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Nana. 14051983 (do the math). Nuclear family (businessman dad, homemaker mum, a younger bro currently studying in Japan). Recent college graduate. Current residence is Indonesia, but relocating to New Zealand in early July. University of Indonesia and University of Auckland represent. Moody, outgoing, hyper, spoiled (but not rotten), analytical. DA, LJ. FS. More?

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    This version features a good friend of mine, Rosemary Cleave, and this picture was taken from her Deviant Art stock page. The title Mawar Penuh Kecantikan simply means "A Rose Full of Beauty" in my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia, and Rose was chosen to be featured in the layout because she's so gorgeous, as her name suggests. All graphics were made on Adobe Photoshop 7.0, except the divider which I got from Twisted Reality, and HTML tags were done by hand (I've bought a Dreamweaver CD, but am too lazy to install it). Best viewed on IE 5.0 or higher with 1024.768 resolution. Steal and die. Past layouts? Meet people who think my site is cool. LOL.

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    ga ada subyek guh
    What's new with me? Well, a taken guy is making passes at me. LOL. He's one of my bro's close mates and until he's gone I once in a while hang out with this guy and other mates of my bro's. A couple of days ago he admitted his feelings to me, and he revealed that he'd been waiting for this chance for a long time, as he's promised my bro never to touch me. Apparently my bro's known all along that this mate of his has been long since fallen for me, and why he hit it off with his current girlfriend I have no way of knowing, but upon his revelation I didn't get too surprised. Yes, I told him I was lonely and would love to have a boyfriend for fun and he probably took it as a sign to continue his flirting with me, but I don't mind. I only reply his flirty SMS's when I feel like it, which is kind of rare.
    My mum. Duh. Yes I love her but I would most appreciate it if she doesn't expect me to be as normal as she is.
    Ok. Cranky mood now. Jamie the son of a bitch played with my head again just when I was ready to forgive him. He must be punished, and I'm talking SEVERE punishment. Call the dickhead at +62 21 566 6442 and/or +62 815 815 4007 that he should've lived in the 1800s as part of a freak show. I've put both his cellphone and home numbers on my DA, MSN, YIM, and Friendster and next stops would be, my Shin Koyamada site and my LJ.

    Listening to: Adrienne - The Calling
    Thursday, June 16, 2005, 06:26 p.m.

    tersenyum tanpa gigi...
    Oh-kay. I got my second shot today. And omigod was it ouch! The first shot was for taking blood sample (which turned out to be NOT as painful as I thought it would be), then the second, third, and fourth (yeh, more shots than I thought >___<) are for preventing illnesses. I had my second one today, which was supposed as a protection against such deseases as German measles. How come there's no protection against jerky German guys...ok, pardon my dry joke. Garing amat lo Na! I'm having my third shot on Friday and my last on Saturday. Wish me well guys!
    Anyway, I bet you Indonesians have heard of a genious chick by the name of Maria Audrey Lukito. Not only did she get a bachelor's degree in science from The College of William and Mary at 16 going on 17 (!) but apparently she's also good at everything she gets her hands on. Back in 2000 I saw her on TV playing a classical song on a keyboard and she moved her fingers on the keyboard like a pro. Well, I've got an idea for those advertising people out there...When you get a project of making a commercial for a powder milk for babies and little kids, why not ask this Lukito chica for endorsement? Instead of the kids in those commercials - boring and sometimes their "evidence of high intelligence" doesn't make sense - Audrey can give better proof of the outcome of consuming the milk. See, doesn't the world know what a true genious she is? Feed your little one this milk and you'll soon have a prodigy like Audrey Lukito in the house! How does that sound?
    Hey everybody! Give this a try and meet your South Park alter ego! Here's mine:

    Listening to: So What - Yacko
    Wednesday, June 15, 2005, 09:56 p.m.

    rambut dan jarum suntik
    So. My medical check-up went rather chaotic, but I succeeded in getting myself injected. To my surprise, it turned out that it might not be the last time I got injected. If the clinic thinks my immunization documents are insufficient, I'll get another injection. D'oh. As for the faeces submission, well guess what, I have to submit my shit twice more, tomorrow and the day after that. Fucking hell.
    To cheer myself up, I cancelled my facial appointment and got a new haircut. I love having my hair bobbed. Yea yea it's nice to have long hair but I can't be bothered with all the washing and blah. I always get my hair cut when there are annoyingly uneven tips in it, and it's usually after my hair reaches my tatas.

    The afore-mentioned new hairdo!!!!

