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bungee jumping I dont care...
HOORAY!!! MICHAEL MOHEDE IS OUR NEW INDONESIAN IDOL!!! I can hardly believe this is the same old chubby Mike who used to borrow my novels back in high school...
What a sick sick world I'm living in. An Indonesian woman who's just received her master's degree from Massey University advised me against getting a job here because she said Kiwis in the corporate world were discriminative. It wasn't until she talked to my kid cousin in English that I knew she wasn't good enough, but kept that to myself. By golly, even my friends who have never been out of Indo their entire lives speak better English. An Indo/Kiwi (by that term I mean Indo people who actually grow/grew up in NZ) who shares my hatred for the bitch in my FTVMS 101 lecture. Now I'm battling the desire to gossip about her with this gal via texts because I know it's not good. A bunch of Indos in North Shore (a famous Indo residence. Thank god I don't live there) who did ESOL courses at university despite having lived here for years because they only socialized among Indos throughout K-12. The locals - Pakehas, Maoris, and Samoans - which I've still been trying to adjust to. Oh well. Life, oh life, dudududu....
Enough with the bitter side of life. Today I hung out with Juan, an Indo/German (AAARGGHHH! Not again!) guy who goes to Marcellin College, and Alex, a blond Croatian dude who goes to a high school in Queen Street and lodges in Juan's house. After spending the whole day in North Shore's YMCA, we came over to Juan's house for snacks with his family. That was when I made a totally embarrasing mistake to Alex. No no, I didn't talk much to the dude. I didn't make a grammatical error, ask for his age (when I first saw him I knew right away that he was far younger than me, and according to Juan, Alex is 15 next month), nor did I stutter. It's just so freakin embarrasing I won't tell you, and I guess everyone noticed even though they pretended not to. $%#@!
Anyway, what happened to Ari yesterday (see the entry below) happened to me, albeit in a slightly different way. I got a missed call twice from a private number, and the second time this person called again I answered the call. After asking who he was speaking to, he introduced himself as Mark, and when I asked how he got my number, he told me it was from AN SMS I SENT HIM A FEW MINUTES EARLIER! Was he deranged? How the heck could I have send him a text if I didn't know his number? And how was I supposed to know? He hid his number in the "private number" feature! I told him he must've been mistaken, and excused myself for dinner. Oh, and before I hung up, he said he would send me the text he claimed I'd sent him, but the only one I've received since the call is a text from Ivy, a friend from back home. I suspect that was the guy that Ari turned down yesterday (his accent was rather Asian), and then after I left Ari went mischievous by sending him my number, using my "single and looking" status. The girl can be pretty mischievous. But of course I'm gonna keep my suspicion to myself.

Listening to:Des'ree - Life

Sunday, August 14, 2005, 05:19 p.m.

This is really funny...My friend Ari and I were chilling at my aunt's resto today when a guy walked in our direction. He seemed to be Thai, dressed like a pimp, and when he talked a gold tooth came to sight. He asked Ari if she rang him four times and then apologized for not answering her calls because he was so busy. After that he asked Ari out, and the latter turned him down saying she'd already planned on going out of town with some friends. Once he was gone, a conversation between Ari and I followed.
Ari: I swear I didn't call that guy! I don't even remember his name!
Me: Really!? Then why did you tell him you did make the calls?
Ari: I just wanted to inflate his ego a bit.
Me: Now I got it! He probably made up the call story so he would have a reason to talk to you and ask you out. Oh, and maybe to make himself sound desirable too.
Ari: *laugh* That's possible!
Sheesh. Guys and their gimmick.

My seven-year-old cousin Khansa is perhaps the world's whiniest kid. Her mum yells at her a lot and her dad spoils her, but what I notice the most is she's demanding about food with both. Most of the time, she hardly eats her meals and complains to her parents that they've given her too much food. Yeah I know that the only kind of food that kids her age like is desserts, but at least when I was a kid I never ordered food when the family was about to leave the restaurant or ordered another kind of meal while leaving the one ordered previously half eaten or even untouched. Tsk tsk tsk. Secondly she dramatizes everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. One day, probably pissed off because her mum made her finish her breakfast, Khansa pretended she wanted to throw out, but her mum is never one easily fooled. And just today when we were having breakfast at a cafe downtown, the little girl complained one of her fingers had been injured (it was probably a papercut) and when her mum was taking a look at the finger she began to cry (or pretended to cry.) However, her mum snapped, "Don't be such a crybaby! I've lost count of how many times I cut my fingers while working at the restaurant but I never did cry! This is only a very minor injury." So far, the kid behaves herself around me, but I guess it won't be long before she starts to think she can have her ways with me. If that happens, I'll be a tougher cookie than her mum if necessary.
I think Brooke Fraser's got the thickest lips ever. Her extremely bee-stung lips even beat Angelina Jolie's! And tummy-baring torn tees on mean in '80s music videos are they gayest thing on earth.

