Guess what, Victorian Literature essay was a success! LOL. I don't know about marks (which honestly I'm kind of shaky about, since I need 30 points to pass at all), but it's a success in the sense that I didn't screw anything. This sure exceeds my expectations!
Also, now I'm officially a fan of Vanity Fair. That's right. That mammoth of a novel! Go grab a copy. You might find it slow, but the 809 pages (in the Penguin Classics edition, and no that doesn't include the foreword by Oxford professor John Carey and other things!) are really worth it. And trust me, Victorian English is far easier than Shakespearean.
Speaking of the words 'worth' and 'it', it really irks me that Indonesian journalists write 'worth it' 'worted'...By Jove, have they never heard of the word 'worth' before? It's not exactly a big word. Not in the same calibre as, say, 'cognizance.'
Eight days until my roadtrip! New guys abound! Hahahaha!
Oh, and this is a picture that I snapped ages ago, at one of the Malaysians kitchens at Food Alley.

The Garfield version of the Chinese 'come hither' cat!

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Friday, June 20, 2008, 01:20 a.m.

shit exams...
Hey all.
Guess what. I totally screwed my FTVMS 323 exam. Well that's old news with me but this one comes with an added emphasis: I wouldn't care so much if this weren't my last semester. LAST SEMESTER! I can't afford to screw things up anymore. I did try my best, when have I not tried my best...
So there were two essays in the exam, each was worth 25%. I did the first one quite well (I think), the second one is just hopeless. The question was about the reaction to Steve Jones' essay on how MTV is a key player in globalisation and capitalism and, woe is me, I got the main idea of Jones essay wrong. I checked the course reader after the exam. Well there were three or four MTV articles in the bloody course reader so how could I be expected to remember which one is by whom? Shit. But anyway, to pass at all I need only 18 points...So here's hoping my tutor deems my first essay a work of staggering genious so I can get full marks...or 18 points at least. 18 points and no less!
Also, I'm going to have my Victorian Literature essay tomorrow at 09.15 AM and it's gonna be three hours. I don't have high expectations for this one but I must pass.
I really need to pass as I'm 25 and really tired of Starbucks-hopping to read (been doing that for about four years now...since my UI days!), but I've also been entertaining ideas should I fail, to cheer myself up. Let's see...Most of my friends are actually graduating in April 2009. Second semester courses are usually far more interesting, and I'll take care to choose a light one (or two if I fail Victorian Literature as well (though heaven forbid)). I'll probably go for a stage one or two course. My three current papers have totally heavy workload and I was so immersed in it I didn't realize it was nearly the end of the semester. And I promise to get an A in the GPA. But the coolest thing of all is my parents have been REALLY understanding. They know I've been going out of my way to get good marks and, as for now, to graduate. So it won't matter for them if I fail a paper as long as 'I can serve the society well I finish', as my dad put it. Aaaaw.
So yeah people...Please please pray to whatever deity you worship for me to get those bloody 18 points and pass my next two exams. Get down on your knees (or all fours...), sacrifice a lamb, whatever...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008, 09:52 a.m.

the cult following of ghost world is still growing, after seven years...
I'm so in love with the movie Ghost World! Hahahahaha. I know, I know...I'm such a late adopter. I remember back in 2001 when this movie broke out it was a massive indie hit that it was featured in blog layouts and online quizzes but, being in Indonesia where the movie didn't hit the cinemas, I had no clue what the fuss was about. Seven years later, the movie became one of the material in Pop Music on Screen paper (FTVMS 323) that I currently take, hence my encounter with it.
The film's starring Thora Birch (what's become of her?), a very young Scarlett Johansson, and Brad Renfro. Omigod. The latter. Watching the movie, I feel like I'm 13 all over again. Brad was such a talented actor. Such a beautiful face. I sooo want to bonk him! Hahahahaha. See, the hormonal 13-year-old in me has taken over. Well, now that he's passed away it is but a mere wishful thinking. I will, however, get a chance to tell him that he was the leading man in many of my teenage dreams. In the next life.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008, 12:33 a.m.

