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Ok...I had my first driving lesson yesterday. Well...it wasn't exactly my first, since I had my first batch of driving lessons last year from a different driving school. So yesterday I drove awkwardly (coz I never drove a car again after my first batch was over) around Kuningan and Tanah Abang in the school's green Toyota Kijang with the instructor sitting next to me. Everything went quite normal except when we were about to return to the school, at a traffic light approximately a kilometre away from it, a car deliberately moored to our car and collided with it! Startled, I froze, yet believed I was innocent because I hadn't pushed the gas, or in other words I hadn't done anything to move the car. My instructor and the owner of the struck car got out and had a small, hot argument. The intructor, too, believed we were innocent. He ended up challenging the struck car's owner to trail after us to the school if he insisted that we were responsible for striking his car. And after the argument I drove to the school and the guy who collided his car with the school's admitted defeat. Until this moment he's never shown up at the school. Talk about a failed blackmail attemp...
Thursday, September 18, 2003 02:41 p.m.

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes my FIRST EVER (yes, the first since I started blogging over two years ago) rant about my university, my department in particular.
Okay. Where should I begin? Well, in all honesty, it's my fellow students that irritate me the most. The ones from my high school graduating class. They've been majoring in English for two years, yet they're still NOT articulate and make numerous grammatical errors in both oral and written English. What's more, they still stick to simple English! This definitely puts shame on the entire faculty. The English department, said to be the hardest to get into in my university's Faculty of Humanities, so the people who are accepted are supposedly "the chosen ones", right? However, most of 'em are hardly the reflection of that stereotype. And it's not that the lecturers aren't qualified. Hell, they are...Most of them are overseas university grads, have either two bachelor's degrees or a master's degree, and a few have even have a doctorate! Why these lecturers give these students a B at the most for overall English in GPA is beyond me, but the fact that these students don't improve after a couple years still irritates me. It's not that they lack practice or not sufficiently explored to English for they always do homework, listen to English tapes from various English-speaking countries, and always speak English on campus. So maybe they just lack the talent. Nevertheless, it still makes the department shame-faced when students from other departments stop to read the grammatically incorrect writing written by English Department students on the white board in the aquarium room in building 4...
Wednesday, September 17, 2003 09:21 a.m.

Damn! Am having period...DAMN PERIOD. I tossed and turned in bed all night trying to redeem the stomach cramp now that my Ponstan stock has run out. Stomach cramp, greasy hair, oily face, dandruff, PMS...and my menstrual misery list goes on. Listen you males out there, God gives us females period so we can have babies...or in other words, give YOU life. And not only do we give birth to you, but we also take care of you as children, husbands, and grandpas. Treat us right, don't hurt us physically and mentally, and NEVER, EVER, think we're the weaker sex! We're NOT weak, mind you...If we're weak, how can we endure monthly menstrual misery, push while screaming in agony so something as big as a scanner can make its way out of something as small as a compact powder, yet still succeed in men-predominant worlds?

My lunch at Oishii Bento yesterday. It's a total rip-off of Hoka Hoka Bento, but they have the potential to give HHB a run for its money...

Gluttony rules!

My current read. A good literary work that's not recommended for people under 18.
Saturday, September 13, 2003 10:07 a.m.

What's YOUR Style?

