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A 21-year-old immature-looking girl. She's technically mixed, but Indonesian by birth and nationality. Many deem her hyperactive, but she doesn't give a damn. The University of Indonesia graduate (diploma in English lit.), University of Auckland-bound in June. Her favorite past times are taking online quizzes, reading, and surfing on the net. Other than being a wacky bespectacled blogger, she's also a clique and fanlisting whore.

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lucky love belongs to teenage heaven I know, I know...
Um...hokay. My bro's just gone holidaying to Bandung with a couple of mates and honestly, I'm a little worried. I gotta stop worrying about this little brother of mine since this is just Bandung, and next month he'll be off to The Land of The Rising Sun and stay there for about five years. Oh god, I'm starting to be like my mum, an excessive worrywart!
I totally, TOTALLY hate it when people think or say I'm a wannabe white just because I speak English well and very often, I don't squat on the toilet seat, I don't flush tissue papers down the toilet, I don't litter (and am VERY PROUD to say I've never littered in my whole life!), I don't mind lining up and never cut a line, I never spit in public, I read whenever possible, and I laugh when I find something funny in my reads. I mean, knock it off already! I'm just trying to keep a balance in life by adopting the good Western values and get rid of the bad ones. That's why I don't club or party, I believe in god, I practice my religion, and most importantly, I DO NOT have premarital sex. Aren't those good EASTERN values that I embrace? But anyway, as for the facts that I can't defecate in squat toilets and don't like durians, well...that's just natural. I've never had a squat toilet at home in my entire life, and I've never been used to eating durians. The only time I ate the thorny fruit was when I was 13.

Listening to: Lucky Love - Ace of Base
Monday, February 14, 2005, 09:46 a.m.

the aftermath of my much anticipated crowning glory...
Ok, commencement, NO, graduation ceremony, is over. I was too sick to take a picture or have my pictures taken. I had no idea what or who to blame but currently my main concern is to get these fever symptoms away...Maybe it was because of the downpour that happened during the ceremony, or simply because of my Nissan X-trail AC, but I swear I was completely ok last night. Fear not folks, "official" graduation pictures will be taken anytime soon...The ones you often see hanging on a wall of an Indonesian house.
Lesson of the day: For future graduates of any university in Indonesia, before you register for a graduation ceremony, make sure you graduate cum laude. Otherwise, just forget it. For girls, NO, kebayas and buns aren't mandatory.
Heigh ho, Redyan! Happy 22nd birthday! I can't locate you on Friendster. You're probably the only dude with the best teeth I know! LOL. Miss the days when we used to play what Marcel and Natascha now use to play?

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Saturday, February 12, 2005, 05:59 p.m.

mmm hmm...
Absolutely nothing to blog about...I feel sorry for Dominique, the first prize winner of last year's Ajang Ajeng, a model search held by MTV Indonesia. The girl is on the latest issue of a men's magazine, and the headline reads "Kecantikan Ragawi Domique" (Dominique's Physical Beauty). I mean, the dudette's only 16, yet she's already exposed in a magazine whose main topics are sex and business. Fortunately she's not scantily dressed on the cover. But still, talk about illegal material!
Gosh! I can never restrain from joining more and more fanlistings! Somebody stop me.

EDIT: Today was the rehearsal of my commencement a.k.a convocation a.k.a graduation ceremony, that will be held tomorrow first thing in the morning. Guess what, I sat in the wrong row...LOL. There I was stuck among the social science grads in a row the right wing of the balairung (campus grand hall), while the row for humanities grads (one of whom is me) is somewhere in the left wing! LOL. But I guess I wasn't the only one getting confused about rows, since the big doors in the west, south, and east of the hall were open, and signs were only put in front of those rows. Alumni books are already out, and I should've gotten a copy today, but to get it I needed my commencement payment proof, and I didn't bring it today so I'll bring it tomorrow. My particulars are right on the first page of the Faculty of Humanities part, but they misprinted my e-mail address...It says instead of There's also a graduate of my faculty who isn't even listen in the book (waves to Peter). But oh well...what do you expect? This is Indonesia damnit!
And! Anyone knows anything about Richard Antonius Siando? Well if you're more clueless than me about him refer to Djakarta's Chinese New Year issue...The dude is damn hot! LOL. Well if you happen to know him, vaguely or really well, drop me a line! I'll keep your identity confidential :)

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Friday, February 11, 2005, 10:09 a.m.

english course and memories
Adi, for a fact, ALL English courses with native speakers are expensive. They cost like Rp. 1,5 million minimum nowadays, I think. My brother has just finished level 9 at EEC, and it costs him Rp. 1,750 million per level (three months). However, the quality varies. Let's compare EEC with EF because I've been at both. EEC I dare say has better quality because they use Headway books, original text book and photocopied exercise book, and Headway books proved to be used in my English studies at The UI. EF, on the other hand, offered no modules, and get this: At EF, I don't know if this applies to all EF branches or just the Blok M one where I learned, they put an INDONESIAN teacher in class every other day, in turns with the native speaker ones. This is clearly something they never say in their propaganda tools. At EEC, all the teachers are native speakers.
English course comparison aside, you know what I currently miss? My pediatrician, Dr. Hardjono, and his practice venue! LOL. He practiced in this old house, which actually didn't belong to him. The house is so old and antique it probably dates back to the Dutch colonial times. And the doc's big practice room was halfway filled with antiques as well, especially the porcelain and marble elephants that are the trademark souvenirs of Thailand. I was Dr. Hardjono's patient from age 5 to age...13? Until the times I was stared at by little kids at the practice place and I felt uncomfortable baring my chest for the doctor because my breasts had started budding. I also remember my mum asking him about my irregular first cycle. Back to the present, apparently my mum is still in touch with him as she was invited to his daughter's wedding a few months back, but I couldn't come with her due to my busy studies. Actually, it's the atmosphere of the practice venue that I miss more, so maybe in one of these days I'll go there. Just to capture that one particular part of my childhood.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005, 11:50 a.m.

huffa stuffa
If you're Indonesian, living in Indonesia and haven't made up your mind on where to learn English with native speakers, I advise you against EF. True, the school's famous for its overseas homestay programs and English teacher trainings but it seems like EF picks their native speaker teachers off the street. Of course, I speak this from experience, which I've never told you about before. In late 2000, having just finished my course at EEC at post advance 3 (or was it 6?) level, I signed up for a TOEFL preparation class at EF, the Blok M branch. Time passed and one day in February 2001, in my second level at EF, we got this dreadlocked American black teacher called Keith. One day Keith and I had a discussion, and as it heated Keith said my brain was "down there." Obviously, I was shocked, but I didn't show it and I didn't apologize as I wasn't at fault. He didn't apologize to me either. I just shut up and right then and there I decided to call my course quits. The logic of this experience of mine is a well-educated teacher would not say an insult pertaining to sex to a student in front off the whole class. It is also a must that teachers be well mannered, at least while teaching.
Anyway, my bro is off to Japan in a month. He's gonna start with a one-year foundation, and then he'll take exams to enroll in The Waseda University. Funny thing is, he's decided not to pack his beloved X-box to Sakuraland, which is strange since he's been a gamer practically all his life. Instead, he'll pack his DVD player. I guess he doesn't want to be distracted by his games, but he still wants to be entertained at times by his DVD's, since he's not really into the latters.
There I went unnoticed...Nobody left a comment on this blog's previous page, which I've just archived. Leave me comments this time, ok folks?
Tuesday, February 8, 2005, 08:17 a.m.