another cheerful update...
Hey guys! Like the blog's semi revamp? I got the idea from here, as I'm currently reading the novel. I like getting ideas for a layout from movie websites, case-in-point is my Marie Antoinette layout in late 2006 that was heavily inspired by the Sofia Coppola film website although the layout itself was about the Dauphine herself not the movie.
Anyhoo, look what I stumbled upon! This is obviously the Wikipedia of Indonesian bloggers listing, for now, mainly early bloggers. I guess this is a response to the government's notion of the failure to recognize blogs as a media power to reckon with. Aiko and Angie don't we deserve a mention there...Being veteran bloggers ourselves! Hahaha. I started in 2001, you started a year or two before didn't you?
On a happy note...Auckland International has called me back to work! YIPPIE! They want me to do part-time again but I told them that since this was my last semester I could work full time. They said they'd think about it and let me know in two weeks. Please everyone get down on your knees and pray that I may work there again...I don't mind being locked in the basement again doing the archives as long as I have a job that pays sufficiently to keep me away from the bloody motherland! Oh, and if they let me work there full time I'll start on July 7, shortly after I return from the North Island roadtrip.
Last but definitely not least, happy 27th birthday Budi! I couldn't mention your age on Facebook but since you know nothing about the blog I can do so here! Hehehe. Have an awesome day you young thing, you!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008, 10:17 a.m.

hey you.
Don't just stalk me Nat Whitley.
Talk to me.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008, 03:07 a.m.

doo doo doo, daa daa daa...
Achtung Aiko!!!! SIX YEARS AND STILL STANDING!!! LOOKS JUST LIKE WHEN IT WAS FIRST PUT TOGETHER TOO! And strange thing is those images appear again...They didn't the last time I visited the page, which was a long time ago but way after 2002. Yeah Pitas never deletes old websites. Maybe that's why it no longer accepts new hostees now - because it's so loaded.
It's been fun at the shop. I was introduced to a regular in my first day, an old lady who comes there everyday for chocolate bars and makes her own jewelry. Now I remember her name, but have no idea how to spell it...It's something that sounds like 'Tiami' or 'Siani'...
June is our spices month so we're holding events to help boost the sale of spices. So yeah last night there was a pretty hardcore brainstorming about what events to present, but it didn't matter because I like brainstorming. We're going to start with (what we call) a bake-off where we're gonna cook stuff from main courses to desserts using spices and invite costumers to have a taste on Thursday the 12th. The store is open everyday from 10 AM to 6 PM so Aucklanders you know this is not to be missed! Hahahaha. Remember this is the High Street store, not the Ponsonby one. Next we're gonna invite costumers to bring in their favourite recipes and pick one as Recipe of The Week. The winner will get a hamper which includes our best-selling items like the jewelry and coffee. Now I like this one the best because, well, THIS IS MY IDEA! After that we're having a cooking competition which will involve costumers of course...and we're still considering getting a celebrity judge for the publicity. Last year, I was told, we had Brooke Fraser on the panel. Oh, and we were also talking about squeezing in the preview of our latest jewelry range, which will come sometime next week (I think), for which we will also invite costumers.
Sounds like a ton of fun, no?
My academic life isn't doing so bad either. So my English 320 essay tanked, but I got a sweet B for my Women 306 essay! The thing is, I did both essays (three in fact, with my films one) in a hurry (a couple of days each, to be precise), which is why I shrug off the C- for English and am over the moon about the B for Women's Studies. My films essay is yet to come by the way...
So in sum, my life is busy...and exciting. Preparing for the spices month at the store, exams, and roadtrip coming up! I've also been thinking of jetting off to Brisbane, Australia, to see the Napiantos who moved there in January shortly after returning from the roadtrip. I've got the money ready, but the visa process might take a the guys from International Student Info Center might call me back to work in July.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008, 11:20 a.m.

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