Well I know this is supposedly nothing to brag about as it's nowhere near 4.0, but I got a GPA score of 3.11!!!! This is a DRASTIC INCREASE indeed, and definitely a "revange score" to last semester's score (which was probably the lowest score in my graduating class). The list of marks is below.
- American Culture Knowledge: A (I owe this to Andrei)
- Overall English IV: B, which is the total of:
Writing: 79 (B+)
Speaking: 81 (A)
Listening: 70 (B)
Vocabulary: 74 (B)
IC: 75 (B)
Reading: 74 (B)
- Consumer Behavior: B (very special thanks to Henny, without whom I would've got a C)
- Basic Advertising: B
- Advertising Communication: B
- English-Indonesian Translation II: B (again thanks to Henny, for her willingness to lend me her Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar, which is really a total help!)

Throughout my four semesters in the English department, I've completed only 60 credits. The required number of credits for graduation is 110, and that means I have to complete another 50 credits. I hope I'm allowed to take 25 credits for each of the my last two semesters, so can I graduate right on time!
Saturday, July 19, 2003 09:47 a.m.

Hey hey..blogging at the office now. I can't believe Emma dedicated her latest entry to me! How flattering! And I've got something to say about that entry...

  • Dropping out of high school

  • Y'know...your case's VERY SIMILAR to mine. I remember English being the only A among a plethora of C's and D's on my first semester report card in grade 10. Yes, high school was a social angst for me because except English, I wasn't interested in the rest of the subjects. Ever since I was in secondary school I'd always wanted to do English (particularly something to do with writing). But weird thing was in grade 10 I tirelessly persuaded my mom to send me to a conservatory in London to get a degree in music! LOL. My mom told me if I wanted to do English for a living, I'd gotta have academic qualifications coz I simply couldn't use simple, English-as-a-second-language English to write a biography about my idol, let alone being an editor of a sophiscated mag. And that led me to where I am now. However, if you're into entertainment (modelling, singing, acting...you name it), then go ahead...drop out of high school. There are lots of prolific entertainers who don't have a high school diploma because high school subjects just don't make sense in this field. But before you get a record deal, make sure you REALLY can sing. Able to hit high notes and sing all GENRES of music. If you decide to send your portfolio to a model agency, you have to be ready keep your weight proportionate and for photo sessions that really eat up your energy. Whatever job you choose, make sure you have the talent, and are ready to accept the challenges. Life doesn't always come up roses you know. Best of luck to you!
  • Keeping one's virginity

  • True, sex is appealing and normal and it doesn't matter if one isn't a virgin anymore. That's a Westerner's point of view. But since I had an Asian upbringing, I was always taught to keep my virginity until my first wedding night. My parents and teachers always told me that sex was the most wonderful on the first wedding night because it was legal sex (with wedding bands and certificates as guarantees) and we could have the most beautiful gift of sex, children, without any feeling of guilt. I think giving birth to out-of-wedlock babies are pretty risky. What if their fathers decline to acknowledge 'em? Such things still happen in the West. Look at what happened to Elizabeth Hurley, for instance. And I don't know how the West handles this issue, but in Indonesia if a child was born out of wedlock, not only does the baby not get a birth certificate, but also can't go to school (even to enroll a toddler in a kindergarten, a birth certificate is required). Finally, I guess I forgot to tell ya this in our chat yesterday...we Muslim gals (and gals of other religions) are VERY PICKY when it comes to guys, which means we don't simply accept 'em as they come up. Of course we don't wanna end up with guys who have the reputation of playing around! And to marry the guys of our choice, we have to ask for ask for our parents' approval of 'em. It's believed that if there's no approval, your marriage won't last long.
    Thursday, July 17, 2003 11:07 a.m.

    which groupmember are you?

