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Caleb I can no longer talk about you here since you've known about this blog already...But what the hell, as long as I'm not talking trash about you I'm not gonna give you an assumed name. LOL. It's cool that we share the issue of falling for people people too easily, because of either love or pity. I thought I was the only one. I seriously didn't think any guy would have the same problem. Oh, and yes I couldn't agree more with ya about the AV library...It's one of the reasons why I stay at uni. And man I also forgot to bring an umbrella yesterday, and it was raining cats and dogs (sort of)! I intended to leave this in your commentbook, but it didn't work.
My sixth sense is back, and working full force now. Last week I had the notion that someone was going to give me a high five, and I hadn't had that for so long. On Monday, it turned out to be Sabrina to give me the high five, upon finding out that we're both twenty-two. A couple days ago I thought of both Vishal and Bede and yesterday I met both of them on the bus, on the way to and from campus respectively. I still don't know what to with it, and I hope Sandy can give me an idea...
Portfolio is finished! Woo hoo!

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Friday, October 21, 2005, 07:57 a.m.

wish I knew then what I know now...
Hokay. I met Lina, Casey, and Flavius at The Quad at lunch, and I was with Caleb when I ran into them, and decided to "ditch" Caleb to join the threesome. He didn't mind (or seemingly so) because he was awaiting a mate, but I still feel terribly guilty for forgetting to introduce him to C, L, and F. I texted an apology, which he hasn't replied. Oh well. If he really is mad at me, he can't stay like that for long...I'll prove that I really am a good mate.
So. The three of them are leaving for Singapore on Saturday (as I've guessed), which means they'll most probably attend tomorrow's poetry-reading. And I doubt that if they really show up they'll save a seat for Jess. Well she wasn't there at the lunch! Maybe the whole Jess-Casey thingie is a myth after all. I mean, I've hung out the three guys many times and Jess is never with them so far. Plus, the only mention of her was by Lina a long time ago, and she actually referred to her as "the girl Casey's kind of seeing." Well let's hope so...
By the way, no matter how many times I hang out with Casey, Lina, and Flavius I'll never be one of them. It has more to do with other things than race and age. Well, not that I REALLY want to anyway.
I FINALLY promised my mum to fly home sweet home to Indo in late November. My longing for my best mates, cousins, Bandung and open-until-late malls defeated my fear of my family forbidding me to return to Auckland. Well I can always defend myself, and I don't mind having mum flying with me to Auckland in early January (just before summer school starts). Come to think of it, if I have mum here I'll never run out of dosh. When she was here she asked me to exchange big US$ with even bigger NZ$ like twice a week and bought me cool clothes without my asking for them. So yes people...I'm coming. Watch out UI peeps! Your favorite "tapper" is back!!!! Muahahahahahaha...
Alright. Must go back to the portfolio. I'm almost done with the Martin Luther King, Jr. piece but I haven't revised my argument essay draft. I also have to design a mock exam question about the exam text of my choice as part of the portfolio, and Mike (my tutor) assigned this just last Tuesday (a.k.a second to last tutorial, three days before the deadline). And my chosen text, albeit the shortest and the only one I come nearest to relate to, is kind of hard to comprehend. Oh my gosh...Had he assigned another task today (the last tutorial), I definitely would've killed him on the spot.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005, 07:36 p.m.

the extreme sarcasm edition
Yep, the title is absolutely self-explanatory.
Yes darling, those homosexual people become homosexual because they want to!!! LOL. Remember, I'm talking real gay men, not some immature faux lesbos you encounter in party scenes, who make out with each other obviously for attention. It's so sad that you don't benefit from your travels and overseas education. What a shame. I guess only after one or two of your kids comes out you will understand why I defend real gay people.
True, independent people work hard for things they desire. However, independence IS NOT directly linked to maturity. Ja mein freund, burning a hard week's salary on booze and whores is a MATURE thing to do, eh...
I'm done with the vocabulary part of the portfolio, and now I'm working on the analysis of Martin Luther King, Jr's famous Letter from Birmingham Jail. One more tough piece to go through...
Hilary Duff releasing a greatest hits album is just downright ridiculous. I mean, her singing career span is only about two years, because she began singing for serious after the release of her Lizzie McGuire movie in 2003. During the couple of years, Hil has garnered only six hits, and that's definitely insufficient for a greatest hits album, although it's commonplace for musicians to add remixes and new tracks in their greatest hits albums (which Hil follows suit). I thought Britney was out of her mind when she released a greatest hits album after only 5+ years of her career...Or maybe Hil just wants everybody to say, "Oh look, she's just turned 18 but she's already got a greatest album out! That's an achivement that normally takes an avarage person a lifetime!"

