Y'know what, (yep...looks like each of my entry begins with that phrase) two self-help books that currently I've read told me it's ok for females to be cocky, coz men are like that too. When a man's being cocky, people (females included) think he must be so special, whereas if a woman's being cocky, people think she's an arrogant bitch. Now since the authors of those books are women, I think I can be cocky too *haha*. Don't you think it's time to put my lack of confidence behind and start accentuating my good qualities?

Me, good things first:
  • I'm very opinionated

  • I go on dates for fun (hence my approval of open relationships)

  • When I was in high school, there were at least two English teachers who dubbed me an "English Extraordinaire"

  • I'd read books by Charles Dickens, Bronte Sisters, and Jane Austen by the time I was 15 and 16

  • My girl cousins admire me for the fact that I've always had a good eye for totally gorgeous blokes ever since I was as little as 7

  • While other girls spend their dosh on bags and clothes, I spend mine on food and don't really care about how much I weigh, as long as I look neither obese nor anorexic

  • I actually didn't mind when one of my ex boyfriends told me I was as fat as a pig. Somehow I knew he was trying to put me down and smiled instead!

  • I prefer going natural than going flashy, and perhaps that's why people think I'm younger than my actual age
  • And there are tons more...Hahahah...You'll throw up if I list all of 'em.
    Sunday, November 9, 2003 09:34 a.m.

    Y'know what, a couple days ago I was online on ICQ under the name "Kamu pengecut!" (Indo for "You're a coward!). I used that name partially for fun, and partially because some mate of mine really got on my nerves. And I didn't go invicible as usual. Then a strange Indo bloke who wasn't on my contact list came to me...

    Him: Hi
    Me: Hi
    Him: There must be a story behind your nick
    Me: Hehe not quite. A mate of mine really irks me, that's all.
    Him: I see...mind telling me the story?
    Me: Oh, it's nothing really. Just a little thing mates do to annoy each other, purposely or not.
    Him: Oh come on...maybe I can offer you some words of advice. Beside, it'll be very different if you tell a relative or another friend. They're unlikely to be as understanding.
    Me: (started to get annoyed) Sorry, but I'm so not used to sharing my personal probs with total strangers! I'm going to bed. TTYL.
    Him: Ok. I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you.
    Me: Thanks. Oh, if you think I'm PREGNANT because of my nick, seriously...I AM not. How can a non-swinging single gal like me be a pregger? And you're a very bad aspiring journalist...

    Having said that, I actually stayed online for a few more seconds, but he said nothing in response. Good for a creep like him.
    Friday, November 7, 2003 11:41 a.m.

    Guess what, the electricity of THE ENTIRE UI AREA died out exactly at fast-breaking time. Fortunately I didn't break my fast at my campus cafetaria. I did it at a Japanese resto nearby instead, because at fast-breaking time it's really hard to find a vacant table. When I got back from the resto, the whole area of the uni was pitch black, and I didn't realize it until I got to my campus (faculty of humanities one). With the help of a security guard who brought a flash light, I came inside the hall of building two, where all of my Indonesian Consumers classmates were waiting for the lecturer to come and the possibility of the midterm test (paper + presentation) being held in the dark (stupid idea, I know..LOL). Just when we decided to go home the lights went on again, but still there was no sign of lecturer. Therefore, most of my classmates really did go home. Agil and I were the only ones who stayed a little longer for no particular reason (haha we're goofballs). And not long after they were gone, the lecturer showed up, but of course the midterm test had to be put off until next week since most of the students had gone home.
    And that's what got on my nerves. Yesterday, speaking class was called off because the lecturer couldn't make it to the campus for no apparent reason. Today, Indonesian Consumers class was also called off due to the black-out. Had I known these things would occur, I shouldn't have slaved on both Speaking and Indonesian Consumers papers. I could've concentrated on my copywriting class project (paper + print ad) and British Culture Profile hw instead. Now my hard work's gone in vain. Niiceee. But after all, shit still happens, right?
    Tuesday, November 4, 2003 11:25 p.m.

    HW progress...

