Well...not only was Pitas down for the past couple of days, but also fuckin' ATE MY RECENT ENTRIES and now what on display are the entries from two weeks ago. Way to go, Pitas-->sarcasm, of course. So Em, I have to rewrite my piece about lack of confidence...but don't feel like doing it at the moment so maybe later.
I've been downloading lots of pop videos from two to seven years ago. From Jessica Simpson's 2001 hit "Irresistable" to Ace of Base's 1996 chart topper "Beautiful Life". It feels good to reminisce about my teen years, particularly the ones in which I was no different with teeny boppers that flood the malls every weekend. Another reason of this act is that I miss the musicians whose videos I download. Atomic Kitten with Kerry Katona, Spice Girls with Geri Haliwell, Billie Piper, Ace of Base, Aqua, Eden's Crush...Aren't most of them history now?
I found this last Sunday...

Kwan Ka Keung and Kwan Ka Shen

That's 1960's Eurasian movie star Nancy Kwan with her older brother Ka Keung. He looks so much like Koko Andy in profile!
Tuesday, October 21, 2003 05:44 a.m.

People...if you still don't believe me that my written english is WAY better than the oral one, ask Steve Hein, a globe-trotting Canadian who I met on campus last Monday and have spoken with on the phone twice. God, he's got a fascinating cultural background! Born to a Greek mom and a German dad in The USA, he moved to Quebec, Canada when he was little (hence French being his first lingo), went to a university in both USA and Canada, lived in an apartment where all of the occupants spoke Spanish, and is now travelling the world. All I can say is wow...Steve, if you read this, I'm sorry for not making any sense when I ranted about my IC lecturer last night. She really pissed me off she's got the best of me. I'm gonna confront her today...well, in a soft way since she's really a dictator kinda woman. And speaking about intelligence, well...Mia is way more intelligent!
Y'know what, I've been dwarfing one of my bank accounts nowadays...on food usually, and on a Sarah Brightman casette yesterday. I feel guilty, but on the other hand I can't help craving more and more food before that's what fuels me.
Wednesday, October 8, 2003 11:11 a.m.

Don't you just hate it when parents brag about their children, and indirectly tell you that you're no match for them? Yesterday when I was with my aunt's house in Cinere I met my other aunt who lives in Jatinegara. When this aunt and I sat alone in front of the fish pond, she kept bragging about her daughter, my second cousin Ifa. She said Ifa'd been such an independent girl since the sophomore year of high school, busy with her band as well as her studies, and that blokes loved befriending her. And that's not all, she also said, "What about you, Nana dear? I don't think your mom allows you to even drive since you're too delicate for everything rowdy rough." WHAT??? COME AGAIN??? Ok fine...so I'm driven to all my destinations and have a maid do the household chores, but at least I have a better sense of style! I mean, look at Ifa...who in their right mind would wear white jeans trousers with a two-piece blue and white top to a posh wedding reception? I told her I was taking my second batch of driving lessons at Persemija and then got out of her face, just to avoid saying equally mean things since she's even older than my dad. And then there's an old mate of my dad's who always brags about his genious daughter EVERYTIME WE MEET. He always tells me (and everyone else) that his daughter was in her school's acceleration programme and won a full scholarship to a university somewhere in Australia. Actually, that's the only thing about his daughter which he can brag about, because when I first met her at my dad's boss' 53rd birthday bash she was sitting on her adoring dad's laps! I mean, geez...what kind of 18-year-old would sit in her dad's laps in public? Well ok, enough ranting. I gotta hit the road.
Saturday, October 4, 2003 09:12 a.m.

Whee! New layout! Hahaha...earlier than expected. God...what a day...The only good thing of the day was my mom's birthday dinner (happy belated 41st birthday, mom!) at an abundant Thai resto called Raja Thai (my last birthday dinner was also at a Thai resto, a different one...The Arslans are big on Thai food haha!), and the rest of the day was...well...shitty. Beginning with how I came late to Indo-English Translation class where there was a quiz and by the time I came my classmates had gotten to number 5! I was almost dismissed by the lecturer and after I put on my most hopeless face he let me take the quiz, but declined to repeat numbers 1-4. Therefore I got to do only six numbers, and only after the quiz papers had been handed in did I realize I kind of blew it! And have I ever mentioned that I blew my reading quiz as well last week? God, although semester 5 has only been going on for a month, I already can tell that I'll get a really low GPA score! And what with midtests coming in two weeks and lotsa assignments and Turkish getting more difficult to learn...I can only say: mein Gott, HELP MEEEHHH!
Anggi, neither have I! Last time I saw Vanessa-Mae's face was two years ago when I saw her live in concert. And that's an old picture of her, taken in 1997. Remember that gown is the one she wears in the "I Feel Love" video?
Aiko, I'd love to! But there's one problem...I've downloaded a free Cute FTP, only to find that it was a free trial one and trial lasted for only ONE DAY! So the trial's expired by now. I really have to buy a CD FTP. Um...mind waiting until next week?
Friday, October 3, 2003 01:07 a.m.

