at it again...
My friend's brother is tying the knot next month. Up to December, she tried to play matchmaker between me and the brother, and after the three of us met when I was home (the first time for me and him) it was decided that we wouldn't go any further but would remain friends. Even so, he still called and texted me throughout the remainder of my stay back home (we met about a fortnight leading to my departure), and continued to text me well into January, after I got back in Auckland. Then I never heard from him again until a text from his big sister about the wedding came just now.
The guy, let's call him Jesse, is the youngest of several children. He turned 29 in January, has a good career at a prominent bank in the department that grants people credit. Apparently, as is typical of any Indonesian family, his family couldn't wait to marry him off as he was the only one unmarried. Besides that, he makes enough money to start his own brood and is pushing 30. Thus his sister, let's call her Joanne, started to pimp dear brother to me. Alas, in all honesty I wasn't interested, although I did agree to meet up and remain friends. For the record, I never so bluntly told her I wasn't interested nor, I think, did I show any sign of disinterest. I guess they just picked it up through my endless career talk hahahaha.
So yeah, it's only since January that he became 'an absolute bachelor' again...And he's marrying this chick next month, so they haven't been dating for long. God! This phenomenon. Which reminds me of my cousin who's getting hitched sometime this month, to a guy she's known for about five months. Yikes.
As for moi, I'm not fancying anyone at the moment. I've just applied for a work permit, starting with a graduation eligibility letter that takes two days to be ready. So it's career in the horizon for me, and it's gonna be my main squeeze for a while. I'm sorry to disappoint those who congratulate me on my graduation and scream, 'HUSBAND NEXT!' but it's really MONEY NEXT for me.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008, 10:32 p.m.

Isyana Adriani Arslan, BA
Yep, don't forget to put the title behind my name. So yeah, IT'S OFFICAL PEOPLE! I'm kissing late nights of killer books over coffee goodbye, and really looking forward to the graduation! I've even got my graduation outfits sussed out, but I'm not gonna tell you...One thing though, I did plan to have to the Greek goddess hairstyle (you know, hair half up in a bun and half down with a double wire headband in the front), but then I thought how the heck would I put the graduation hat on my head...I wouldn't wanna mess the whole hairdo!
Anyway, I got myself a new bag today. One that looks like your mum's brown leather tote that's been sitting at the back of the attic for 33 years and counting...Yep, a fake vintage bag. It wasn't until I'd paid for it that I was reminded of my vow never to buy a fake vintage piece. Oh, and in addition to that I also bought a similarly-designed fake vintage flats (old-looking brown leather with buckles as an accent). Well I have a good reason for going against an important fashion principle and buying fake vintage pieces. I have two gorgeous batik summer dresses (in winter it's worn over jeans and underneath a jacket or a trench coat) that I love to bits. My only brown bag, one by LeSportSac, has a motif and you don't have to be a fashionista to have enough sense not to mix an elaborately decorated material with another which is also elaborately decorated. My brown and white Country Road flats were so weather-beaten I had to throw them away. And I'm not keen on matching my brown-based batik dresses with white or black because they look dull together. So yep, I thought the fake vintage goods would go together perfectly with the batik. Oh, and I'm having more batik stuff coming my way...My mama sent me a package of work outfits (which I didn't ask for I swear!) and it includes a few batik tops.
Speaking of work clothes, I have a cute little black blazer that's been with me since 2000. I bought it for a violin concert in when I was 16 and really skinny I could actually button the blazer all up! Now that I've gained Allah knows how many kilos since I was 19 I wear the blazer as a light jacket, and I very much want to wear it to work. However I put off wearing that until I'm made a junior student advisor or Ispace officer (actually they're one and the same)...until I've officially become a career woman, if you like. When I'm still on student visa and running errands between departments I might as well continue wearing Mickey Mouse...

