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tale of paranoia
Ok, I'm sooo glad orientation day is over. Today finished in a blink of an eye, and I guess I did a good job showing the new students around campus and explaining stuff to them. I also met David while at work and I could tell he was proud of me. I'm pretty proud of myself, too. I still should e-mail my students as a follow-up though, and write a report for Sevalina, the coordinator, which is due Friday. But let's do it later shall we...
Oh, some of my Ispace and Uniguide pictures are up on my Friendster page. Be sure to check them out. The other pictures are coming...I have to create an photolog to put them all in. I want them to look big and clear and my current layout doesn't accomodate big pictures. Be working on it tomorrow.
Now. I've never told you I've been living in paranoia since I got mugged have I? Well the theft happened almost four months ago, but it wasn't until recently that the paranoia became bothersome. Nowadays, time and again I make sure that both doors in the house are locked and bolted, and that the vacuum cleaner stands against the back door. Even when I'm in the shower, I go out wrapped in a towel to check on the doors. Since the theft, whenever I'm on the street on my own (which is most of the time) I stop walking to keep my eyes peeled on any suspicious-looking person (men and women alike) walking past me. I also have stopped carrying my cards, cellphone, and camera in my bag. When I'm at a bus stop I always check my either side. Before the theft I'd sit down and read until the bus came, but now not anymore. Strangely enough, no one notices this change in me. Heck, they even hardly notice the change in my tone and/or voice when I'm not in the mood. The only one who's ever commented on my paranoia is Tom. He once said, 'Isyana you always look scared!' and 'You're paranoid!'
Tonight, in town on my way home, I bumped into...the guy who mugged me. He was hanging out with his mates when I walked past them. I absent-mindedly stopped short when I saw him, and I think he didn't see me but it was possible that one or two of his mates saw and recognized me (flashback: he mugged me on his own, but after he got my bag he jumped to the passenger seat of a stolen car). After I got on the bus and it was driving past the place where the guy and his buds were chilling, they were already gone. I then went into near-paralysis paranoia (no kidding) and muttered whatever prayers I could think of to calm myself down, but it couldn't stop the racing thoughts. What if they got on their car and followed my bus? What if they found my house and planned to spy on me so they could mug me again? Maybe I should start driving again? And how come I always forget to buy that spray? When I got home my aunt said I looked pale as a ghost.
And guess what, about a month ago I ALMOST got mugged again. This time by a bunch of teen gals on drugs, near the campus. Long story.

Listening: Radiohead - Paranoid Anderoid
Wednesday, July 12, 2006, 10:13 p.m.

working and pigging out
Hokay. So. Hello guys. I've been busy with the museum and Ispace, hence the absence of a new entry. Yes of course I took pictures, but the connection is crap at the moment so uploading pictures is out of the question. Will do it later, promise.
Work's been FUUUNNNNNNN!!!! My colleagues and the new students seem to like me, and I'm truly sorry I can't make it to the museum tour tomorrow because I have to attend the uniguide training. Speaking of which, I'm pretty worried...You know I'm crap at public speaking, but I promised David (my ex uniguide) I'd be there. Yes, I pride myself on always keeping my promises. Oh well. Just wish me the best of luck. Training should be fun (I'll get to make even more new mates! Yeay!) and Wednesday should go in a blink of an eye.
I sooo officially dub today 'the pigging out day' because well...I ate almost non-stop. Ok, so I had this Malaysian meal (chilli chicken and some tofu thingie on rice) for breakfast, had chocolate and cheese muffins at The Welcome Tea, had lunch at Nando's (chicken with lettuces, pineapple pieces and cheese wrapped in pita bread), ate a caramel and date cupcake at Gloria Jean's after work, ate Oreos dipped in milk upon arriving home, and for dinner I had the leftover chilli chicken and a half-done egg on rice. And now I'm resisting the urge to make myself a peanut butter-cheese-banana sandwich. Oh well. This is winter alright, and people are pigging out, but this is so out of control!
My English 101 mark is finally out. A C+. Bah. Omigod I'm such a straight C student (ok, there's no such term, but in my book there is)! I sooo don't wanna see anymore C's in my GPA from next semester on. I know that's hard, but you know me...I'm an Arslan, born to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, so I don't mind going, like, five extra miles to get to the A heaven.

