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andreas daniel hermanu
I miss you Andreas. I don't know if you're alive or dead. Tried all three of your e-mail addresses but I got that annoying Mail Delivery Subsystem thing after I sent an e-mail to each of the addresses. If you're alive give me a shout-out here or if you're dead...may you rest in peace. May God bless you, dead or alive.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007, 11:23 a.m.

boys are stupbids
Yes man I do enjoy your company. Very much. But don't invade my personal space. Stand back a little. Give me a space to breathe. And for God's sake learn to do stuff on your own! Try to hang out by yourself and trust me it doesn't hurt whatsoever.
I don't get guys who fuck around yet expect their chicks to stand by them. Meh. If you can fuck around so can I. Fair is fair. What century do you think you're living in? 17th?
And please don't expect me to believe you care about me and love me when I've caught you hand-in-hand with whatshername. I don't care if you didn't find anything in common with the chick and want to forget you ever met her, the thing is that you two were holding hands and that spoke a gazillion words.

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Monday, August 13, 2007, 12:31 a.m.

theres more godly love on the other side...not
Ok, I should be off for dinner any minute because I'm starving, but something really irks me I feel the urge to release this. Anger, if you like.
I've been given a magazine by some Christian club at uni and guess what it says about Islam? 'Muslims believe in a powerful but detached God.' Excuse me, would you mind explaining the word 'detached' here?
Well my brothers and sisters in God, whatever religion you are or whether or not you follow any, the whole essence of Shalat (prayer) is to communicate with Allah, God. You might not hear, 'My child, thou art forgiven' from the heavens after you pray, but my life has changed drastically for the better since I took up regular shalats after I turned 21. Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that before my 21st birthday I didn't give a flying fuck about God. I could pass a whole month without praying, and as a result I was a misguided youngster. Yes. My self esteem was painfully low, and I would do whatever it took to look cool. But not anymore now, and I take it as a blessing and a sign that I've been forgiven. Moreover, it's a sign that communication has been established between me and Allah.
And here's another. 'In Islam, the individual follows religious laws for the sake of paradise after death.' Explain 'religious laws' please? If you think something along the lines of wearing a veil when you'd rather star in a Pantene ad but do it anyway because you don't want to rot in hell, think again. Perhaps you should learn more about the Prophet Muhammad. Apart from all the miracles that Allah gave him, he was just a human being, with flaws and vices like the rest of us. And heck, did he enjoy life...The dude was a major capitalist. And why did Allah place him as a role model for us? Because he's the epitome of all the things human and God's great love for us. Sure, he made mistakes, as we do, yet God loved him sooo much He elevated him to Prophet level! And why did God do that? Because Muhammad regularly repented. There's this verse (Can't remember which...there are thousands in The Koran!) that goes something like, 'The best of human beings are those that always repent.' Pray, repent, and God will guide you through.
Also, back to the veil thingie, I think it's more to do with an individual's background. Look at as Indonesian women for example. Most of us don't wear veils but it doesn't mean we're lousy Muslims. My mum didn't take up wearing a hijab until 2001, but as long as I can remember (and my memory started working when I was two, mind) she's always prayed five times a day and supported charities. She always treats her staff very well too. That's just to mention three of the things a good Muslim should do that she does.
And what am I doing here? Defending my Master, without a suicide bomb strapped to my body. I just don't feel the neccesity to, and I'm sure He agrees with me.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007, 07:49 p.m.

This is crazy. I have a shitload of movies to watch this semester, doing two Films papers and English 321 which is a bit of both Films and English Literature, yet I have to find the will to drag my feet to the AV library. Had this happened last year when I was so head over heels with Tom this would've made a damn good excuse to hang out (I use that term loosely) with him. Well, it's not that dude's now got a plus one. I'm so totally over him. It's just that I don't feel like going to the library that's all. But I'm going there any minute now. I freakin' have to. Or else my graduation will be postponed.
I have to go. But will write more later in celebration of my good spirits. I was low in spirit and thought for about a week and when one is low down in the dumpster a week feels like a millennium. And also for the sake of that dear darling chap who accessed this blog at around 09.30 today from uni (let me guess: Info Commons, level 0? Hahahahah).

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Monday, August 6, 2007, 01:38 p.m.

wishes...may they come true
I hope one day I'll find someone that will caress my hair. And mine only.
Someone that won't bully me in any way. I've got enough bullying as a kid. Well, more than enough actually.
Someone that won't just stand there and stare. Someone that will stop me from roaming through the city at freakin 11.00 PM.
And thank you God for letting me live.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007, 03:18 a.m.
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