Good early morning everyone! It's 02:39 in the morning and someone disturbed my sleep, and now I'm in no mood for getting back to sleep, although I'm still a bit sleepy.
Hey you...You really pissed me off, but at least now I know what you actually think about me. So you've just been polite to me all this time! Tsk tsk tsk. Wonder why people get under my skin these days...Is it just me being stressed out (tons of assignments since school started BARELY TWO WEEKS AGO) or are these peeps just the ones any normal human being would avoid? Oh well. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU WORLD? Or perhaps rather, WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?
Y'know what, I've just bought Ramon Fadli's movie Cinta Tiga Musim (Love for Three Season) DVD yesterday. As the name suggests, the movie is a trilogy, and Ramon is in the first sequel. No idea if he'll play in the second one. If you want my honest opinion, the movie blows...It may as well be a soap opera. So yea, while watching it, I skipped all of the scenes except the ones in which Ramon plays. He's probably the only reason why you should grab this movie at all.
To those who maybe suspicious...I'M NOT DRUNK HOKAY! I'M JUST WHAT INDO YOUTH CALLS 'BETE'!
Tuesday, February 17, 2004, 02:34 a.m.

Hi there! Miss me eh? Happy belated Valentine's Day to all...Whether you're single or taken, alive or dead. LOL. My Valentine's Day was so, I guess. Since it was Valentine's Day and I'm single, I wanted to have the day all to myself. I called off violin lesson, and got an appoinment with Jamie to meet up somewhere, after he was done with his ASEAN Youth Conference orientation in Cipete. I left home and tried to call Jamie, but his cellphone was inactive. This got me kind of mad, so I forgot all about Valentine and was headed for a cafe in Kuningan. And guess what, I realized it was Valentine's Day again after I sat in the cafe and the TV was blaring a Valentine's Day Special infotainment. Next, I realized I had absent-mindedly put on a bright pink tank top before leaving home. But I shrugged it off. I mean, my wardrobe contains pink and blue clothes! So, Valentine's Day or not, I still wear pink pretty often.
Still about my 'funny' Valentine's Day, I got two Valentine's Day messages. One is from Aiko, a pretty casual greetings. The other one - this is interesting - is from an anonymous sender, and boy, is it romantic! It says, "Think of you when I open my eyes. Can't start anything without you. I miss your warm touch, your smell, you are my love. You're my cup of Nescafe. Happy Valentine's Day!" Mein Gott, did that fly me! LOL. I mean, I'd never got any romantic message since my last boyfriend walked out on me over a year ago, except occasional I miss you's from Jamie. I sent a message to the sender asking who he was (yep, it must've been a he! I don't have a gay girl in my circle of friends! Or not that I know of...), but I didn't get a reply. Then I tried to guess who could've sent it. Could it have been Roscoe (an assumed name, since he knows I have this weblog), a bloke who's been after me since the new year's eve? But I decided it couldn't have been him, because when I called him out of boredom in the cafe, he seemed to forget it was Valentine's Day. Oh well...
On a totally different and irrelevant note, one of my kid cousins, 8-year-old Ailsa, is really funny. Last week she was grounded and her parents cut her weekly allowance. But that didn't get her down, for little Ailsa had something on her mind to keep having fun. LOL. She stole her mum's lotus moonstones, sprayed parfume on them, and sold them to her classmates for Rp. 1,000 each! Her mum found this from Ailsa's nanny, and then passed this story on to me! Ain't that so funny, she's such a small kid yet she's so clever! I won't be surprised if some time in the distant future she'll make it to Forbes' Richest Women in The World! LOL.
Sunday, February 15, 2004, 06:45 p.m.

It's not my fault that I've known your boyfriends since so long before they met you. Neither is it my fault that we're really close. And for your information, I have no intention to steal any of them. I know for sure that none of them is interested in me. Therefore stop thinking your boyfriends make passes at me!
Oh man...It's always like this with my big brothers. I really should've known better.
Friday, February 13, 2004, 02:52 a.m.

It surprises me that there are still many people giving out their phone numbers just like that to total strangers on the internet. I've met five persons of this sort. The first was around 1,5 years ago. I stumbled upon a website that I found interesting so I e-mailed the webmistress. She turned out to be living in the same country as me, and guess what, she unsuspectingly gave out her cellphone number! A friend of mine who also found the website interesting e-mailed her too, and this girl did exactly the same thing.
The next two are girls who put their cellphone numbers in the bio section of their websites, but now they've taken them down. Surely they realized that putting their numbers on their websites could harm their safety. The last couple are blokes I met on Friendster. They messaged me, asking me to be added and giving out their cellphone numbers. What were these peeps thinking, I wonder? Aren't they aware that they're risking their own safety?
People on the internet are weird when it comes to their safety. Some just take it for granted like the aforementioned five, some are just paranoid they don't even give out their real names until they feel really safe with the net people they've been friends with. And that usually takes ages!
Thursday, February 12, 2004, 09:04 a.m.

Ah. I don't wanna talk to you anymore. Some people are too smart, some people are stuck-up, and some are just unaware they're schizophrenic. Some have all three. And hey, y'know what, I won't be surprised if one day I find that you have no friend in real life.
Tuesday, February 10, 2004, 12:08 a.m.

To whom this may concern. Y'know...I miss you. Miss the way we used to be. Forgive me, ok? I've forgiven you since long ago. Genuine forgiveness.
Monday, February 9, 2004, 12:16 a.m.

I was born Isyana Adriani Arslan in the midnight of May 14, 1983. Over the years, I've let people bastardize my name and call me Nana, even most of the time it's me who asks them to address that way. Growing up with the love for books, writing, and traveling, I'd traveled half of the globe by 13 and read books by Jane Austen, Henry James, Charles Dickens, and Anthony Trollope by 16. Currently, I'm in my early 20's, struggling to graduate from The Faculty of Humanities at The University of Indonesia by August 2004. More?
Friendster: forum ID: NanaArslan
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