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Monday, July 14, 2008, 10:51 p.m.

future talk..and a bit of a flashback
Before Caleb took off I thought I'd cry rivers and seek refuge somewhere outside New Zealand - or at least outside Auckland. But no. I didn't even produce a single tear. Instead I felt rather excited. With Caleb's departure there begins a new chapter in my life. Graduation is just around the corner (amen), I've gotten back to my job at Auckland International (and this time I'm doing 20 hours/week as opposed to the 8 hours/week in my first couple of months there.) Once I graduate I'll obtain a work permit which allows me to work 40/hours a week and who knows, I might even take a post at Ispace next year! Becky Walkinton, one of the Ispace officers, already asked me to help her supervise the Ispace mates pack welcome packs. Me, supervising Ispace mates! Up to last year I was one of these volunteers! It would be awesome to see myself as an Ispace officer - the shepherd of international students - a group of young foreign students, eager to explore the new country yet vulnerable to its sometimes sinister tricks. An exciting group of which I was a part just a few short years ago.
And then maybe I'll serve the great University of Auckland, my soon-to-be almamater, for another couple of years. And then who knows...perhaps I'll go back to Auckland Museum as a paid employee, or try my hands at Ogilvy, which is just behind my apartment. Ideally, though, in 3 years from now I'll have been in either London or Singapore working in an arts-related field.
As for travels, indeed I had fun backpacking around North Island, but in all honesty I hate hostels. Hahaha this is rather embarassing but before I went to sleep at the hostel in each city we visited I thought of all the luxury accomodation my family and I stayed at when we were on vacation. The Hyatt, The Four Seasons, The Sheraton, The Hilton (actually as I'm typing this it's just hit me that on a 1995 Arslan vacation to Paris we actually stayed at Hilton...Yikes. And trust me back in the day the Hilton hotel in Paris was far from glamourous!), The Mandarin Oriental...I swear the next time I go on a big vacation I'll stay at a hotel...A three-star one at least. So yeah, travels have to wait until I earn enough dosh to live like a socialite.
Oh yeah, and I've really come to terms with the idea of walking down the altar in my 30s.
And Andreas...With him back on my mind it really makes me think of the year 2004, my last full year in Indo. Makes me think of my old buddies too. And also what an embarassment I was as a 21-year-old. Hahahaha.
Ok, that's everything folks. Schlafen sie gut!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008, 12:09 a.m.

last (for now) taupo entry
Happy 55th birthday to papa and 44th birthday to Aunt Yanti! All the best and hope you dig your presents! And yes Aiko and Diah, I made sure to get rid of the price labels this time. Bad habits die hard.
Anyhoo, I'm still in pretty, pretty Taupo, about to be picked up by another Stray bus heading to Auckland. Yes I'm going back to Auckland so Aucklanders can expect the sightings of their favourite city dweller (hahahaah) anytime starting (approximately) 07.00 PM. The bus is coming in 45 minutes, my internet time's running out, and I have to hurry to grab something to eat because I haven't eaten breakfast. Thank Allah this hostel is in town, unlike the ones in Raglan and Hahei which are so in the middle of nowhere.
Ok, signing off. See ya all in Auckland!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 11:11 a.m.

mellow in taupo...
In Taupo now.
Yeah breath-taking scenery and all. Lake Taupo rocks my dirty and stinky black socks. As well as the new, crisp brown ones.
But I am...
Not feeling well?
What the hell is going on?
I miss my happy phase.
And I thought I wasn't over my indifferent phase.
I'm already missing the time we spent in Maketu just last night.
I miss you Nicola Hamilton! You were like a big sister to me! Thanks for looking out for me throughout the trip to Rotorua!
Please God help me be happy. Or indifferent. Or both. Just not sick. Just not sad. Help me convince myself that my graduation is all that matters. After my graduation is confirmed everyone can fuck themselves and I won't give a toss.
Oh, and Shane Binnie is cute.

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Monday, June 30, 2008, 07:18 p.m.

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