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OMIGOD I WANNA GET MARRIED! I'm definitely old enough...I mean, don't most people marry young nowadays? A high school mate of mine is currently pregnant with her first, and she's not yet 21. Another one got married at 18 in 2002. Utada Hikaru tied the knot at 19 also in 2002. And then an online mate of mine at 20 in 2002. A mate of a mate's at 19 in 2002, and another one at 18 in 2000. Not to mention almost the entire members of Debu have wedding bands around their fingers, despite they're being around my age. See? But in all honesty, I'm definitely not ready. The only household chore I like doing is washing the dishes. I'm also still selfish and have plans that don't include a husband. My only motivation is wanting to be loved constantly by a bloke. Showered with hugs, kisses...LOL. Y'know...MY PARENTS HARDLY EVER HUG ME! *sobs* *sniffs* Can I have a Kleenex? Ya know how Asian parents are.
Ah nevermind. It's just the PMS me talking.
To Najib, if you ever get the time to check out this website: You see...I'm English deaf, so I didn't get what you said over the phone last night. All I could make out was, "You can't drive yourself?" "Islam is very tolerant...," "All of them are married," "I'm using my wife's phone..." and "Intolerate..." So if we really get to meet up next week, speak VERY slowly, ok? Oh, and how come Debu's English site is WAY better than the Indonesian one?
Thursday, November 18, 2004, 07:36 a.m.

I still stalk you! LOL. I even know one of you has a new LJ. Be afraid, girls, be very afraid...
Wednesday, November 17, 2004, 08:50 a.m.

blargh III
Happy, happy Eid to my brothers and sisters all around the world! Well, not much to say except new layout and my bro's coming up 19th birthday dinner at The Crystal Jade tonight...I got him Eclat Eau de Toilette by Oriflame which I got for free as a part of my welcome program reward, and this...

That one I took on the way to my grandma's eldest sister's house yesterday. Oh, and other Eid Mubarak pics can be seen here. I dunno why the pics look distorted. This has never happened before! I'll try to fix it later!
Monday, November 15, 2004, 03:51 p.m.

Let's have some more of my A-list buggers, shall we?

  • You. I understand that you have too many siblings and parents who are too busy with themselves, hence your desperation for praises, someone to acknowledge every single thing you achieve. I know you'll never admit to this, but what else is a better explanation to why you're always so eager to show people how smart you are you bring them down? Ok, so I'm gonna do it once and for all. Brain-wise, you're da bomb. Tu es magnifique. What more can get me gawping than the fact that you're a maths major, quick in Mandarin, yet still have your own theories of how to run the world that make people think you should run for senator? But personality-wise, I swear I'm not the only one secretly hoping you get run over by an SUV one day.

  • And you. See, I should've sided with your sister, since she was right: You're so NOT gonna make it. It's SOOO apparent from how you treat me now. You may have graduated from university with flying colors, and you're gonna graduate from graduate school with even better marks, but everybody knows that grades don't guarantee one's true ability. Nor are they the parameter of one's success in the future.

    More of my A-list buggers, the non-human ones.
  • Friendster. Ok...so you successfully drove most of your residents bananas by hiding their testimonials and sending a gazillion of biro jodoh ads to kill their PC's. I understand that your admin people try to improve the service by adding ACTUALLY good features like photo caption, but Friendster Web Search? What the hell is that for? Not only is it gonna be useless, but it's also caused me (and a lot others) a hassle: Difficulty in uploading pictures. I have to remove a picture in order to upload another, AND that new picture simply won't show. What's more, I don't find an explanation to this on the help page. GOOD JOB, FRIENDSTER! *sarcasm*

  • Hotmail and Yahoo: Admit it, it's high time you charged your users for all your services, a'ight?

  • Wednesday, November 10, 2004, 04:21 a.m.

    loooong jelly! (anyone remembers the commercial?)
    Hokay. There's this Ramadan soap opera (and it's a tradition to soap operas with Ramadan theme, with plots varied from cliche (like Hikmah) to eyebrow-raising like Lorong Waktu) on TV about an American backpacker who decides to stay in a village with a host family during Ramadan, and his stays effects the society around him. The title role holder, Mark Peter (actually he's no stranger to the TV screen since he made his debut in 1997 in the Lupus series, but his 5+ years' absence gets in his way to fame), is half white, but even the least educated audience can tell that he can't pass for a blonde full-blood caucasian despite his perfect foreign-accented Indonesian (although I guess it slips sometimes, like in today's episode) and white-ish features. Seriously producers, Indonesians nowadays are smarter, regardless of classes. Here I must stress the importance of a research before any production, because in the end, it is YOU yourself who will benefit the most from the production. Besides, isn't the idea of using IET's for foreigner roles widely accepted in Indonesian entertainment world?
    Still about soap operas, I was on the phone with Orchid some two days ago when all of a sudden she asked me to switch on to SCTV, a local TV channel. And then our conversation went like this:
    Orchid: Arifin Putra is such a yummy hottie, although he has an overbite...
    The TV screen was showing a scene where there were two young Eurasian boys, one in a high school uniform and the other one in jeans and a tee, in a men's room. Then the uniformed one took out a gun out of his trousers and aimed it at the guy in jeans and tee.
    Me: Seriously Dowh, why are you asking me to watch such a rubbish show? How the heck can high school boys get guns, let alone be able to pass the mall's security check carrying one? Man this is not America...
    Orchid: You think audiences pay attention to the plot? Non, ma cherie! They watch soap operas just to check out the actors and actresses, and I'm one of those people.
    Right then and there it struck me. True, most people hate soap operas because they mean continuity to the nation's stupidity, but on the other hand they need eye candies. And that's exactly what keeps the soap opera productions going. A cast to perv on. Yeah. How could such a thought not pass my mind? For shame.
    Off the topic, Yasmina, it's true that Friendster puts you back in touch with long-lost mates. I got reunited with my Al-Azhar mates, one of whom is sooo freaked out by the loss of her testimonials she religiously posts petitions and "how to get your testimonials back" messages on the bulletin board (silly fool). Hahahaha LOL. But your take on this phenomena made me think...if Friendster had already existed back in the mid 1980's, my uncle (my mom's older bro) would've no doubt to leave for The U.S of A for school. He opted to go to a local university instead, which was against my grandpa's wish, because he was so afraid of losing touch with his Indonesian mates. This he admitted to me himself. Aaaaw.
    Aga, I'm sorry that your knowledge of economics and politics is the only thing you can brag about. True, those two are what make the world go round, but think, if people in the world only spoke their mother tongues, you sure as fuck wouldn't be the smart aleck you are now. What's next? +62 21 566 5442. Beg for my mercy before there are angry groupies attacking YOUR HOUSE.
    Tuesday, November 9, 2004, 07:55 p.m.

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