    Listening to: Everything Burns - Ben Moody feat. Anastacia
    Monday, June 13, 2005, 08:18 p.m.

    all random
    Tomorrow is medical check-up day!!! Omigod! I swear this is gonna be the LAST TIME I have to present anyone with my shit and get injected.
    Trip to Singapore is seemingly called off. Dad has more work than we thought. I was disappointed, but in a way I was happy. At least mum doesn't have to find out about the US$100 problem so soon. Long story. I'll tell you about it when I feel like it. And about Marisa...well I can still see her. LOL. I've made it my goal to come to her house before I'm off to Maoriland.
    I guess you can think of me as the female, Asian, and younger version of Thom Yorke, except I don't write any song. However, I think Bridget Jones fits me better. Yep, I'm the Asian, younger version of Ms. Jones...just as dorky, except I'm nowhere near busty.
    I have an avid reader from Deutschland, as my Neo Counter shows!!! LOL. I wonder who that this is exciting, since the only people from Germany who know about my blog are Freddy, Daniel, Boris, and Andreas, and man...ARE THEY ALL HOT HUNKS!!!
    You know...why watch How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days when Nana sure knows how to lose a bloke in ONLY A DAY?

    Listening to: The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson (yep, that's the only MM song I can stand...)
    Sunday, June 12, 2005, 09:12 p.m.

    girl friends and boyfriends
    Ok. In all honesty, I'm in desperate need of a boyfriend. Yea ok I admit I'm jealous of those mates of mine who spend weekends in the arms of their respective other halves but that's not the main reason. I need big, polar hugs, something I barely get from my parents since childhood. Well hokay I get hugs from Orchid most of the time and occasionally from Marcel but since I'm straight and Marcel is so not my type I consider them mere friendly hugs. I also need someone to tell me I'm pretty/exquisite/all those nice things although deep down I know they're sweet nothings. I'm tired of mum's 24/7 nagging about ANYTHING. The most important thing is I don't care if my boyfriend cheats. I mean, cheating is in every man's nature anyway. I need a boyfriend, not a husband. Hokay, if you're interested just give me a holler in my guestbook, if I like you then you're in. Yea yea I know you think I've lost my mind. Perhaps I really have.
    On an entirely different note, I've met up with old mates in two days in a row, on Thursday the 9th with three girls from my Al-Azhar days and Friday the 10th with a girl from my high school math tuition days. I didn't really enjoy the former meet-up even though I used to be really close with one of those three gals. They've really changed...all three are supermodel-thin fashionistas with LV bags dangling from their arms and I can almost say they acted as if I wasn't there. But with Marisa, the girl I met up with on Friday, it turned out that we still had the bond we shared back in the tuition days, although it was the first time we met again after four years. I heart Marisa!!! I plan to meet her again even though unfortunately I told her that the Friday meet-up might be the last one as I'm leaving for New Zealand on July 4. However, I've found a reason to meet her up again. LOL. I'm most likely to be off to Singapore next Friday (so my trip to Pontianak is called off...until further notice), so after I'm back from Orchardland I'll tell her I've got her something and so we'll need to meet up again!
    That Friday (a.k.a. yesterday) was also a milestone because lots of secrets were revealed. Marisa and I turned out to have the same ex boyfriend, and at Orchid's bro Degas' birthday bash that night, I learned the truth about my other best girl friend and suddenly everything about her made sense to me. I look forward to more days like this. LOL. Who doesn't love secrets? I can keep them, though.
    EDIT: I've just taken a quiz about Office Space characters. I just won't post the result because I don't like the image. I like that flick, although not so much I would list it among my fave movies. I especially like the character Michael Bolton, one of the unmotivated workers. You know, he's always told by people he meets that he either reminds them of Michael Bolton the mullet-haired balladeer or they like the singer. And of course Michael Bolton the office employee gets tired of that. LOL. I guess the character really is named after the blonde crooner, don't you think?

    Listening to: Here I Am - Marion Raven
    Saturday, June 11, 2005, 08:01 a.m.

    city rambling
    Yasmina, Pontianak also has lush green nature and yea like most cities in Borneo it IS fact it's one of the places right on the equator. When I was younger I used to enjoy my trips to Pontianak. I remember the car ride to Singkawang, a city on the outskirts of Pontianak populated mostly by Chinese. During the journey I saw a small temple in every few kilometres. LOL. We also had to go through a bridge over the Kapuas river, the longest river in the entire Borneo. The weather in Singkawang was cool, and there was a beautiful church seemingly built in the Dutch occupation.
    Well...I guess I don't hate Pontianak all that much. It's just that there's a big lack of entertainment there. The last time I went there, 2003, there were only a cafe and a mall, and there were no Pizza Hut, Dunkin' Donut, let alone Starbucks...
    I seem to whine a lot don't I? Living in Jakarta, a metropolis that never sleeps, I complain it's too busy, noisy, and westernized. Thrown in cities that are asleep by 08.00 PM like Canberra and Pontianak, I complain it lacks entertainment and is eerie. Hm...I hear Auckland's a big city, but not as big as Jakarta so I don't have to worry about entertainment and "to see and be seen" business. LOL. I guess it's my kind of place.

    Listening to: Omar Bakrie - Iwan Fals
    Thursday, June 9, 2005, 08:58 a.m.