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I saw the video of Big Mama's "Break Away" on MTV yesterday. In case you've no clue, Big Mama's a Japanese jazz girlband. First shown in the video were four gorgeous girls singing on a stage in the middle of a bar (think Hard Rock Hotel Bali's club stage, only lower). At first I thought these gals were the members of Big Mama. I remember already thinking how cool they were-not only did they have the looks but also the black-ish kinda voice-and wondering why on earth they picked the name "Big Mama". After a while, the set changed to a kitchen where four large-sized women were singing the exact same tune, and they were continually shown until the end of the video. Then suddenly the name "Big Mama" became sensical, for the members were those fat women!
Y'know what, that video really reminded me of what happened to the American pop music in the late 80's and early 90's. Remember the Milli Vanili incident? Well, in case you were too young to remember that, Milli Vanili was an American pop act who, after they won three Grammy Awards in 1990, were found out to have been LIPSYNC-ING all of their songs!!! And they were not the only pop act to have fake voices, there were many others, but Milli Vanili was the most remarkable pop hoax. In truth, at that time (and it's still going on, apparently), to break into the pop scene all you needed was good looks. Didn't matter if you couldn't carry a tune, someone more talented yet less gorgeous could cover for you. Hideous truth...but that's the show business...what really matters is looks. So, yes Anggi, couldn't agree more with ya, with a little addition...EXTRAORDINARY talent (such as playing jazz) is only for ugly people.
On a lighter note, I spotted a cool Eurasian bloke while shopping at Carrefour! He seemed to be of Chinese-Caucasian mix and when I spotted him he was talking on his mobile phone in crisp English. Couldn't quite make out what his accent was for I was far enough to make out what he actually said. Oh was the first time I saw a Eurasian face OFFLINE since Bram Regensburg and Ben Byrne last year! Long, long time...
Sunday, June 15, 2003 07:01 p.m.

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Oh wow. Hahahahahah. It would suit all of my ex's better. I mean it!
Y'know what, I SCREWED my interview at Cita Cinta! None of the typical interview questions I memorized from The Cosmopolitan Career Handbook were asked! So I was dumbfounded by most of the questions! Blah. The interviewer told me she'd ring if I passed the interview part I would go on to the next part, which is translating a material or two. I'm pessimistic I'll pass that interview part...As for Gadis, looked like the chief editor avoided me. Every time I rang her, she was always on a meeting. It's become clear that leading girls' magazine doesn't take apprenticeship. Oh well...just in case I don't pass the interview, I can still try my luck on TPI. My dad has lots of acquaitances at the 12-year-old TV station and last year a few of my seniors had apprenticeship there.
In the mean time, I'm enjoying my freedom! YAY! Heheheheh. Now I'm devoid of assignments! Joy to the world!!! I've planned on hanging out with Aiko, Angela, a high school mate of mine, sleeping over at Orchid's place, and of course...lazing around!!!
And who dares say that The Spice Girls were a one hit wonder?! Let me list down their #1 hits from three albums and one LP, which were best sellers:
From the album "Spice":
  • Wannabe

  • Say You'll Be There

  • 2 Become 1

  • Mama

  • Who Do You Think You Are?
  • From the album "Spiceworld":
  • Spice Up Your Life

  • Stop

  • Too Much

  • Viva Forever
  • From the LP "Goodbye":
  • Goodbye
  • From the album "Forever":
  • Holler

  • Let Love Lead The Way

  • They surely are not a one hit wonder!! One hit wonders have only one or two hits, while The Spice Girls had more twelve! Enough to make a greatest hits album!
    Oh god how I wish my lips were like Elva Xiao's (Xiao? Siu? Whichever...) and I hope Andy of Tension is older than me...
    Saturday, June 14, 2003 08:59 a.m.

