playfully jealous next to him. It was semi candid I guess, because Orchid and I took the pic coz we were bored and pissed off because the dudes kept talking about automobile and the like, and I didn't realize Jasmine was standing near me. But I don't know about Orchid...perhaps she realized it though. And guess what, I DELETED THE PIC PURPOSELY coz I had to make more space in the memory card for more pix! I couldn't have been more idiotic....
Sunday, January 16, 2005, 07:13 p.m.

Aiko told me since I was the only reader she was aware of, she put my link up. That made me think I should list the readers of my blog that I'm aware of, as follows...

  • Aiko

  • Yasmina

  • Orchid

  • Andrei (DUUDEEEE! Miss ya miss ya miss ya! See, I'm a bit mixed up about your email usernames, cornflakez and sugared_milk (is it with or without an underscore?). Which one is for MSN and which one is for YIM?)
  • Salman (Hey! Bet you've graduated and found a steady job by now! Ring ring me!)

  • And...das ist alles. But I've got plenty of hits! You know, fanlistings, hatelistings, phobialistings, and cliques don't help much in getting readers (avid or not), and neither do plugboards. So if you've been following the life and times of me, comment on this entry. Trust me, I WILL NOT do anything of harm to your dear life.
    Miss her. And she was so funny. It was obvious that the only reason she was friends with me was to assure herself that she was a better match for the guy who was at that time crushing on me.

    Him: Nana, what's the furthest you let him go towards you?
    Me: Lured me to become another number in his sex life.
    Him: And...?
    Me: My virginity is still intact.

    Listening to: The Sensual World - Kate Bush (man I love this song...The lyrics are R-rated and love that Scottish (or Irish?) nuance!)
    Saturday, January 15, 2005, 12:28 a.m.