I know I'm supposedly doing the revised version of writing class paper, study for reading final exam (no no...answering questions about a passage is SO high school), or designing a print ad for copywriting project, but you know me. Anyway, I was digging my old mailbox (and I mean MAILBOX, literally. The old Teddy Bear box that my elementary school tutor gave me for keeping letters) when I found a letter for Pipi (how long have I not mentioned him? This is so contrary to the last year me!) that I never got to send (before we met up and finally became an item, Pi and I sent each other letters as well as chatting on ICQ and talking on the phone). I took the letter out, reluctant to read it coz I was afraid to find the letter embarassing (I was 17 when I wrote it). But I opened the envelope anyway, and to my relief, it wasn't embarassing at all! It was funny in a delightful kinda way. I remember writing during a class, but I don't remember what class...I wasn't caught coz the teacher must've thought I was taking notes, despite the fact that I sat on the front row!
Ah, sweet memories! Y'know, it doesn't hurt to look back, to relive the sweet memories. It makes you appreciate the present more (coz some time in the future, we'll surely miss today), and hope for an equally sweet tomorrow, if not sweeter. It helps you turn into a more optimistic human, trust me!
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 12:58 a.m.

My cousin Dana's wife has just given birth to their full-term second daugther yesterday, at 01:30 AM at The MH Thamrin International Hospital. Hooray to them and welcome to the world to my new niece! This is so contrary to their first first born, 3-year-old Namira, who was born born in the sixth month of pregnancy. But anyway, I'm so happy to have a new niece that I realized I've only had NIECES on both sides of my family, not a single nephew yet! But isn't it so nice to have cute, adorable little girls in my family? If my family were an ancient Asian one, they would be mourning over the birth of yet another girl! LOL.
Anyway, they decided to name this baby girl Kayla Azzahra. The name Kayla was given by Dana's mum, my Aunt Mien, while Azzahra was given by his wife, Lala. Damn! They stole "Kayla" from me! Not that I suggested they name her Kayla, but I like the name, and have been planning to give it to my daughter (that is, if I EVER get to tie the knot). Now I have call off the plan since it wouldn't be pretty to have two Kaylas in the family. On a totally irrelevant note, this is a quote from my campus mate after I told him that Dexter of dexter's Laboratory was one of my fave cartoon characters:
"Hm...I can see Dexter in you. You're a bespectacled nerd who's always hooked in books your peers aren't interested in, into electronics, and a bit sarcastic."
Monday, December 15, 2003 11:13 a.m.

Sorry I haven't updated in 4 days due to shitty shitty shitty connection and school madness. I want to see that new Nia Dinata movie, Arisan! (Indonesian for Raffle!). Whoever runs Indonesian cinemas seems to know how to pamper movie-goers. First there was (and still is in theaters) this movie called Eiffel I'm In Love, a movie based on a novel penned by a freshman at my uni, Rachmania Arunita. Since the movie is a smash hit among teeny boppers and got bad reviews from the media (even my teen-aged pals who've seen it don't recommend it!), I didn't want to see it. But things are different with Arisan! Not only is the movie a gazillion times more mature (it's about the Jakartan socialites and their respective secret lives, packed in a humurous way!), but it's also highly recommended by the media and my mates who've seen it! So there...first a teen movie, then a more serious one, what's next? A kid movie?And I'm gonna see Arisan! this coming Tuesday with Nunique and her web designer hubby-to-be Adhe.
To-do list:

  • Make a revised version of the chapter 3 of my mini thesis

  • Redownload ICQ

  • Redownload AIM

  • STUDY!!! Finals start tomorrow!

  • Ok, that's about all.
    Sunday, December 14, 2003 05:12 p.m.