    Oh wow. Me genious. Hahahaha. Acuracy is doubted.
    What do you think of Thalia's "I Want You"? I personally think she and her video are a total Mariah Carey rip-off. Not only is she married to Mariah's ex-husband Tommy Mottola (although she didn't steal him from Mariah since they got married after Tommy and Mariah had been divorced a long time), but also looks COMPLETELY like Mariah herself when she first came out (even though it's Thalia's natural looks and she's been wearing the same looks since I first saw her on "Maria Mercedez" in 1993). Well, basically there's nothing rip-off with Thalia herself, but her video...In that "I Want You" video she wears Mariah-esque tight revealing clothes, sings a song that pretty much resembles Mariah's songs pasca Tommy Motolla (hip hip which features a rapper, in Thalia's case it's Fat Joe), and that splashing water on a car scene at the end of the vid...That really is a mix of Mariah's "Heartbreaker Remix" and "Loverboy" videos. Oh, not to mention her facial expressions! I wonder if Tommy Motolla's been the force behind Thalia's act of ripping his ex-wife off...
    Anyway, guess what, I WAS OFFERED TO EXTEND MY INTERNSHIP AT TPI UNTIL THE END OF AUGUST!!! And I'm considering accepting it. Good side: The TPI people like me, my skills are in demand, and that also means MORE WORKWEAR SHOPPING! YEE HAW!! Plus, this extension will give more credits to my thesis and my CV in the future won't be filled with only the courses I've taken...Downside: My nightmare will actually come true. I'll be TOTALLY TIED UP for the whole year with only weekends to relax (and I will fuckin' have to share it with teeny boppers!).
    On another note, CARMEN AND IRIS VAN KERKCHOVE ACTUALLY PUT UP MY STUPID FIRST ARTICLE (THE ONE TITLED "MIXED AND PREJUDICE") ON THEIR HUGE EURASIAN COMMUNITY WEBSITE!! Thanks a lot, gals (I really have to send you a thank you note), but I'd rather see my much smarter second article up instead of that one. So girls...do put up my second article, PREETY PWEEZE!!! *begs* So Eurasian Nation audiences will know that I can write something a lot more "thoughtful" than that first article of mine. Oh God. If Jon really has the time to read it, he'll definitely laugh his bum off...
    Tuesday, July 15, 2003 10:12 p.m.

    Ok. Well. I really dunno what to blog about. At 05:50 AM I went to my aunt's house in Cinere to surprise her on her 54th birthday. Then my bro and I went to my cousin's house which is just a block away from my aunt's on foot. There when Inez (my cousin, who's my age) and I were having private girl talk in her locked room, my bro kept knocking on the door as he had no one else to play with (my cousin is an only child). When my cousin went out to get a drink or to the toilet my bro tried to push his way into the room, but always failed. All of a sudden I remembered that was exactly how things were when we were younger, much younger. Back to when I was seven and my bro was five, we used to spend every weekend at Inez's old house in Rawamangun. Then my bro would try to spoil our pleasure of a private girl talk in Inez's room by constantly knocking on the door or pushing his way into the room whenever one of us was walking out. When he was desparate, my bro would cry and my mom would have to talk me and Inez into letting him in. Oh well...Sweet memories...
    Anne, unfortunately, I didn't happen to translate the scripts of Gensomaden Saiyuki as the anime's already been dubbed in Indonesian by the production house who distributed it to TPI. So I only translated its synopsis! *mutters swear words at the head the canned aqcuisition* Sorry if that disappoints you, but at least now who exactly who Genjo Sanzo is!
    Sunday, July 13, 2003 11:22 p.m.


    My name's Nana, and I'm a 20-year-old college junior itching to get out of the country I've lived in all my life, Indonesia. The eldest offspring of an Indonesian, Dutch, and Egyptian parentage, I'm anything but exotic. What sets me apart from the crowd is that I have this outlandish ability to see beyond the norm (don't think The Eye), a sort of photographic memory, and have been idolizing Jackie O (as opposed to popstars and supermodels) since the tender age of 11. I'm into Eurasian blokes, but that doesn't mean my boyfriend strictly has to be Eurasian. Email me if you'd like to know more or go to my LJ if you speak Bahasa Indonesia. Oh, before I forget, I'm also a member of


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