Listening to: Boa - Silent Screamerz
Monday, July 10, 2006, 07:41 p.m.

no suitable title
Work was fun, although I was told to leave earlier because of my cold. I totally adore Maureen. Not only is she sooo sweet, but she's also a cool fashionista and by that I mean she can prove that you can look your age and be elegantly stylish at the same time. By the way, Maureen is seemingly in her late 50's.
My cold has also landed me in hot water with the AV library staff. Well that's extreme hyperbole. To make a long story short, I think Leo won't let me set foot at the library until I'm well.
And I saw another Chinese movie at the library yesterday. It's Center Stage (I think this was one of FTVMS 205's additional movies), starring Carina Lau and Maggie Cheung and based on the life of a silent movie siren who was dubbed The Chinese Garbo, Ruan Lingyu (1910 - 1935). The movie's unique as it is pretty. Not only does it contain original footage of Ruan's surviving movies, but it also goes back and forth from the 'present' to the 'past' and vice versa. The 'past', of course, is the life story of Ruan Lingyu, and the present is director Stanley Kwan asking his cast if they want to be remembered in the next 50 years just like Ruan. This 'present' also includes interviews with Ruan's colleagues in the early '90s (Center Stage was produced in 1993) and a 1991 video of the ruins that were once The Lianhua Film Company building. Also included in this 'present' is one particular scene, one where Ruan cries under the blanket after filming a scene for her last movie New Woman (yes, the famous 'I want to live!' scene), all of a sudden someone shouts, jokingly, 'Somebody should make sure Maggie's ok.' Hahahaa...Well if you're a history enthusiast and/or big Maggie Cheung fan like me go see the movie. You know what, after seeing the flick I no longer confuse Ruan Lingyu with another Chinese silent actress Hu Die...

Listening to: nothing
Saturday, July 8, 2006, 09:49 a.m.

bad and good news
Ok, two of my grades are out. A C+ for both FTVMS 205 and Comparative Literature 100. I'm pissed, but at least I passed and have upgraded a bit. So far most of grades are C-'s. I'm a bit worried about my English papers though. Their grades aren't out yet but perhaps I should be happy with a C-. I should be happy if I pass them at all.
But oh well. I'm looking forward to getting more A's and no more D+'s next semester.
Anyway, I'll start working at the museum tomorrow! This is sooo unexpected since Maureen told me I couldn't start until school started. Yee-ayyy!
Happy 8th birthday to my adorable little cousin Khansa and her birthday marks the one year anniversary of my first arrival in Auckland. Yeah people, it's been a year. Time flies when you're busy studying, crushing on and crying over guys who are not worth it, chilling at Starbucks, watching cool movies at the AV library, and job-hunting.
Speaking of crushes, I...uh, actually have been crushing on Leo in the past few weeks. I don't know, he's like...more mature than Tom (of course, since he's older. Turning 26 in August), more presentable (he's almost metrosexual, I guess), and more talkative. I mean, when Tom's on his own he barely talks to me, whereas when Leo and Tom get together they talk to me about anything and everything...And I love it when he talked a lot without my prompting when we bumped into each other in the city a couple days ago. But!!! Here goes the bad news...he's taken. But no worries, he's got an identical twin. But hell, that wouldn't help.
Truth be told though, I have a bigger crush on Tom.
Wait, I like both guys. Would be REALLY great if we could get together, just the three of us, and go somewhere...maybe Hamilton or Palmerston North. We'd make a really good sandwich, two blonde guys and one one Asian girl, all three English literature scholars.

Listening to: Brooke Hogan - About Us
Thursday, July 6, 2006, 12:02 p.m.