  • Eng-Indo Trans hw: done

  • Speaking paper: done

  • Indonesian Consumers paper: due tomorrow yet still UNTOUCHED

  • British Culture profile hw: untouched, due next Friday

  • Copywriting paper and print ad: I'm gonna start taking pix of my campus for the print ad today, due Saturday the 8th

  • I really can't be busier...yet I still manage to blog! Aren't I cool or what? Haha LOL.
    Y'know what, yesterday I came across a headline that read "Isyana Arslan's Article Was Flawed" on Eurasian Nation's forum. I was taken aback, thus I didn't dare to log on to the forum and read further. I can never stand reading mean things. Yes, even though I myself think that first article of mine sucks, it's been so long since it was featured on Eurasian Nation and nobody gave me any feedback, except a few of my mates that I informed about the article (so I'm used to Koko Andy being the only one who also thinks my article sucks). I've decided not to mind it. After all, my article is subject to judgement, as is any other material in print.
    Carmen Van Kerckhove still hasn't told me whether or not she'll put up my second article! Oh well...I'll give her one more month, and if by December she still hasn't got back to me, I'll send it to either Hapas or Eurasian Community. I also have been thinking of writing Eurasian Nation another article. This time it will be about my experience of going to a private Muslim school where the students, who were mostly Eurasians, were forced to disown their Western roots. Sounds good? Haha LOL...Problem is, I dunno where to start...
    I'm SO SO SO in love with Piso Surit, a song by Viki Sianipar and Mega Sihombing. It's a mix of Bataknese (foreigners: Bataknese is a tribe that derives from East Sumatera, and is known for their habit of speaking aloud and strong Christianity) traditional sounds and Western ones, hence the utterly cool world music. It's not available for download yet, thus I have to buy the CD...
    Monday, November 3, 2003 09:46 a.m.

    God...I'm SO SO SO SEVERELY PISSED-OFF by N-gage! On Wednesday night I charged it until about 01:15 PM the next day, but it couldn't be switched on! That was strange, because previously it could still be switched on although I didn't charge it as long I did on Wednesday and Thursday. Even more strange, my phone is new! It was bought 6 days ago (as of now), therefore it couldn't have been broken! So I took the phone to a Nokia service centre in Semanggi, and the customer service officer told me I had to leave my phone at the centre for 3 days because since N-gage was yet to be launched in Indonesia, the centre didn't have the software to fix it in the nick of time. Oh well...now I'm using my old Nokia 5210 which, fortunately, I haven't sold. DAMN YOU N-GAGE! YOU BUM FLUFF!!
    Saturday, November 1, 2003 08:05 a.m.

    Guess what peepz, I succeeded in chasing away the procrastinator in me, and finished my English-Indo Trans hw in about 1,5 hours last night! And it was six days before its due date! Some of you may not believe it, since I'm known as a last minute kinda person...And I plan on starting to do my Speaking paper tonight.
    Anyway, you all know that I loathe Mandy Moore so much, but I have a confession: I downloaded her "Walk Me Home" video a long time ago and watch it rather frequently because it's my only favorite Mandy Moore video. True, I hate her facial expressions when she flirts with the leading man of "Ice Blue" and daydreams of being the leading lady (no surprise there, since she was 15 when the video was shot), but boy, do I LOVE two of her outfits on the vid! The blue gown with asymetrical cut and the same color fur jacket, the white gown...They really accentuate her youth and innocence. I like it when girls wear clothes that accentuate their beauty, youth, and naivete, but that's a rarity since most girls wear clothes that end up making them look slutty.
    And here are my thoughts on atheists...I can understand people not being religious in one particular religion. I'm not a devout Muslim myself and I think every religion is biased (each of them states that its followers will go to heaven while the followers of the other religions will go to hell). Also, how can you live life to the fullest if you're so devout to your religion? Sometimes we learn valuable lessons in life by sinning. But not believing in GOD? Hello...who are you kidding, I ask? Why are you on the face of the earth? Who created the universe? Who created us humans? And most importantly, who granted all our wishes? Who makes you the person you are today, with all your plusses and minuses? There's only one answer to all those questions. God, the very spirit you're trying so hard to convince yourself It doesn't exist. Tell ya what, no matter how hard you try to escape God, try to make yourself (and others) believe It (I refer to God as "It" because being a Muslim, I have no idea about its sex. And although lots of my fellow Muslims have acknowledged God as a He, but I refuse to do likewise because I think that's what makes males the conceited creatures that they've always been) is non-existent, It is and will always be right there with you. Heck, even most of you atheists still say, "Oh my God," and "Thank God," with or without awareness. How lame can you get?
    Thursday, October 30, 2003 11:40 a.m.