    I'd never thought this simple new layout of mine could cause such a small riot! Two words: My goodness! I was bored with my Bjork layout, so I decided to make a new one. It was when I was doodling on Photoshop that the idea of featuring Ramon Fadli hit me! Thus the result is this...
    To Ramon Fadli, if you happen to come across this page: I'm sorry this layout is mediocre! You know my limited webdesign skills...But I tell you what, you'd better get ready for more (and much cooler) layouts of you by other people coming your way!
    Anyway, just the other day, I typed in "NKOTB" on iMesh in the "Audio" category. The results soon showed up, and among them was a song called "Angel". Never having heard of that song before, I downloaded it and whoa! The song turned out to be utterly teeny-bopperish! Well...80's kind of teeny-bopperish, with Joey McIntyre's voice had yet to break. But still, I treasure the song a lot since it's probably one of the first singles released when they still went by the name of Nynuk, which is a rarity!
    Wednesday, December 10, 2003 09:07 p.m.

    Ok, so some of my midtest results are in, and there's a D among them! Yep, you heard me. Let's have a look at the list my midtest results...
    Writing: 87 (A)
    Grammar: 86 (A)
    IC: 75 (B)
    Reading:...(I'm too ashamed to put the actual mark but it's a D anyway)
    That's my second D in my couple of years of studying at college. The first dates back to semester three. Oh well...y'know that odd semesters are tougher than the even ones! So to anyone who's known me for long in real life, if you think college is my glorious years, think again!
    My eating habit's really getting out of hand lately! I only lost three kilos during Ramadan (much thanks to pigging out at sahur and fast-breaking), and quickly gained another three as soon as Eid started. And now here I am, fat and pimply, but at least I still have waist!
    Thursday, December 4, 2003 01:14 p.m.

    Up close and personal with The Arslan Family (it's in Indonesian, so apologies to my foreign regulars):

    Mr. Arslan:
    Si bapak berumur setengah abad ini nggak deket sama anak-anaknya karena dari anak sulungnya berumur 20 hari, dia udah sering traveling karena macem-macem urusan, dari kuliah sampe bisnis. Supel (pinter banget jaga hubungan karena dia masih sering hang out sama temen2 jaman sekolah dulu, dari SD sampe kuliah!) and aktif banget (sering jadi panitia macem2 acara, dari halal bihalal, reuni SMU, sampe perayaan 50 taon FEUI). Belum lama ini baru dapet award dari Presiden Megawati krn udah 20 taon ngajar di jurusan akuntansi FEUI.
    Mrs. Arslan:
    Model hausfrau yang rela menelantarkan gelar Bachelor of Arts yang didapatnya dari Boston University demi membesarkan 2 anak yang lebih sering giling ketimbang bener. Amat sangat neat freak tapi ngga suka masak, modis tapi ngga kormod, and pinter banget ngerawat barang (makanya sebagian pernak-pernik putri sulungnya adalah asli vintage taon '70 and '80-an, handed down dari dia).
    Anak sulung keluarga Arslan yang punya hobby baca, nyanyi di kamar mandi, blogging, and ngejailin adek semata wayang and anak2 kecil. Cewek 20 taon yang seneng melahap buku2 berat kayak Beloved-nya Toni Morrison and Louise Brooks, A Biography ini sepintas emang keliatan rada polos. Tapi kalo udah kenal lebih dalem, baru deh ketauan kalo cewek berkacamata minus 7 ini lumayan gokil. Lagu favorit: I'm A Slave For You-nya Britney Spears yang diparodiin jadi I'm a Slaaave For Food.
    Cowok 18 taon ini adalah anak kedua sekaligus bungsu yang tampangnya India banget. Cukup pede (atau dipede-pedein?) dengan dirinya sendiri walaupun jarang cukuran, jerawatan, and agak 'ndut. Hobby main PS, gambar manga (dia adalah lulusan Machiko Manga School), morum di VGI, and nonton anime. Suka cewek2 yang lebih tua, makanya ngga heran kalo dia sering PDKT ke temen2 kampus kakaknya.
    Tuesday, December 2, 2003 11:53 p.m.

    Nana. Twenty. Taurus. Multigenerational mestiza. Muslim. Life-long Jakartan. College senior. English major, advertising and Turkish minor. Straight. Happy bachelorette. Nocturnal. Supposedly multilingual. Always hooked on books and internet. Into Eurasian blokes. Still hasn't grown out of bubble gum pop.
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