Oh god downloading the latest version of YIM is a pain in the arse, but it's really worth it! Beats MSN 6.0 big time, definitely. It's not recommended for 56K modems though, unless you really want to fry it. Even with my broadband model it took forever and slowed down everything!
Anyway, my Puncak vacation pics are up on my LJ, if you haven't noticed. That's part 1, and there will be part 2 one of these days.
My IELTS result is out. Not satisfactory by my standard. And the writing mark, that's dissatisfactory by ANYONE's standard. Thank you Orchid for making me realize that IELTS examiners don't need Pullitzer-worthy essays, just whatever crap I can muster in less than an hour. So, if Griffith or whatever university I will enroll in is ok with my OVERALL SCORE (which is actually above avarage but still kinda low), then I can say a big fat kiss my ass to the British Council people. But if it pays more attention to the writing mark (like some universities do) then I'll take another test in probably November. Yeah.
Wednesday, July 21, 2004, 10:17 p.m.

Wah! Since I changed the writing in the 'Who do you want to meet?' field of my Friendster profile, I've been getting more messages more than I usually get in a month for TODAY ALONE! I dunno why these peeps message me anyway, despite the warning that's supossed to scare them. Maybe they want to try me, or rather...try their luck? LOL. I don't reply each and every one of the messages though, only the ones that really catch my eye.
Among these messages is one sent by someone who claimed to be a fan of my blog (thank you thank you! *sobs* *sniffs*). It appears that he's quite new on Friendster and therefore has no friend on his list, so I offered to add him (moved by gratitude, I guess) but first I had to ask for his e-mail. I remember asking when he started reading my blog before offering to add, and then in return he messaged me ONLY his e-mail address without the answer to my question. At that point, I realized it was his way to lure me to add him, but add him I did because I had to keep my promise. I'll give him a month though, and I've sent him another message asking what he found amusing about my blog. He hasn't replied that one, and if his one month's trial runs out before he replies, he's out.
And this one goes out to Kiki, who asked me why I used English and whatever happened to my Indonesian in her Friendster message. Sorry I couldn't reply, nor could I open your page because we're "not closely connected". Here are the answers:

  • I use English on my Friendster, blog, or basically any cyber medium because I want to appeal to INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE. You see, I joined Friendster long before there was any Indonesian around, and the ones who messaged and added me were Malaysians and Bruneians. Plus, there were my Hapas.com mates who added me as well. Even until today when Indonesians dominate my list, I still want to appeal to foreigners. Same thing with my websites, plus I know my foreign friends (particularly the long time ones) read 'em.

  • My Bahasa Indonesia is fine...It's my mother tongue, and I guess mother tongues don't die away just like that, no matter how long you spend speaking a foreign lingo. Getting limited, maybe, but clearly don't completely disappear.

  • Monday, July 19, 2004, 06:18 p.m.

    Well hello. I'm back from my Puncak vacation! Pictures will be posted later. It was fun, and it didn't turn out not as irksome as I'd imagined, except what I feared actually happened on the second day of the stay. A mate of mine did leave his/her (to this moment, the culprit is still a mystery) wet clothes next to the water tap. On the floor, but still it made me cringe. But, wanna know what was worse? Wet tissues scattered on the floor of the six bathrooms in the villa! Cringe, Nana, cringe.
    Hightlight of the vacation, other than the (informal) prom and the bonfire, was watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York twice on Star Movies (the villa does have a cable TV) with the other vacation participants. God, I never realized how cheesy the flick was (from the point of view of me as an adult), until some of my mates started commenting how impossible it was for a child to have such horrendous ideas and any human being to stay alive after falling from a rooftop, being bricked, and burning his head. But still, we watched it anyway until the end. Reminiscing is good...Anything that gives you good memories are always cool and good and great to you, no matter how cheesy it actually is...
    Off the topic, I've been injuring myself these past few days without feeling the pain. I found cuts around my hands, the last being a small one next to the nail of my right tumb which was found just today on the way home from Puncak. This is weird. I guess there wouldn't be any surprise if one day I found myself decapitated and I didn't feel the pain. LOL.
    Wednesday, July 14, 2004, 05:11 p.m.