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    That's totally me! Ha!
    Ok...All my assignments ARE OVER AND HANDED IN...except the narration revision. The latter is due on Friday the 13th.
    Y'know what Jean, I also have trouble with PMS and so-called mates CURRENTLY. Another "serendipity". I wonder if we were twins in our past lives...
    Angela really is gonna be back anytime soon! Her hiatus layout's finally been changed! Can hardly wait! Eurasian Nation is finally updated! Yay! come I can't find my first article there? Surely Carmen Van Kerkchove has promised to run it in the June issue? Hang on a sec...isn't this June issue supposed to be the May one? Well, even if Carmen decided against her promise it would be really ok with me coz my first's totally embarassing, but please Miss Van Kerkchove, DO PUT UP MY SECOND ARTICLE! She hasn't gotten back to me about that sophomore article of mine...
    Ok, I know this is hard to believe, but I sort of lose the zeal to blog.
    Tuesday, June 10, 2003 11:03 a.m.

    i took this goofy quiz @ naivete
    this quiz was made by sara

    Final project progress
  • CB paper: done-will be submitted today
  • Four translations: done-submitted on Thursday the 5th

  • ICT city tour video: done, editted, and shown...and is now one of the nominees of English Diploma Programme's City Tour Video of The Year! Woo hoo!

  • Still in waiting...
  • Print ad and proposal: due on Monday the 9th

  • Print ad analysis: due date see above

  • Narration revision: due on Friday the 13th (ooooh spooky!)
  • Well actually the narration revision is optional since I got a B+ but I want to get an A like my description so there. I also have submitted my application letters, CV's, and writing samples (I submitted my second article for Eurasian Nation) to the chief editors of Gadis and Cita Cinta. I hope I'll be accepted in one of 'em because I don't apply anywhere else!
    The things Jean and I have in common
  • We're both Taureans

  • Our grandfathers have the same birthdate (what about birthyear? My grandfather's is 1933...)

  • We both love blogging so much that no matter how busy we are we always have time to blog and...change layout!

  • When we take online quizzes, we more often than not get the same results

  • We're both blog-hoppers (although Jean's more of a blog-hopper than me)

  • We have secret blogs that no one but each of ourselves knows!

  • Saturday, June 7, 2003 09:05 a.m.

    Y'know what, I've just found my mom's "diary" (not the kind you keep to yourself, the kind to be filled in by your friends instead), and there are lots of entries by her secondary school friends in Singapore. Among those people is an Indonesian-Australian bloke by the name of David Smith who wrote down only his basic info but also a romantic poem! He clearly had a crush on my mom! But he and my mom just didn't hook up...Well, if they had hooked up and tied the knot, my name would've been Nana Smith, I would've been a quarter Australian...And he also jotted down his Australian home address in Perth. I'll be sure to look for that address when I visit Perth. I hope he still lives there, although it's most likely that he doesn't since he jotted down that address in my mom's diary in NINETEEN SEVENTY-SIX.
    Anyway, I'm listening to Boa's "Discovery" at the moment, and good god, she pronounces "C" the way "she" is pronounced. I wanna smack whoever teaches her English in the head.

    How Would YOU Take Over the World?
    This is the most ridiculous quiz I've ever taken...
    Friday, June 6, 2003 12:09 a.m.


    Well hello. My name's Nana. If you already know my full name, good for you. If you don't, you'll know if you happen to see my exam papers or absence list on campus. I'm your typical 20-year-old who's definetely much more a girl than a woman. I'm also your avarage big city gal: loves chilling out at malls (especially on weekdays), blog, chat, dig designer stuff, check out Eurasian blokes, cherish freedom in thinking and expressing, and go ballistic when those nasty (at times) creatures with adam's apple degrade my sex. My mother tongue is Indonesian, but I speak the lingo of the people from Land of The Anglos just as fluent (well, almost...) and a smattering of Deutsch, Habla Espanol, and Zhong Wen. Since I'm not good at profiling myself, I'd better stop before I send you to the land of nods. Oh, one more thing: I'm a junior at some state university in West Java and am an English major.

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