What a lazy Saturday...My computer's been on since 08:00 AM and now it's 02:50 PM. Hahahhaa. This computer's gonna explode any minute. LOL.
I don't like some of my lecturers. Some of them are just plain lucky to get to teach at their almamater. They should thank God they're in Indonesia, because even in Malaysia one should obtain at least a master's degree to teach at a university. Here, a bachelor's degree is enough, and I know some of the freshly graduated new lecturers look down on us diploma programme students just because our degree is almost unheard of in any society Oh well, FYI, we diploma programmers get better jobs because what we get at school is exactly what is needed in the career worlds, particularly nine-to-five's. That's why we dips have minors such as advertising, tourism, secretaryship, and editing, and you poor undergrads don't. Rp. 1 million of a salary is normal for fresh graduates? Well, NOT for us! My mates in college Arien and Erwin work as a translators at SCTV, a leading local TV station, for up to Rp. 3 million a month, and they started working in SEMESTER 4. My other mate Vinny work part time as a reporter at Seventeen Indonesia for Rp. 30,000/day, which adds up to around Rp. 1 million a month, and she began her job in either semester 5 or 6. Most recently, my mate Rani has just started working at a leading local consulting company, Sidharta Sidharta & Widjaja, as front office officer (if I'm not mistaken) for about Rp. 3 million/month. And her gradtuation isn't until September. SEE? And most of you undergraduate grads resort to being teachers, and as you know teachers are paid shit money here. Not that I despise teachers, but the job really isn't a rewarding one.
Y'know what, a couple days ago I bumped into a local movie hottie, Nicholas Saputra, at a bookstore/library near campus called Bubu. For foreigners, Nicholas Saputra is a German-Indonesian 20-year-old who began his career as a model, but reached his peak after having played Rangga in the 2002 blockbuster Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (trans: What's Up With Love). He's also been going to my university since 2002, majoring in architecture, but ironically I'd never met him in person until that day. Ok, back to the bumping. Actually I came over just to submit 2 photocopies of my ID card to activate my membership, but the sight of Nic just a few steps away from me made me stay. LOL. Then I walked to where he was standing and talking to some girl who I assumed was his girlfriend, and took a seat nearby. I pretended to read the book I borrowed from Limma the day before, but I couldn't stand it so I extended my hand and introduced myself to a couple across from me. As we talked, it became apparent that they were indeed Nic's mates! Nic, by the way, acted as if I didn't exist. He kept talking to his girl and went to the toilet and stuff. Finally, when the group got up to leave, so did I, and I walked to the door as fast as humanly possible. I was really embarassed! Ok, so I didn't go gaga over Mr. Saputra, literally, but I guess everybody in the bookstore/library could tell that I attempted to greet him or get him to notice me!
Saturday, August 14, 2004, 02:41 p.m.

When jealous of other people's achievements, what's a 21-year-old with "a small job" and no significant achievement to do? Read her own blog, only to assure herself that at least her English is better than most of her peers'. Yeah, I'm my own narsist, as well as biggest enemy. And I guess you wonder what I mean by "a small job". Y'know, as of two weeks ago, I make my own money by selling Oriflame, Swedish cosmetics that are marketed through multilevel marketing. Thanks to my willpower and skills learned in my minor ad classes, I've made close to Rp. 1 million since the day I started exactly a fortnight ago. Yep, I think no nine to five jobs suit me, although I had fun as an acquisition intern at TPI last year, and therefore other than doing the cosmetics business I've been thinking of opening my own library. I have no idea how many books I own...My Indonesian editions of Girl Talk, Fear Street, Goosebumps, Sweet Valley, Chicken Soup, Mallory Towers purchased when I was in my midteens, English books purchased in the later stages of my life such as biograhies (ranging from ex First Ladies to Hanson), novels (of all kinds), and analytical books such as Diane Negra's Off White Hollywood. Not to mention the kiddie encyclopedias my mom bought me as a kid, in both Indonesian and English. Dude, I've never thought of books as investments before! Lucky I hardly ever lend my books to anyone and never sell them for small prices to thrift stores!
Ok...enough about my future plan and finance. Go go go to Liquid Generation! Soooo (and I mean SO) addictive! My faves so far other than the quizzes are the cartoons and the Whose Boobs games! Maybe you wonder why I, as a straight female, like to play the latter. The answer's pretty simple: To test my celebrity knowledge! You never know how much I love red carpet fashion...Plus, when I was younger, I collected posters of female celebs to copy their styles. LOL.
Thursday, August 12, 2004, 10:06 p.m.

God, I'm still big on everything Eurasian! LOL. Except now I'm not as obsessed with Eurasian blokes as I was last year. Y'know Tata Young's latest video Cinderella? Tata's "love interest" in the video is clearly Eurasian, just like Tata herself (Thai-American), with Caucasian skin and slanting eyes. And yes, he's gorgeous. And now it's Eurasian COUPLES that excite me more. LOL. Maybe I should start a fanlisting for Cheryl Tan and Jon Cockle! Hahahaha :D I've also been looking for a Legacy of Rage DVD, Brandon Lee's first feature film produced in 1986. In that movie, he played alongside Regina Kent, who was also Eurasian, who played his girlfriend. The exciting thing is, they were both Eurasian, and they both died at young ages (that's why I use past tense on Kent. She died in 2000 of breast (?) cancer).
I'm done working on my new secret site. For those who remember Vintage Rose, this one's just the same...except it's on a different server and goes by a different name. And no I'm not gonna you the URL until I'm really ready to spill some, er, juicier secrets. LOL. Yeah. But I WILL let you know.
Wednesday, August 11, 2004, 10:34 p.m.