    So. I had my (second) IELTS test yesterday. Much easier than the first one (having been studying much more English than do most people for the past three years), except for the writing part. Didn't finish the first essay, but finished the second one. Just ONE hour for two academic essays, can you imagine? Well I got top marks for writing at uni because I was given MORE TIME to think. But you know what the funniest part was? The interview. The interviewer so successfully woke up the militant feminist in me I'm sure I'll be the only one having a beep in the interview record. LOL. Don't ask.
    Ok, so I'm off to Puncak to have a farewell party and a prom with my campus mates tomorrow. I don't feel like leaving, although I know it will be a lot of fun...most of the time. I know the villa is abundant-I stayed there during the class of 2002 orientation-and there are lots of bathrooms, but I just don't like the idea of sharing them with about 40 people. Plus, there's also an olympic swimming pool so there's a possibility that the guys will leave wet bathing suits on the bathroom floor, just like on our Carita vacation in March. Yikes. Yet the show can't go on WITHOUT me because I'm one of the key persons in the comittee. Bah, how come I always say yes first and regret it later at times? But do you know that I'm to play solo violin at the prom? When the comittee chairman asked me to do so, I declined by saying I was still traumatized by the failiure of my last concert (which is true), but she and the other guys in comittee would have none of it. Now I've found a way to get me stripped off the entertainment list. Woo hoo. I'll tell them that one of my strings broke and I don't have enough money to buy the replacement (strings are v. expensive (Bridget Jones mode on! Heheheh)...one pack can cost up to Rp. 300 thou!) since I can't ask my parents for money because they're in Yogyakarta until Tuesday the 13th (true).
    Sunday, July 11, 2004, 10:45 a.m.

    Ok, so my GPA's out. Not as satisfactory as last semester's GPA, but would've been more satisfactory if only I hadn't been too late to remove the subject I dropped off the list of credits I took, because there's no C in the GPA. Don't ask. But anyway, shit does happen, a'ight? One thing that still gets me wonder irritationally, though, is how come everybody got an A for their final round of Overall English, and I'm the only one getting a B? I've been thinking maybe because I'm so obviously talented (hey, I deserve the right to have narcisistic moments once in a while) that it seems to my fellow students and professors that I EFFORTLESSLY score stellar marks in grammar, writing, and IC. Therefore, they gave A's to those "less talented" students who obviously tried so hard sometimes they had to cheat. For the professors, this seems fair, better marks for those with lack of talent and more strong will, or in other words, full credit for their hard work. But wait a damn minute here...I earned my B by FULL DEDICATION to my ASSIGNMENTS, and by full dedication I mean researches on the materials of IC and writing assignments, not to mention hours of speed-reading my writing text books in order to understand those sucky academic essay rules. AND MY FULL ATTENDENCE! So I dragged myself to classes and fought my procrastinating habit just for an ugly B? True, I effortlessly got away with an A for grammar from semester 1 through to 5, but not in semester 6. Although I got a final score of A for semester 6's grammar, I only got a C+ (my only C+ in grammar, luckily) for my midtest, and it was like a wake-up call to work harder. This is what I'm going to talk about with my academic advisor today. Let's hope there was just a mistake in the computer system...
    But guess what marks I'm satisfied with? Well, first off, A FOR TURKISH BABY!!! This is really impressive...I'm the only one in my class with maximum absence, and I didn't learn much TürkÇe except the present progressive and simple present forms. I guess what caused ögretmenim give me an A was the fact that I'm INDEED the ONLY ONE who actually listens to Turkish music! I always asked ask him what a piece of lyrics or a title of a Turkish song meant in class...Hahaha. And mind you, I listen to Turkish music not to impress ögretmenim, but because I REALLY like it! And I've been listening to Turkish music since way long before I even considered taking Turkish as a minor. Secondly, I got an A for religion and a B for copywriting. So unexpected, since I blew both subjects' final tests.
    Thursday, July 8, 2004, 09:36 a.m.

    21-year-old Isyana Adriani Arslan was born and grew up in the capital of a country right above Down Under, Indonesia. Better known as Nana in both real life and www, she has been blogging since her last days of high school in 2001, on Friendster since June 2003, and basically online since her high school freshman year in 1997. She's currently a senior at Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Humanities, and prides herself on her pioneer spirit, mixed ancestry, ability to make all-around nice layouts (though not highly skilled), addiction to online quizzes and coffee, and rather extraordinary English talent. Wanna make her day? Simply sign her guestbook or check out her archives.




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