What mum said: "I'd hate to have you spending your summer holidays in Auckland. Come home to Jakarta...your dad and I and your grandparents all miss you very, very much."
What she meant: Fly home already! Your dad and I and your grandparents can't wait to talk you out of contuining your school at UofA in person.
Just last week I was in trouble...It wasn't such a big issue for me but it did freak my aunt out and she of course later told my mum about it. I mean, just before last week my mum told me I'd better stay in Auckland for the hols so as to not spend a fortune, but now she suddenly wants me home. As I'm getting older, I'm getting better and better at reading between the line...*fumes*

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005, 10:59 p.m.

all in a days work
Advice to self: To get straight A's, enrol in ESOL courses starting this summer school. It's almost hopeless to get a single A in courses in which I'm THE ONLY ONE who doesn't speak English as a native language...
English 103 second assignment's mark is out and I got an even measlier (is there such a word?) C!!!!! Talk about tough luck...Maybe this is for the umpteenth time, but I wish my teachers knew how long it took me to get my English to this level...Where they know after having marked my works once, they needn't worry about grammar, structure, and spelling in my papers. And, given the fact that lots of those native English speakers make mistakes with those three essential parts of a language, they should mark me up. But oh well.
Hokay. Gotta get back to the bookfolio that is my English 121 final project, due this Friday. It's 75% done, but still...
Today's weather is superb! There were even times when the sun actually baked my skin...well, ears and neck actually, because I wore a slong-sleeved Native American style turquise tee and long denim trousers. And I carried one of my warmest coat around in my hand like an idiot. Summer is here! Whee!
Oh before I wrap this entry, during an outside tutorial session my FTVMS 101 tutor revealed that she spotted me at the last poetry-reading, and she was like, "Tsk tsk tsk she should be working on her essay..." LOL. I did hand in that essay on time, however, which was four days after the poetry-reading.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 06:49 p.m.

single again
Just because I confused "running over" with "knocking over", Johnny now apperently thinks I'm a liar. Neat. Don't ask. Long story...
Yasmina, if you didn't miss the archive before the latest then you didn't miss a single episode of the soap opera that is my life...I got to know exactly last week, and that night he asked me to be his girlfriend, which I accepted (big mistake). And last Saturday I finally sacked him...sort of. I was supposed to meet him at Albert Park at 12.00 PM, and then have lunch and head to work. However, I overslept and the bus was really late so I was 40 minutes late, and when I arrived he wasn't there. Thus I called his flat (he doesn't have a cellphone), and because I didn't have the heart to tell him flat out to get the heck out of my life, I just told him I needed space and that his marriage and kids talks scared the shit out of me. He probably took the hint and hasn't called since then. Anyway, I planned on breaking the news to him in person on that Saturday, and that was why I didn't mean to stand him up.

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Monday, October 17, 2005, 08:26 p.m.

If the the header image isn't self-explanatory enough, this blog is mine and therefore I'm entitled to do anything I please with it. If you don't like me as a person or don't like what you see, then why on earth are you here, of all places? If you can't say anything nice, go get yourself an online space to rant in. Don't do it in other people's. Maturity is key, folks.

Twenty-two. Taurus. Indonesian passport, New Zealand residence. The UI grad, UofA freshman. English literature major, films and media studies minor. Budding psychic (?). In the midst of quarter life crisis. Spoilled brat, but not rich nor rotten. Always color-cordinated. Mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia. Travels include Japan, France, Singapore, England, Australia, Malaysia, China, and USA. Usually knows more than she lets on. Single. Blogging since 18. Graphic design, poetry, and photography are pastimes. Quirky. DA. LJ. More?

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