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Omigod the elevator in Pete's flat is really freaky. I had lunch today there, and when while waiting for the pizza (yes, he cooked me pizza) to warm in the oven, I went down to the first floor to fetch my book in Pete's room (we were to have the lunch on the second floor). I took the elevator. I pressed the "1" button, but it didn't seem to go down. Starting to panic because the elevator is damn old and therefore always comes to a sudden halt, I press the open button. To my horror, the door DID NOT open. I then frantically pressed the emergency call button, but there was no operator, only a song. I didn't know how long I spent banging on the door calling Pete out when suddenly, thank God almighty, the door opened on the second floor! Never for the rest of my life will I ever set foot in that lift again.
Happy belated 15th birthday to my cousin Marsha (October 10), 26th birthday to my childhood best girl Vina (October 11th), and 21st birthday to my high school pal-turn-actress Anggur (October 14th). Hip hip hooray!
You the 1998 (or was it 1999?) Eid Mebarak I was sent home by my grandparents for showing up for the Eid prayer in jeans and a tee. They wanted me to wear a proper Muslim outfit. Needless to say, I was fuckin' pissed. At least it covered my entire body! That's how conservative my mom's side of the family is. I'm so grateful to God they never push me to get married.
I have a soft spot for Chrismaya, the girl my second ex boyfriend cheated on me with. Well that was ages ago...I don't know if there's still something going on between them and damn if I care. When he went out with her she was in her midteens, and according to my mates who went to her school she was rather waifish and tomboyish with really short hair. Now at twenty, she's a woman with femininity and blooming beauty, and I'm happy for her for that. How do I know? Friendster, baby! LOL.
There's ANOTHER poetry-reading on Friday the 21st, and I wonder if Casey, Lina, and Flavius will be there. Maybe they'll have been off to Singapore by then (last week Lina told me they'd be off to Singapore in two weeks, and that means next week)? Or maybe if they're really there, they'll have a table for four as usual, with the fourth chair taken by Jess because the other three are fully aware that I'll be there. LOL. Oh well...whether or not they'll be there I'll come. Strata has this really wicked chocolate cake with a German name I can't recall...
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Friday, October 15, 2005, 12:59 a.m.

Fuck. I had to pay for the dinner I had with Pete last night. I can't wait for him to pay me back on Saturday, and today he's gonna cook me lunch and after that he's heading to work. After he's gone I'll just spend the evening wandering in the city and then go home for supper. I won't have to spend any money at all...Wait, except for the chai I might buy at's $2 (or $2.50?). I'm totally addicted to chai lately.
Believe me I didn't spend most of my money on shoes, jewelry, bags and clothes! How can you buy luxury if you don't have a job and have to make do with $350 (for this month only. Normally I get $500...this month I used the $150 to pay for last week's rent. But still with $500 you can't get much!)?
I sooo love J.Lo's Glow parfume. The smell is great and long-lasting. I sprayed it on a tester paper at Galleria last week and the smell is still there to this moment! I'm gonna buy it with my first week's payment from the cafe.
You know, sometimes I'd rather wear clothes from Asian boutiques than wear the Glassons jacket that EVERY GIRL IN AUCKLAND HAS! It's hard to describe the jacket, but I'll take a picture of it later. I've got one too, and I didn't know what I was thinking when I bought that jacket...I was a looong time ago, shortly after my mum flew home.
EDIT: My money woes are over. My mum has sent me a large (?) sum of $600. I also have to reconsider the Mission Bay job. I've only been there once and it was eons ago and many people I know are concerned about the job. They say there's no bus that has a direct route to Mission Bay and the bus from there to the city comes every one hour instead of every twenty minutes. Not to mention the many drunkards that crowd the Bay on weekends. I hope Pete hasn't talked to his manager about hiring me. Oh, and believe me I don't reconsider the job because my mum has sent money over. I've applied to the Lynfield (where I live) branch of KFC and tomorrow I'll be applying to Gloria Jean's, the Borders branch (city).
And Pete. I should be awarded an Oscar for playing the perfect girlfriend. Shedding real tears when he tells me about his hard childhood and previous loves, giving him hugs and kisses when he cooks me meals and gives me chocolates and flowers, looking into his eyes when I realy don't want to, saying "I love you too" in a loving tone...He's sooo not the kind of guy I'd like to marry. He smokes marijuana, dresses lousily, and never seems to brush his teeth. He also has started talking about kids and marriage despite the fact that we've only been dating since Monday. I said yes out of pity when he asked me to be his girl, but the moment after that I started missing being single dearly. And I never have the heart to dump him. I don't want to be cruel to anyone and I certainly don't want karma to catch me. But we'll see tomorrow. I must break the news, before we go too far...

