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poetry time!
Why I Understand You

I understand you because I have a sixth sense too, although of a different sort.
I understand you because I endured sexual harassments as well.
I understand you because I see the world from my room, through these things people call computer, PC, the internet.
I understand you because I know how it feels to be misunderstood by general people.
Wednesday, December 22, 2004, 07:35 p.m.

long...but not as long
Sixth sense is at work again. I was watching Channel V's Double Shot '90s Special this morning when B*Witched's American version of their Rollercoaster video (hate it! I like the European (or is it Asian?) version MUCH better) came on the screen. Then I predicted that the next video would be their best (in my opinion) video ever, Blame It On The Weatherman. I also saw that video on my mind a couple days ago. And voila, once the Rollercoaster vid wrapped, the Weatherman vid began playing!
Also when I was on the way to a cyber cafe after French class to get my old pictures scanned (they're here, as usual), my mind played Backstreet Boys' Larger Than Life. And not long after I arrived at the cafe, the song was played on the stereo! Dowh, if this still works and gets stronger until I'm older, much older, I can make a career out of telling fortunes at year ends like that Lauren woman! And like you've named your bitchy side, I'm gonna name my sixth sense as opposed to it...I bestow upon it the name of Franka! LOL. Franka was a bad girl the last time she was with me (Fred Scheuermann thingie), but now she's a good girl.
Talking about the Backstreet Boys...now I realize I'm a fan. Yes I am. Shut up! I used to be ashamed of it that I secretly listened to their songs, and even though I only have one album of theirs, Black and Blue, I know the words to most of their hits. But I'm not so much of a fan. Yes I do know that Nick has four siblings by the same parents (Bobbi-Jean, Leslie, twins Angel and Aaron...all of whom but Angel tried their luck in the biz), and one half sister called Ginger, but it was much because my high school best mate Maya was so mad about him. The rest of Backstreet Boys, I don't really care about.
BSB...they're becoming as classic as NKOTB. One more proof that time flies faster than does a rocket.
Tuesday, December 21, 2004, 09:50 p.m.

long! beware...
So that's it. Now I know exactly why he ditched me. I wonder why it took me THREE FUCKIN' WEEKS just to figure it out. Yes Yasmina, for the first time I'm going to give the details of my date with the Dietrich dude to my other blog readers, so you may skip this entry. Ok, so the original plan was to have dinner at Tamani, Kemang, with Orchid and Marcel, but since the two couldn't make it, Fred and I decided to go on our own. And the plan B was actually to go to a cinema, but I wouldn't be able to make it because of school and the traffic jams I had to go through to get home and change. So we agreed on meeting at Badonci, a bar in Kemang he's a regular at, and it was there that he suggested we go to his house to watch a Shark Tale DVD (I told him beforehand that if we could go to a cinema I wanted to see Shark Tale). I said no, and suggested we go out and get something to eat instead. But he said he didn't have enough cash, so he would have to go home to get some. And then we rode to his house in his car, and once we got there, he gave me a tour of his house and we ended up in his room, where he began kissing me!
He asked me again if I would like to see Shark Tale on a DVD, but the fact that there was only his maid watching TV downstairs and there were only us upstairs in his big room ensured me to state a stronger no. Not to mention the fact that he kissed me ON THE LIPS on my FIRST EVER (and last) arrival in his house. So I suggested we go to Pizza Hut, and although he agreed, it was obvious that he became less enthusiastic about the date. And at Pizza Hut he just ordered a glass of Coke and then headed for Chinese Lounge to attend a mate's party, thus leaving me alone at Pizza Hut. Since then on, I only hear from him online. Bottomline, he suggested along the lines that we have a ONE NIGHT STAND, and as a girl who cares about her body of course I declined it.
My theory is supported by my best mate Jeffie, who is male, white, and American (I know, I know...I'm an anti-thesis of feminism sometimes). He said the fact that he's a regular at a bar alone showed that Fred was a "clown dick" (Jeff does swear more than I do). And then on Fred kissing me in his room, he said Fred wanted nothing more than "my piece of ass." He also said if I really cared about myself, I should've refused to go with Fred to his house in the first place and that I deserved better. Finalement, on the reason I have a crush on Fred, which was because he was so protective to me at Badonci, Jeff explained that guys tended to protect the objects (in this case, me) they wanted, and let loose of the objects they didn't. So true.
Awww Jeffie. He's my best mate for almost six years, and he truly does care about me. But I can never have him. I used to be sad about this, but best mates had better stay the way they are, instead of becoming lovers. Pipi and I are the evidence.
On a TOTALLY different note, speaking of feminism, now I don't understand how come people, girls in particular, keep raving about Charlie's Angels (both the 1970's Aaron Spelling TV series and the "modern-day" movie versions), saying it's a thing of feminism. I say the claim is far-fecthed, because it's true that the girls kick ass and stuff, but still they're bossed around by Charlie, a guy. Even in the first Charlie's Angels movie, it's shown that Charlie is chilling at a beach while his Angels are busy with the dirty work involving dust, blood, and other things any normal girl hates.
Ok...gotta get back to studying. Final exam's coming in 2,5 hours! Wish me luck!
Monday, December 20, 2004, 11:07 a.m.

things to do my own things
Four reasons why he's not worth it:

  • He's younger (that fact alone should be a turn-off)

  • He's got "I'm a pimp" written across his forehead. No, he's got it TATOOED ALL OVER HIS BODY in capital letters.

  • He's unreliable

  • He lives up to his surname (further explanation later)

  • Just for you Dowh...Clickety! Hahahaha. Something to perv on, as promised. To those not in the know, that's Debu's drummer Daood...
    And! I found this cafe/bakery somewhere in Cilandak called Moss! Have you ever heard of it? It's new (I think) and it's hidden, so I predict it won't be a much-favored hang-out spot in the future. However, the building is so cool and so is the atmosphere. We gotta hang out there someday!
    That's all. Gotta get back to studying Tourism Culture...Pray for me guys!
    Sunday, December 19, 2004, 04:35 p.m.

    tanpa judul
    That's it. You can never expect me to learn from failed love.

    See Nana, you only need to snap your fingers and boys will come to you.
    Marcel Kusumo, on the younger dudes with a crush on me.

    How I wish he were right.

    And you. Don't baby me. I've had enough of your drama.

    I hope this is just my sixth sense working against me.
    Friday, December 17, 2004, 11:21 a.m.

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