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I went shopping with my mum and my kid cousin Khansa and her best mate Haikal and his family at the mall today. Funny thing was when Haikal's mum was checking out lingerie, Haikal had with him a lingerie brochure and couldn't take his three-year-old eyes off it. LOL. And funny that his mum didn't realize it although she was standing next to him! I said, "Oh honey, you're too young to be here, and put that away!" My mum thought I was kidding and told me to shut up, and it wasn't until we were in the parking lot that Haikal's mum realized that her son was holding an adults only material! He refused to let go of it and cried when his mum finally snatched the brouchure. Hahahahah :) If at the tender age of three and a half Haikal has already realized that women in lingerie are hot stuff, imagine what would happen when the boy hits, say, sixteen...
Hokay folks. Tomorrow is the first day of school and luckily I already know where the classes are gonna be held. And there's linguistics...I don't know whether or not I should drop it and if I CAN drop it. It's a required paper of English Literature and I don't mind getting my BA in any other subject, like, say, Pacific Studies. I also still have eleven days to add, swap, and/or drop papers without penalty but I was told by some people from my faculty that all the papers in the faculty fill up so quickly, even the highly obsecure ones. However, since I'll still be attending my first linguistics class and I still haven't made up my mind, I'd better get a hold of the textbook.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005, 11:42 p.m.

this is for my girls all around the world...
The Rangitoto excursion was fun. There were guys who were actually daring enough to strip and take a dive in the sea in such a chilly weather there! Oh yes, and we TOOK pictures of the guys. Click here and here, the phrases are actually what they said. Hahahaha :) I have no idea where they are from and what they study at the uni, but judging from the madness I bet they're American. I had to hike the mountain to the summit, and yea I did lose my breath and get dizzy times like those there's always AT LEAST one GOOD-LOOKING guy looking out for me! LOL. This time it was Edmund, a 23-year-old engineering exchange student from Singapore. I enjoyed hiking all alone with him, he was leading the way, carrying my jacket and bag and looking back at me every few steps to make sure I was alright. And when we finally made it to the summit and I took a seat on one of the steps a bit delirious with chest pain, he went to one of the guys from Ispace to talk about my health. Oh well. LOL.
When the ferry was about to take us back to Auckland, I descended the mountain with two girls, one Indonesian and one Chinese. Before long, they realized we were going the wrong way and had to go back to the summit to take the right path. It was a looong way up, and the two girls were walking so fast and ignoring my "Wait up!" shouts. They thought the ferry would leave at 12.00, whereas actually it was scheduled to leave at 12.45, and at that time it was only about 11.45. They were already out of sight when I suddenly slipped and my right palm really hurt I thought cut it. I was sure they heard my scream, but they didn't shout to check if I was ok let alone climb back up to help me. Oh well. Good thing I got to see early on just what kind of mates they are.
Remember the John guy? Well I haven't seen him again since that Tuesday, and yes, one of my main reasons of taking part in the excursion was him (I didn't meet him there.) This I admitted to Edmund, and a day prior to that to Steven and Joshua. Oh my god. Seems like I never learn to keep my crushes to myself, but I didn't go into details about him. To Joshua, I said he was a white guy from Ispace (there are lots of them), to Steven I said it was just "that cute Ispace guy", and to Edmund I was a bit more open, and told him he was from Ispace...and doing a master's degree in philosophy, but didn't tell him he was caucasian. Omigod...I guess Steven and Edmund has started hanging out since the excursion, so they can talk about me anytime and string together the clues I've given them about John (so far I haven't given out the name, thank goodness.) Even worse, Steven is roommates with Rojy, the Indian dude who helped John take care of me in the mesuem tour. Oh lord. I think it won't be long before the whole school knows about John and I! LOL. Gotta keep my mouth shut!
On a totally irrelevant note, I love children and can't be happier when they love me back, even though it's not really for myself. Like yesterday when my mum and I came back to the foodcourt where my aunt has a foodcorner after shopping at The Warehouse and a Japanese-run souvenir shop next door, my kid cousin Khansa, 7, and her best mate Haikal, 3, ran to greet me. I was sooo happy when they gave me hugs I almost broke into tears...but then they started pulling my Iriver from my neck, arguing over who should get the first turn to borrow it. Ouch. But today was different. After having lunch at the foodcourt I was sooo knackered from the excursion I fell asleep right on the table. When I woke up, Haikal went to me and gave me kisses, and this time he didn't pull at my Iriver. Sweet as!