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Friday, October 14, 2005, 08:46 a.m.

gggrrrr....mau marrah...
I fuckin' hate Toha. The man laughs at almost every single word I say thinking he's so cool for making it "big" in a foreign country despite not going to college but guess what, he STEALS my food most of the time. He took a quarter of my Subway chicken parmigiana sandwich without asking me first two weeks ago and drank the rest of my lime Primo, also without my permission. Plus, just yesterday he ate my caramel cheesecake! And they weren't the only times. If he eats my dinner tonight I'll be sure to decapitate him, no excuses. Or better, I can steal his coin savings little by little *evil cackle*
Excuse me, I'm on the rag spare me the obligation of having a saint's halo for Ramadan.
You know, times like these I wish I had taken out all the money in my Indonesian bank account before jetting off to Auckland. The thought just didn't cross my mind. At the time of my departure, I had about Rp. 500 thou, which in NZ$ would be about $50. Not bad eh? Enough to last me five days. But oh well...I've got a job and I can't wait to start working this weekend despite the yells I might get for my lack of experience!
Oh by the way, Pete is my boyfriend.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005, 03:50 a.m.

The saying "You get what you want, you lose what you have" doesn't only apply to superstars. It applies to us humble normal mortals too. Plus, you don't need a fortune teller with a crystal ball to tell you to be careful what you wish for.
I love the character Clothilde in Audrey Niffenegger's book The Incestuous Sisters. I can indentify myself with her. She's a firstborn and has a supernatural power, like me. And I want to be like her too. She survives the madness caused by her power and the loneliness caused by some guy called Paris, who chooses her youngest sister Bettine over her. She becomes the only one alive (Bettine gets killed by the mass who accuses her of murdering a baby and Ophile commits suicide) and reunites the family (the ghosts of her sisters and parents, and Paris and her nephew). I'm also a bit like Ophile, the middle sister, but never in a million years will I go as mad as telling a taken guy straight away that I'm in love with him.
EDIT: FUUUUCCCKKK! I'm almost rust broke again and it's been barely TWO WEEKS since mum sent my monthly allowance (which is more or less half of my brother's). At the moment I have $163 in my account. I've spent about $50 on my ISIC card (student discount card that applies to all purposes, including travels), my new body lotion and an umbrella (I lost one, and the other one broke so...), the rest went to dry cleaning (the downside of having lots of beautiful jackets...), phone credit (every fortnight), and of I don't need to pay for my weekly rent because my mum has transferred the payment for 4-week rent directly to my uncle's bank account, but my bus pass card is expired on October 16, and I need $80 to recharge it. Bah bah bah. But fear not, Pete offered me a job as a waitress at a cafe in Mission Bay which I accepted right away, and I'll start working this weekend. Plus I'll ask Pete to show me any second hand book store so I can sell my linguistics text book. I'll be happy even if I can only sell it for around $75 (I bought it for $86.40, 10% off the original price of $95 with student discount).

Listening to: Joy Enriquez - Been So Good
Wednesday, October 12, 2005, 02:22 a.m.

If the the header image isn't self-explanatory enough, this blog is mine and therefore I'm entitled to do anything I please with it. If you don't like me as a person or don't like what you see, then why on earth are you here, of all places? If you can't say anything nice, go get yourself an online space to rant in. Don't do it in other people's. Maturity is key, folks.

Twenty-two. Taurus. Indonesian passport, New Zealand residence. The UI grad, UofA freshman. English literature major, films and media studies minor. Budding psychic (?). In the midst of quarter life crisis. Spoilled brat, but not rich nor rotten. Always color-cordinated. Mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia. Travels include Japan, France, Singapore, England, Australia, Malaysia, China, and USA. Usually knows more than she lets on. Single and looking Taken. Blogging since 18. Graphic design, poetry, and photography are pastimes. Quirky. DA. LJ. More?

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