For those who miss me (yeah, like there's ever one...) for the past couple of days, I slept over at Orchid's place and of course we had so much fun! Day one, we watched Euro Trip on DVD til midnight with her mum, Aunt Yus (!). Had a good laugh, and boy, was I surprised to find myself still a sucker for teen flicks.
Day two, Orchid went to a makeover competition held by Charmant and La Tulipe at a nearby mall, and I, not wanting to sit around at the food court waiting for her to be made over by the La Tulipe crew and have her pictures taken, entered the competition too. Soon after I filled in the form, I got my 'before' pic taken, underwent the makeover, and got my 'after' pic taken. After my 'after' pic was taken, Orchid and I had our pics taken, but they were for our collection instead of the competition. It's so funny...we share a white feather boa in those pics. We got to know beautiful other girls as well, and I bet Orchid and I were the only contestants already in college! LOL.
Day three, we found out that her new maid, Jum, was a...thief! When she was about to leave for campus, Orchid realized she lost her wallet. Her mum's suspicion immediately set towards the new maid. She then arranged for Orchid to take Jum out for a ride in her red BMW, while at home Aunt Yus, Degas (Orchid's bro), and I raided Jum's cabinet in her room. Aunt Yus' suspicion rang true, for we found Orchid's jeans, baby tees, Bugs Bunny mug, Agnes Jessica novel, and even stilletos in it! We also found Degas' long-lost soccer ball keychain there.
When Orchid got home moments later, she, Aunt Yus, and I had a little meeting in Orchid's room. Plus, we also checked Orchid's room for fear that the wallet might be lying somewhere it it, but still the wallet was nowhere to be found. The meeting resulted in their not firing Jum, for it's hard to find the replacement for such a diligent and neat maid like her, but they'd be more alert and watch out for this criminal. In all honesty, of course I didn't agree with their decision because their mansion-like house is "deserted" most of the time, with Orchid busy with school, her dad busy working, Degas' infamous wanderlust, and Aunt Yus with her cooking hobby. But who am I to try to change their minds...I'm an outsider, and can only wish them luck.
Since the wallet was nowhere in sight, Orchid and Aunt Yus decided to go to the cops. This time it was Aunt Yus who drove the red BMW because Orchid's lisence was in the missing wallet. And guess what, on the way to the police station, Orchid found her wallet beneath the passanger's seat next to the driver's, exactly where Jum sat. Apparently, Jum dropped the wallet there during her ride with Orchid, deliberately or not. And as I'd guessed, the money was all gone, but it was nothing compared to the money in her bank accounts, whose ATM cards stayed put in the wallet, her ID cards and driving lisence.
I do have an exciting life, eh? Hahahahah :P
Monday, August 9, 2004, 11:33 p.m.

Met up with Cucan at TA yesterday, and good news! She said she'd be back to the blogging world after about two years of absence. So she's gonna present herself with a new domain on her 21st birthday on August 28, and that domain's gonna be her collective site, containing both her portfolio and blog. Can't wait, can't wait! I know you all miss her too! In the mean time, if you're tired of looking at her old stuff, you can go here, her assignment site about the Indian movie Devdas, or where her boyfriend works.
I get emotional whenever I hear an 80's song lately. Like today, at a salon I heard an 80's Indonesian song playing on the radio. I don't know the song's title or singers (it's a duet, the intro goes, "Cinta adalah kenangan..."(English: Love is something to remember...)and the reffrain goes, "Tangisan, sejuta mimpi dan harapan, semua tumbuh jadi satu..." (English: "Tears, dreams, and hopes, all rolled into one...")), but it sounds very familiar because it burnt the local charts back in the 80's. That was when I got emotional, or...nostalgic is a better term, coz I didn't jerk a tear. I don't know, maybe coz I want to get back to my childhood, when everything came up roses, and my world was all fun and games. Being an adult sucks! Omigod I'm such a Peter Pan.
On to a different note, my bro isn't accepted into my university's diploma programmes of Japanese Letters and Public Relation, but he's still awaiting the result of its undergraduate programme entrance test, which is due on Monday. In all honesty, I'm not too sorry to hear about it. True, the UI is like the Harvard of Indonesia (and it's indeed in affiliation with Harvard), and it played a significant role in the history of Indonesia which it's big because of, not to mention the killer entrance tests, but when it comes to technology, it's FAR BEHIND. Seriously! To add more stains to its name, The UI has since 2003 made a 'special enrollment/admission fee' for rich students-to-be, which allows them to pay a big amount of money in order to get rid of the entrance tests, with guaranteed acceptance. Back to my bro, just in case he's also not accepted in the undergraduate programme of Japanese Letters at my university, he'll get into one at The Dharma Persada University, which he's already accepted into.
Heads up you Jakarta and Depok-based men! My cousins' band Nakal is in urgent need of a new vocalist. Never heard of the band? Poor you! Their hit single Cita-cita is on MTV Indonesia on a regular basis and their self-titled debut album is already in stores. If you're interested, give my cousin Echa (the bass guitar player) a shout at +62 812 987 4914 or Abun (the manager) at +62 811 845 542. Hurry, all applications should be in by August 15 so you'll have enough time to rehearse for the August 20 gig at Cilandak Town Square (if I'm not mistaken). Good luck!
Saturday, August 7, 2004, 12:40 p.m.

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