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signs of insanity part un
You know you seriously need counselling when you've been confusing a frog with a prince for two consecutive years.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008, 10:42 a.m.

blogging my nostalgia away...
Here I am about to blog my dream away. Another weird dream. One of those dreams that I woke up from with indescribable feelings.
So I found myself at a party somewhere, had just arrived when someone handed me an essay result with a letter in a cute envelope attached to it. Then the same person (I think) led me to a bycicle and said, 'You sure recognize the bike.' I didn't, but I recognized the back of the little girl sitting on it.
Next thing I knew, I was in my old house, the one only a block away from my current house in Jakarta. The one that we moved from in 1991. The little girl, none other than my childhood best mate Riani, was sitting on a tiny desk writing. She looked up at me, smiled, and said in a surprisingly grown-up tone, 'What are you doing here Isyana? Waiting for someone to drive you home?' I reached out for her leg and caressed it. 'Why are YOU here, Ri? You belong ten years ago. No, twenty years ago.'
I woke up.
The Riani in my dream wasn't the girl that was I best mates with in grades four and five. She looked slightly younger in the dream, so she must have been from around the second grade. My family still occupied the house I found Riani and I in at the time, we didn't move out until just before the third grade started. Ri and I went to the same kindergarten, were classmates in grades two and four, but didn't get close until the latter. She was my role model, Riani. I wanted to be a tomboy like her, and I even copied her drawing style. I think at one point I also copied her handwriting. Hahahahaha. She was also the one that triggered my undying interest in sleuthing. She formed a gang that she called The Sherlock Holmes Project and we 'investigated' made-up cases like why there were watermarks on the walls of the school mosque. We knew there were just watermarks, but we pretended they were cryptic signs of the kind of life taken place on the site before the school was erected. One sign that I remember the most is one that looked like a baby in a blanket. Riani and I figured it was a cryptic sign of a baby sacrificed in a ceremony. Hahahahaha. Such imaginative kids we were...
Also, we wrote each other letters (I mean LETTERS...pieces of paper that you write on and put in an envelope. Not notes, not even e-mails (unheard of, buddy. I'm talking 1992-3)) even though we were classmates and would share a desk sometimes in class. I used to think it was just a means to see which of us had nicer stationary, but looking back, I think we genuinely liked writing. We wrote each other until we were fourteen. That should explain the letter in a cute envelope attached to my essay in the dream.
Riani outshone me in everything. Sports, academia, you name it. But I never resented her for it. I didn't even resent her when it was so obvious that the boy I had my eyes on - my first ever real-life crush (previous crushes include Tommy Page and The Knight brothers from NKOTB) - had his eyes on her. No. It made me admire her even more.
We grew apart as we were growing up. Riani grew up to be Riani Sovana, a singer-songwriter that released a self-titled album in 2004. Yet to release a sophomore album, she currently writes songs for movies and new musical acts in Indonesia. I, as you know, grew up to be me.
Do I miss her? Yeah. Maybe.

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Friday, February 15, 2008, 10:37 a.m.

just a girl and her will to survive...with the eye of a lion
This is one hell of a badass song!

The Eye of The Tiger by Survivor, known as a soundtrack for one of the Rocky movies (no fan of guy flicks...) You know, there was this beta video, one of the many dad brought from USA, about trailers of major blockbusters in the first half of the '80s that I used to play at home (before I was off to school most often, I think) and this song was featured in it. Over the years the song kept playing in my head, but it wasn't until several weeks ago that I saw the song on C4, and found out about its title and the band. Hahahahahahaha....
Same thing with George Michael's Careless Whisper. The song played in my head for years and years but it was only when I was 14 that I knew the addictive mellow tune was called Careless Whisper, performed by one of the guys in crazy fluoros in the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go video.
Anyway, yeah things are sorted now. I'm not fired, I didn't get zero mark for the second FTVMS 110 essay, and yes I have only three papers to go. Thank god for that. Now the only thing I worry about is the exams...

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008, 11:01 p.m.

good news first or bad news first...
Ok. Forget I ever wrote that gunk you saw earlier.
I'm in deep shit at present. Let's have a list shall we...

  • My boss probably fired me last Friday. She asked me to leave earlier and my co-workers joked she wanted to get rid of me. Tell me I'm overthinking, for my boss told me they were having more workers than necessary, it wasn't a busy day, and it was kinda random that they picked me. But still it's making me toss and turn in bed. Oh yeah, I've got a part time job that pays good. Will tell you more about it later.

  • Just realized I hadn't turned my FTVMS 110 second essay to and my tutor said in class today she'd finished marking all the essays. Fuck. Man don't tell me I'm getting no mark...Carolyn, the tutor, looks like the type that treats her students like full-fledged adults. You know what I mean? She's not the kind that lets you know how many tutorials you've missed or writes 'SEE ME' in bold capitals on your D-marked essay. She's the kind that lets you do your thang. If you succeed you pat your back yourself, if you're in trouble that's your fault. That's why I didn't get a reminder about the thing. I've just uploaded my essay on the website and I hope that's not too late...

  • Do I have four papers left or is it three? According to the transcript I obtained from the Arts Student Center I have three left, but my own calculation of the points earned so far proves I need to do four more papers. God help me - my parents are already so ecstatic about paying less for my tuition fee than usual.

  • I'm broke. Well not that broke actually but I hate dipping into my savings. And my salary isn't coming until probably the 21st.

  • In less depressing news:
  • Orchid has just moved to Melbourne to do an MBA (methinks) at Monash.

  • My first cousin Chrezma and his wife Irene welcomed a baby girl, Senandung Chanda Khairunnisa Hernanto, on February 6! Congrats lovelies! Chanda is an addition to the army of girls born to the first four of the Arslan cousins, joining Namira (6), Kayla (4), Allysa (3), and Saybia (2). Here's hoping my other cousins Sally and Lala are having boys...

  • My best mate Jeff is now engaged to his girlfriend of two years (I think) Jen and they're set to marry on Halloween 2009! Aaaawww...Jeff and I were 16 and 15 when we first met. I can't believe he's grown up so fast while I'm still the silly ole me...

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    Monday, February 11, 2008, 07:44 p.m.

    good english is a must in the media. apparently no one has told you that.
    Ok, bitch. Here's the deal. You brush up on your English first, then we can be friends again. I'm no longer gonna have you run to me for simple English phrases even a nine-year-old English-as-a-third-language student can work out. Until then, stay out of my way.
    And no, flattery doesn't work. Try other tricks.

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    Sunday, February 10, 2008, 10:31 a.m.
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