Have I ever told ya that I found my elementary school crush on Friendster? Hahah :) One day I just typed in his full name in the user search, messaged him (asking if he went to the same school as me), and a few days later he said yes in his reply. It's really cool now that we actually talk to each other, albeit online, since I never had the nerve to even greet him back then even though we were classmates. LOL. Friendster really is a Pandora's box, well known for being exteremely slow and reuniting long-lost mates (and in my case, "lovers"!) LOL.
Monday, March 15, 2004, 12:10 a.m.

I'm in love with the song Machi by Machi (isn't it funny when musicians sing about themselves? Remember Girl Thing by Girl Thing? LOL), after seeing them perform it live at The 2004 MTV Asia Awards, and I've just downloaded the video clip a couple days ago. In the video, there are scenes of Machi having a fight with a bunch of bullies whose leader is a rebonded-haired bloke in floral-printed clothes. I think this is ironic yet funny, since that bloke in floral prints clearly resembles any F4 member, and Machi has Vaness Wu, who's still in F4, as a member. Although it's said that Vaness has been in Machi since long before he joined F4, didn't he ever feel insulted?
Saturday, March 13, 2004, 07:51 a.m.

I love Am I Annoying so much that I wonder what categories I would fit it in if I were on the site. Let's see the following categories...

  • Baby voices (personally I don't think my voice resembles a baby's, but considering how many people have mistaken my age because of my voice...)

  • I am Dutch (if Michelle Branch (who's only 12,5% Dutch) counts, I should count too)

  • Asian babes (obviously!)

  • Women with beauty mark (I have a mole on the top right of my right eyebrow)

  • Coolest Muslims in Hollywood (not exactly in Hollywood though, but WTH...)

  • Um...that's about all I can think of. LOL.
    And I'm happy because there's no homework due today!
    Friday, March 12, 2004, 07:11 a.m.

    Hey everybody! I'm in a jolly good mood today, although I didn't start off feeling good. I tried to do my religion homework, but I got stuck. Then I decided to leave it and thus skip religion class (yes, the deadline's today). I feel guilty, but heh...just think of it as a guilty pleasure. Just this time, I promise! After all, this is the second time I skip a class because I can't do the homework. The first time was back in semester 1. Anyway, by ignoring the homework, I have time to do other things I'm also supposed to do but haven't been able to because of the lack of time.
    On a different note, last night I went to my dad's mate's house to pick up the medicine he got my grandpa in Singapore. Actually he (Uncle Anen) is more than a mate to dad. They've been best mates since high school back in Pontianak. His eldest daughter, Listya, was my mate in ballet course back in the early 1990's, and I remember coming to her house twice or thrice to practice ballet together. Now she's at Yishun Junior College in Singapore. Ok well, back to her Jakarta house to which I came last night, I was amazed at how many antiques were stored in glass closets that have lights inside (like the ones you see in museums)- all kinds of antiques, from European to Asian, ranging from the ninth (or fifth?) century to modern day - and how some stuff there never changed, like the living room, the pantry, the swing...Y'know, before last night, the last time I came to the house was circa June 1993! All those memories made me feel nostalgic, rather sentimental...but no tears, really!
    And guess what, I've just found Listya on Friendster! Not only have I found my high school and elementary school mates, but also my friends from piano and ballet courses wayyyy back in the midst of my childhood. Yay to Friendster!
    Thursday, March 11, 2004, 10:28 a.m.

    Someone angered me on Hapas, but let's not talk about it. Let's talk about happy stuff instead! On Saturday, my cousin Sally was getting married, and at the wedding reception we took pictures like crazy! And then on Sunday, we had lunch at Sally's in-laws' place. And on Monday, my cousin Dana celebrated his 28th birthday with his family (wife and eldest daughter (my niece Namira), mum, two brothers and their respective partners), me, my mum, Aunt Enny, and Aunt Fika, and some of his coworkers at a Chinese restaurant at The Borobudur Intercontinental Hotel. So, three whole days with my extended family! Happy as I was, there was still a bottom line which pissed me off a little bit: they all commented on how chubby I was. But oh...nevermind. They actually commented on how HEALTHY I looked. Yes I look MUCH healthier, compared to two or three years ago.
    Thursday, March 11, 2004, 12:32 a.m.