Shit day. My new layout's supposedly finished by today but it's not, thanks to Angelfire. I lost the password of my Angelfire account which had an auto-login when I still used Windows 98, so last night I tried to get a help by entering the email address I THOUGHT I used for signing up. Unfortunately, it didn't match my info and I ended up entering ALL of my email addresses but still none match, so I decided to sign up again. My resigning-up process was none the better. The drop down menu of the prefix erred, so I skipped it and moved on to the rest of the fields. And as soon as I got to the next page, the fucked-up web host still had the nerve to ask me to CHOOSE A FUCKIN PREFIX from its broken drop down menu. Hah. Bloody Angelfire indeed.
I still have an account on Boomspeed, but upon realizing that my account there was a free one (which definitely means very limited space), I had to slice my layout and make it whole again on Dreamweaver MX. Then another bitter reality dawned upon me. Since it had been too long a time since I last had my hands on Dreamweaver, so it looked all good after the layout was whole again, but looked totally the opposite after I put text on it. That was before I realized I'd made an even bigger mistake. Don't ask. So now I'm workin on a slightly different, easier layout and its launch is put off until probably the end of this week, coz I have a barrage of homework to catch up on. So much for being creative...
On a cheerful note, I'm touch again with Dan (Aiko, Doh, and Henny...you gals know for whom that assumed name is, right?). I've forgiven him, and y'know what, I no longer care if he doesn't give a shit about my "welfare" in this country he's supposedly a citizen of, as long as I have fun thinking of him and knowing that he's happy. I feel much more at ease that way! And to Sadev...yes, I'm still online regularly on YIM, only with a different ID. I lost my old ID due to the download of Windows XP (I really am careless when it comes to passwords, when I still can remember the passwords of most of my accounts). Sorry I can't give you my new ID openly here coz it's so embarassing (my first name initial+Dan's surname...and he knows about this blog!), so if you're really itching to know, email me!
Monday, September 29, 2003 10:33 a.m.

I freakin' hate it when people say English is a mere piece of cake, or that I should go to an English course to learn the lingo. Y'know what, this is the very thought that keeps you making grammatical errors and misinterpretations. English courses only offer everyday lingo skills, not the complexities! Hell...I know that coz I'm an EEC grad, probably one of the best grads it's ever produced. And write me an impressive essay or academic writing that follows all the rules (hook, topic sentence, thesis statement, thesis restatement...ya name it), or talk to me using flawless meeting lingo. If you do all of 'em well, hats off to you. Nonetheless, I doubt you can do it coz no English expert (I'm NOT saying I'm an English expert...I mean people who are better at the lingo than me) underestimates the lingo.
To all high schoolers out there...if you've decided to major in something you really like and have already KIND OF mastered, don't think you can be a straight A student without any effort. You may think you've known so much about the subject, yet only in uni will you find out that what you've known is only the basics, and difficulties are sure to stand in your way to the advances. So prepare yourself, expect the unexpected. And you'd better take my word coz I wouldn't be speaking this if I haven't been there, done that.
Y'know what, I've been lacking gratitude nowadays...I've been living my adolesence dreams for a while, yet there always seems to be something missing. Well, I have bigger goals to achieve, and to be dissatisfied is very human, right? I know my limits so I'm careful not to stress myself out.
Anyway, if you're my ardent reader, I bet you can recall me mentioning that I hated Dream. Well guess what, my hatred eased a bit after seeing their "This Is Me Remix" video a long time. True, that's one of their old videos - filmed before Melissa Schumann resigned from the group and Kasey Sheridan entered, yet it's the best of all Dream videos. The girls not only seem to have lotsa fun dancing and goofing around with P. Diddy and Kain, but also - get this - turn off their cooler-than-thou mode and actually look NORMAL! Isn't that a way to go?
Friday, September 26, 2003 09:08 a.m.