Missin me, everyone? Been swamped with assignments, final exams start this week, and I've just gotten my period today! God, my life really can't get any worse! BTW, I have a TOTALLY NEW 'DO! My hair is exactly shoulder-length now, and I SPORT BANGS too! This I consider a red carpet event since I hadn't sported bangs since grade 6! At first I liked my new do, but now I feel so 80's (in a bad way) with my shaggy shoulder-length hair and bangs.
Monday, May 31, 2004, 08:27 a.m.

Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome back one of Indonesia's pioneer and most talented bloggers...
Actually she's been in the blogging world since much earlier than December 2001. I've no idea when exactly, but I first found her blog in July 2001, and I remember the layout featured Rikku from Final Fantasy (dunno which FF...).
On a sadder note, I blew my religion exam yesterday. Although I still have the make-up test on Monday, I've already felt like a failure...
Friday, May 28, 2004, 09:32 a.m.

ACHTUNG! PERHATIAN! ATTENTION PLEASE! Be careful of someone with AOL/AIM ID of WaTeRBoYRULES666. First he/she will start nicely (saying 'hi' and 'how's it going?'), but shortly after that his/her mental problems will show. This person will call you all the insulting names he/she can think of. So once you recieve the box of an upcoming message of this guy/girl (if you don't have him/her on your AOL list), opt "decline message" and then block him/her immediately. Talk about really bad mental ward supervision...
Y'know what, it's really funny how Americans think everything which happens in their country has impacts in the rest of the world. For example, they dubbed the Nicole Brown murder by OJ Simpson "The Murder that Shocked The World" and "The Most Talked-About Murder in The World." True, the murder is one of biggest outbreaks in America, but that doesn't mean it's also one of the world's biggest outbreaks. In my country, most of the people don't know who the heck OJ Simpson is, and I just happened to have heard about the murder because I was VACATIONING IN AMERICA when the case reached its peak in 1994. Next, the William Hung phenomena. It's true that almost everyone in most parts of the world has his/her opinion on Mr. Hung's case, but I bet 15 out of 20 random Indonesians are most likely to reply "William who?" if asked if they've heard of William Hung at all. No kidding, Indonesians didn't hear of Hung until around a month ago, and there was very few media that covered it. See, some countries are too busy with themselves to pay even the slightest attention to some of America's happenings. So get over yourself, USA.
It's a fact that my respect for USA has become less and less since the Abu Ghraib case, but don't get me wrong, I still respect my American mates (The Vogels, The Alborns, my American ex teachers at EEC, and hi Karsten and Jason!!! Sup guys? LOL). And yes, so I sound bitchy, but then again THIS IS MY BLOG. Flames won't be tolerated, and if you're nasty to me, I can be MUCH nastier.
Sunday, May 23, 2004, 11:17 a.m.

Phew! Finally I can take a break for a little while. The two articles for the writing class mag took shorter than predicted.
I've just had a look at my childhood album, the pictures of which were taken before I started going to school. I'm all smiles in most of the pics, but I like the candid ones better, when I don't look at the camera and smile. Man, man...when those photos were taken, I obviously had no idea I would have tortorous days ahead. There are pictures of me with my 3rd birthday presents in the album, one of which was a pink backpack. I remember my first day at kindergarten took place shortly after my birthday because I carried that backpack to school. That backpack was to be used throughout my supposedly fun kindergarten days.
Well, I never liked school. Never liked learning subjects I was forced to learn. Never liked to be considered slow by all the people including my own family. Y'know two of my "gruesome" memories I have yet to reveal? Back in grade 2, I was never able to take a complete note. My mother, concerned as she was, begged my classmate Tia's mum to let me borrow her daughter's notebooks. Tia, by the way, was one of the brightest students in my class. Almost every other day at afternoon, my mom would drive me to Tia's house to collect her notebooks with my nanny, and during the journey to Tia's house and back they'd take turns discrediting me, saying things such as, "You should be ashamed for always borrowing Tia's books, you lazy ass, you!" Well, I tell you what, IT WAS MY MOM'S IDEA AFTER ALL! I was always FINE with my own notes! And as if it wasn't enough, they'd criticize my handwriting and compare it to Tia's. Next, back in grades 1 and 2, "slow" as I was, there was actually a kind-hearted bright student, Asti, who would stand by my desk everytime she was done with her own exercises (she was one of the first to finish the exercises). She pitied me and thought I always needed her help. Well, not always, and you know how this thing became one of my painful memories? One day, having finished her Bahasa Indonesia exercise, Asti stood by my desk as usual. And then Ayu, another bright student but a bit snobbish, came up and said, "Y'know what Asti, you should let the dumbo try for herself this time." I just froze and tried to hold back my tears for I knew that no one would've sympathized with me had I cried. FYI, actually I hardly asked Asti for help, so most of the time she just stood idle by my desk.
Although I have so many difficult memories, I don't think I'm strong enough. I still break into tears at any given hard moment despite my efort to hold them back. But I still can be thankful one thing: I SURVIVED INTO ADULTHOOD, BABY!
Saturday, May 22, 2004, 01:05 a.m.