Listening to: John Farmham - You're The Voice

Saturday, August 13, 2005, 05:14 p.m.

the american edition
American girl Nicole and I sat next to each other in yesterday's English 103 lecture. I asked her for her name, because I wasn't sure her name was Nicole. She said her name, and I said, "Well I was wondering if your name's Nicole, since you look familiar, but I wasn't sure." Then she replied, "Can we talk after class? I wanna listen (to the lecturer.)" I said ok, and I was actually a bit annoyed because I just wanted to make sure her name was Nicole. Then a lot of things started to disturb me about her. She's so cute she's probably older than she looks (her best mate Jenny - also from the US of A - is 22, so Nicole's possibly around that age), something that is rare in blondes. Where was Jenny? Jenny and Nicole are practically glued to hips. And the most disturbing of all, who gave her that daisy? Could it possibly be...Casey? I hoped she picked it out herself! However, all those thoughts did have an upside...they made me consentrate. No kidding. I actively took a note and, to channel the disturbing thoughts, I wrote myself random things in the back of my notebook, as well as playing with the hair of the guy who sat in front of me. LOL. I've slept through most of my English 103 lectures, you know. Oh, and Nicole didn't talk to me after class, and I didn't try to talk to her either.
I begin to suspect there's at least one American teaching staff member in every subject at my school. Casey is a tutor in Philosophy 307. Ann Pistacchi is my English 103 tutor. Sarina Pearson is my FTVMS 101 convener. Misha Kavka is my English 121 lecturer. Oh well. Does it have anything to do with politics?
Talking of Sarina Pearson, she's got a soft spot in my heart, although a lot of people say she's a tough marker. She's your typical academic. She talks in a no-nonsense tone (albeit it still has a bit of humor at times), never wears any make-up, has short black heair, wears tomboyish clothes, and...she looks very much like my mum when she younger. I remember when I was watching Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush a couple of weeks ago, she sat in front of me and the sight of her nape and hair almost broke me into tears because they were so like my mum's.
My sixth sense is still working. On Tuesday while in English 103 tutorial, I imagined Ann wearing the skirt she wore in our first tutorial. An expensive-looking paisley-ish black and white knee-length skirt, seemingly made of silk or satin. On Thursday, after English 103 lecture was done, I saw her wearing the very skirt!
Oh, and I love Ann too. She's a young, pretty, and always vigorous you know she loves her job. She talks in such an animated manner you know right away that she's fun to be with. One funny thing about her is when she said, "Oh my god I've been here too long I've forgotten my American." when she was trying to figure out the American word of one in Kiwi slang. It really made me think I should find a "You Know You've Been In New Zealand Too Long When You..." book.

Listening to: Kim Wilde - Kids In America

Friday, August 12, 2005, 01:33 a.m.

you take me by the hand...
Guess what, I finally e-mailed him. Yea yea I don't know what I was thinking either. If he asks why I wrote him, I'd say I was really lonely and trying to get back in touch with everyone from orientation week (VERY TRUE.) He hasn't written back, nor have I seen him online. Omigod I'm so in love with him I forget Andreas is home! LOL.
I guess god is still angry with me...My first boyfriend, Harry, was really everything a girl could wish for. He wrote me poems and love letters, called every now and then to check how I was doing, even defended me in front of my mum ("She may only be sixteen but she's got a good head on her shoulders!")...Ricky also wrote me poems and love letters, but he didn't do the rest. And none of my ex boyfriends after him did any of the things a girl would love her boyfriend to do. Yet I never really appreaciated Harry. Five years have gone since Harry and I broke up and I've realized what I did wrong, but god still hasn't given me a guy with the boyfriend potential that would do what Harry did. Thus I can only stare in envy at couples showing each other deep affection, like the one that kissed in front of the Thai food counter next to the my aunt's Indonesian one yesterday.
You know what's been interrupting my sleep of late? My feet. Whevenever they begin to feel weird I always have to wake up before one of them (or worse - heaven forbid - both) gets cramped and gives me a major panic attack. Oh well. Must. Sign up. For. The school gym.

Listening to: Toni Basil - Mickey

Thursday, August 11, 2005, 02:00 a.m.

blah blah blah more useless schtuff
Yay yay yay! I've found out Casey's last name! It's all thanks to my spy groove talent. LOL. And I've added him to my MSN, but I haven't seen his nick names yet, which means he hasn't added me back. Oh will he let me in? I've prepared a totally sensical answer should he ask how I found his surname out. But um...should I put him back under a pseudonym? My DA is on my MSN profile and I won't take the link down because I love getting feedback from people on my artworks. And the link to my blog is on the DA. All this means that if Casey decides to add me back, he's bound to find out I've been all smitten with him. That would be embarrasing. However, at the time being I think it's safe to use his real name...
Talking of DA, my DA hardly gets visitors these days, so I couldn't reach my target of 600 visitors by my third month there (August 7.) Currently I've had 586 visitors, 14 people short of the target. So come on peeps, hit the page, show me some love! LOL.
What is it with Olsen twins fans flocking to my site? As long as I can remember, I've never mentioned Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in any of my entries, even the earliest ones. Well...now that I have, it would attract more fans of America's best-known twins. Whatever.
Is BB Spot a Kiwi website? It has the term "to throw a hissy fit" in one of the quizzes, and that's Kiwi slang for "to have a tantrum."

Listening to: Debu - Don't Turn Back (I love it when Debu members sing in their native language, English. It's just easier on the ears. Oh, and even though I hate it when Mustafa raps, overall this is a good song. However, Mustafa still really should get a vocal couch.)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005, 01:44 a.m.