Quiz by Sarah Chow

Y'know what, I had a fight with mom and cried at a mall yesterday. For the first time since the last time I peed in my pants. So embarassing, but at least it gave her a lesson. It all started yesterday morning when I asked my mom if I could use my Bank Niaga ATM card (I hold my other ATM card, the one issued by BNI, coz it double functions as a student ID card and the ATM has far less money my Bank Niaga ATM) to withdraw some money to buy a new bag. I saw this cute pink bag big enough to put my text books and dictionaries in the day prior. I really wanted that bag coz it matches my outfits that are mostly pastel colored. Instead of letting me use the card, she insisted on accompanying me to the mall and buying me the bag. So that settled it.
Once I showed her the bag, she said I was too old for such cute stuff as that bag, thus she refused to buy me the bag although it cost much less than the bags she picked out for me. She also insisted I check out the bags in Metro. In all honesty, I don't like the bags in Metro coz they're so mature and ladylike, yet so far I'd let my mom pick out my bags from this store. At first I agreed with her to go to Metro, but after we got there and she lifted up a plain leather pink bag that was so not me, I stormed out of the store, heading for the ATM stall and leaving my mom behind. When she finally caught me and sternly asked me to behave myself, I yelled, "I'm tired of you picking out stuff for me! I don't care if I'm too old for cute girly stuff! I'm into 'em and it's my taste, not yours." And with that she gave in. She handed me the money, said she'd be shopping in Hero on the ground floor while I bought the desired pink bag.
If you're my long time reader, you must be able to recall me saying that I let my mom pick things out for me coz I liked her taste, her style. Well I did, and still do to date, and I let her do that coz people said I looked good in the clothes she picked out and I felt good in them as well, just never felt quite myself. I also hate it when she told me what colors to put on. For example, when I painted my nails baby blue, she told I was too old for such a color. If she could give me the freedom to choose my major and minor at uni and what courses to take in high school, why couldn't she give me freedom in fashion? Thank god yesterday I eventually put end to her fashion dictatorship.
Friday, September 12, 2003 08:42 a.m.

Andrei, do you think Miss Pipit's married? Her marital status has always been a mystery...Some of my mates in the diploma programe believe she has a hubby, but some others believe she's married to her cats...Y'know what, on the day I had to hand in the revision of the first two chapters of my mini thesis, intead of paying attention to me she said to a fellow lecturer, "Guess what, one of my cats just ran away again!" If she really has a hubby, I wonder if the hubby ever gets jealous of her cats or even thinks of get rid of 'em...
Thursday, September 11, 2003 10:46 a.m.

GunaydIm, everyone! From now on I'll practice Turkce here on my blog, coz I'm not taking another E for a minor lingo. So hereby this blog is 70% English and 30% Turkce.
Y'know what, when I was in love with Pipi I didn't know I fell for the wrong bloke until he begun to constantly hurt my feelings in the middle of our relationship, but with Andy...I know right from the start that I'm in love with another wrong bloke, but I just can't help it. Funny thing is my "separation" with that half Dietrich bloke results in me hating all the things German. For example, when a friend of mine who majors in Deustch thanked me for keeping an eye on her bag when she was buying lunch at the cafetaria.
Her: Danke schoen, Nana!
Me: (shuddered) Bitte schoen, darling!
And just the sight of Deutsch major kids holding the yellow and red Deutsch-Bahasa Indonesia dictionaries makes me shiver! I really can't be more pathetic and ridiculous. But on the other hand, I cherish good memories about him such as:

  • My first dream about him yesterday night (actually I've learnt to distinguish which dreams are merely the reflections of my wishes/thoughts and which dreams are truly the signs of future happenings but that's another story). Him holding me tight and calling me "Chubbers". In reality, he doesn't have any nickname for me...

  • Him helping me get my first (and last) B- in Deutsch when I still minored in it.

  • His frank opinion on my first Eurasian Nation article. He's by far the only one to tell me that article sucked.

  • How I always giggle when I remember his silly experience with Gang Dolly prostitutes. No, I'm not supposed to tell anyone about it...

  • How sometimes he would SMS me from Germany telling me he was online and asking me to come online in the past

  • Oh dear...good old memories...
    A pirates life for me...
    Which Pirates of the Carribean character are you? Find out @ RelentlessDivas.Net!
    I didn't have any other choice but to take a quiz 'bout this overrated movie...
    Das ist alles for today, tesyekur ederim.
    Wednesday, September 10, 2003 07:51 a.m.

    Chaque fois tu ton va, je pretend que tu fais bien. I don't want him gone from my life.
    I know you're tired of reading me rant about the same old bloke, so I have something you can perv on (yea right)!

    That was taken last Funday at a cousin's wedding reception at Balai Sudirman. I hope you know by now which gal is me but if you still don't, I'm the white one.
    Monday, September 8, 2003 12:35 p.m.