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And you don't seem to understand...
Daaayyymmnnnn! Diaryland is down at the moment and I can't post my yummy latest quizzes and take off my rose avatar...It's undergone two revamps but still it never looks any better...*sigh* It's a bad idea to make a graphic using transparent gif and use it againts a colored background. Anyone knows how to use transparency in a jpg. image?
I'm into the McKellar sisters, Danica and Crystal. If you're a fan of The Wonder Years like me, you'll know who I'm talking about. Back in the late '80s and early '90s when the TV series aired, Danica and Crystal played rivals Winnie Cooper and Becky Slater, and it was because the two sisters looked nowhere near alike. Now, they're scary smart scholars who graduated magna cum laude from UCLA and Yale respectively. Danica has a degree in maths and Crystal law, and the latter is attending Harvard law graduate school at the moment. Wow *whistle*

Listening to: Jig - Diana Yukawa (this song is taken from the 19-year-old eurasian violinist's second album...She's clearly unheard of in Indo, so I hope to find her second CD in Japan. It should be available there, since Diana is half Japanese and her first album was under Sony Japan).
Saturday, March 19, 2005, 01:17 p.m.

Semua kata rindumu semakin membuatku...tak berdaya.
I miss you so much, kak. It breaks my heart that in three months I'll be flying downward to the land of the Maoris, and you're just sooo unlikely to go there *sigh* We won't see each other for yet another...how long? Four years, perhaps. But I hope by 2009 I'll have relocated to Ireland for my master's degree, and therefore it will be easier for me to visit you in Germany! :)
I don't know...I've been giving Freddy a silent treatment for a while now, but it's not as painful as my silent treatment to you. Back then I kept panting, I asked anyone who would listen whether I should break my silence. And now I'm happy that we're mates again, although you carry on with your devil-may-care attitude. I miss you...oh so much. Please tell me you miss me, even though it may take you ages to do so.

Listening to: Kangen - Dewa
Friday, March 18, 2005, 04:59 p.m.

Anya and Anya
Y'know what, there was news on the chess match between Eurasian (Chinese-British) GMW Anya Sun Corke and Indonesian FMW Irene Kharisma Sukandar on yesterday's Kompas. A lot of people have claimed that Anya was my younger version, but I didn't see her picture myself until Orchid told me she had "a very serious face like an adult trapped in a body of a kid, just like me when I was younger." And when I finally saw the pic, my, was I shocked! There I saw the reflection of the 13-year-old me. You curious?

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Left: Anya Corke during her duel match with Irene Sukandar. Right: Me, aged 12, in London.

Well that's not the picture I saw in Kompas, since it's not up in its website. The one in the newspaper has her facing the camera, thus it's much clearer to see her resemblence with me.
And by the way...I used to be called Anya by my kid cousins when they were younger! LOL.

Listening to: Gitti Gideli - Tarkan
Thursday, March 17, 2005, 08:54 a.m.

Yerinden oynar oynar...
My mate Ramazan sent me a song by Mustafa Sandal, Isyankar (well actually the spelling's not like that...There are Turkish characters but that's how the name's pronounced). The song's DA BOMB! Cok guzel! If you're into Turkish music, I suggest you download this one.
Anyway, my premonition's getting stronger of late. Last week, I got news from Pontianak, West Borneo, that my grandma nearly died because her maid gave her the wrong dose of diabetes medicine (but she's ok now, thanks). Just a few days prior I dreamed about her dying. And a couple days ago in the morning I was thinking about Adon Saptowo, one of the lead vocalists of the band Base Jam. The band was so popular in the late '90s and I was even in the same roller skate club as its bass player, Sita, back in 1997. Since the band hasn't been around for quite some time now, I was wondering what happened to them, and that it was funny how Adon used to look and sound so young he could pass for a teenager, despite the fact that even at the peak of his band's popularity he was already in his mid 20s! Then in the afternoon that same day, there was an infotainment program that broadcast the rumor about Base Jam disbanding because Adon and Sigit, another Base Jam vocalist, performed without the rest of the band at an event not long ago. And there he was, Adon Septowo, still looking and sounding like a teen despite his 32 years! Another example, when I was waiting for Fenina to turn up last night at Citos, I got a feeling that I'd get a testimonial that night. Once I got home from Citos, I logged in to my Friendster, and voila, there was a testimonial from my education consultant Helda, waiting! Well if my sixth sense keeps getting stronger until I'm old, I can make A FORTUNE out of telling fortunes! Hahahaha :)

Listening to: Isyankar - Mustafa Sandal
Wednesday, March 16, 2005, 09:20 a.m.

cowok, cowok, cowok...dan Jepun.
I just saw Forever Friends, an Asian movie starring Taiwanese-Japanese hottie Takeshi Kaneshiro and it was the first time I saw a Takeshi Kaneshiro movie. My goodness, is he more gorgeous in person than in print! LOL. And he's got 10 years on me...*sigh* It makes me wanna go back on track with older guys and stop messing around with the younger ones. When I was in my mid-teens I attracted older dudes, sometimes they were even much older than me. I remember at 15 I had a 22-year-old admirer from Surabaya, East Java, who gave me long distance calls that mostly were received by my mum and never passed on to me. He also wrote me lustful e-mails. LOL. At 16 there was a mate of my cousin's who was about 23 or 24 at that time and he asked me out a lot, but I always declined. However, my radar turned to younger guys after I hit 18. Once when I was 19, there was this guy who screamed, "Yay!" right after I gave him my number...and he's four years my junior. LOL. And then were also two guys on whom I have three years. One always turned to me whenever he had a hard-on and the other one thought I was his girlfriend just because we went out together quite often. Until today at 21, most of my suitors are younger than moi...and I didn't become smitten with any of them until Freddy, who's a year my junior, came along. LOL. Nonetheless, a younger guy isn't an option when it comes to choosing a partner for life, since I've always had this belief that younger husbands will turn to younger women once they're middle-aged because they think their older wives' sex appeal or sex drive has decreased. This is something that Indonesians call puber kedua. So I still go for older men, and those up to mid thirties sound good too! Hehehe :)
I might go to Japan with my family on the 30th. Y'know...we might have this farewell vacation with my bro who my parents won't see until December, and I for the next three years (most probably). I've filled out and sent the visa application form though. I'm not really excited about the trip (so if my mum says I'm to stay, so be it), but I do have something to look forward to from Japan: Ayumi Hamasaki's Ayu-mix CD. Back in 2002, one of my wannabe Jap mates burned me a CD containing the whole songs in Ayu-mix, which were sooo beautiful...The most wonderful orchestral songs I've ever heard in my entire life! Sadly, a long time ago I broke the CD (accidentally of course), and I was sooo pissed off because I couldn't find Ayu-mix (the original CD/casette...I pride myself on never buying bootleg goodies) anywhere in Jakarta!
Monday, March 14, 2005, 04:28 a.m.

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This layout features Mary Pickford, the Canadian-born America's Sweetheart. LOL. Isn't she exquisite? I've been a fan since I saw one of her movies, A Kiss From Mary Pickford (1926), when I was 15. God, do I want curls like hers...Anyway, this layout was designed by yours truly on Adobe Photoshop CS, best viewed on IE 5.0+ or Neoplanet (and maybe Mozilla...but I don't recommend using Opera) with the resolution of 1024.768 and 32 bit of colors. Background pattern is courtesy of Squid Fingers. You steal, karma will catch you and its punishment is far more lethal any human being's can ever be. Past layouts?

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