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Saturday, July 16, 2005, 09:02 p.m.

would you still be in love baby...
I've got land excursion tomorrow. It's part of the orientation and damn I'm sooo looking forward to it! Hahahah :) I've also got all my textbooks and am prepared for semester two! Well...except I don't know where my classrooms are yet.
You know...I'm not a big Black Eyed Peas fan but I've been a Fergie fan since her Kids Incorporated days back in the mid'80s. Not that I can remember the mid '80s well (hahaha no way man I'm not that old), but back when I was a preteen there was the Kids Inc. rerun on a local TV channel and I never missed it. And...Fergie was in the kiddy show! She's the only Kids Inc. cast member I remember the most. And then her Wild Orchid days back in the late '90s. I remember wanting to buy their self-titled album just because Fergie was there. Good move she joined The Black Eyed Peas after the all-girls group disbanded.
I hate it when people pray out loud. Sure, there's nothing wrong whatsoever with praying. I pray a lot myself and have even prayed for totally ridiculous things like for my second ex beau to come back when it was so obvious that he'd all over me, but can you please keep your business with God private?

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Friday, July 15, 2005, 04:04 p.m.

don't tell me coz it hurts
I was such a winter fashion disaster today. My mum bought me this jacket in Bandung way long before my departure to Auckland and I have no idea what we were thinking when she purchased it and I actually let her buy it for me. It's a brown-washed denim jacket with frayed brown cloth at the bottom and collar and accentuated with a denim rope. It looks sooo 2002 and sooo...fob. Well actually, it wouldn't have looked so bad had I not forgotten that I have a pair of black ballet shoes-inspired leather shoes. So I put on my baby pink Puma sneakers instead, but then even if I had worn the black shoes I still would've looked the same because all the bags I brought from Jakarta are PINK (well except a white Versace bag...but it's too small to put my stuff in and designer goods are not to be worn to campus!)
I've only been here for a week but I'm already friends (sort of) with a local celeb!!! LOL. Liz Shaw was an NZ Idol hopeful and she didn't make it to even the first Idol stage but her appearance made such a huge impact on the country she's now making the most of her 15 minutes of fame doing magazine spreads and radio programs. She goes to my school (the great University of Auckland of course) and majors in politics but is now on a leave, and I got to know her because an American mate of mine introduced me to Ms. Shaw online. I've only talked to her once though.
You know, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate it when someone talks to me when I'm having my full concentration on something, especially assignments. On people like this I don't hesitate to unleash my sharp tongue, or throw things at them if they obliviously ask me to do something that will take sometime (like when my mum asked me to wash the dishes when I was doing homework back in my UI days. Well I didn't do that to her - I successfully resisted the urge - but I certainly would do that to you.) You have been warned.
Hah. I've just realized that my time setting on Pitas is GMT + 07.00, Jakarta time. From this entry on it will be GMT + 12.00, NZ time, ahead of everywhere else in the world.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005, 10:16 p.m.

come on baby, do the locomotion
Oh-kay...orientation is still LOTS of fun. I have a crush on a guy from International Space (I think it's an UoA association for international students) and um...I can't give out his details because I suspect Steph is already reading my blog although I haven't given her my URL yet (how do I find out? At lunch on orientation day one, I told her about my pin/pen story (refer to my July 10 entry) and she said she'd heard it from someone ON THE NET. I was secretly shocked.) Ok, so let's call this guy John and he's from England. Anyway, so yesterday we had a museum tour and I was climbing a hill with John and several Indian guys and two white guys (the museum was on top of the hill.) I tend to be out of breath pretty quickly when I have to climb but I went on the tour anyway because I thought we were going by a tourism couch and I do want to learn more about Maori culture (so Pakeha is Maori for Europeans, people! LOL), so I wished myself the very best of luck and climbed. However, it really wasn't long before I blacked out and almost fainted and was ushered to the nearest bench. And the John guy sat next to me, talked to me...Aaaawww. LOL. Funny part is when we were going back to the campus we had to go down the hill, and actually I have no problem descending a hill, but at that time I SORT OF PRETENDED to be out of breath and dizzy again just so John would hug me and sit next to me and talk again...Hahahaha :) IT WORKED!
Also on the same day, we had a quiz night in which I teamed up with four guys, one Norwegian, one Korean, one Chinese, and one Japanese, and guess what, WE WON SECOND PLACE! We got a free movie ticket each. The quiz was hard because it was split into several rounds and all rounds were about New Zealand in terms of geography, entertainment, sports, and general knowledge (the latter included the question on how many sheep New Zealand had!) I bet most of us international students didn't even know who the Prime Minister of NZ is until our first politics lecture...Ok, here's a picture of us, the Kia Ora team (Kia Ora: Maori for good/well done, and hello.) Clickety! Fei (from Mainland China) wasn't part of the team. He, like John, is a student and also from Ispace who helps the international student department with new students. He's so cute he reminds me of Jamie!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005, 12:12 p.m.

bad mood aye
You know dad, I'd be happy to trade all the material goodness (well all BUT the opportunity to study abroad) I've been getting my entire 22 years, one month, and 28 days with a pat on the head and a kiss on the cheek and also an "I'll always be there for you" I should've been getting since my day one on earth. That way I wouldn't be seeking love from all the wrong guys for all the wrong reasons now. I've learnt my lessons and now only rely on guys whose good hearts have stood the test of time, but even they have their own lives.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005, 05:52 p.m.

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