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overdue update...
Ok, ok. The brother's in Indo now, on vacation. But now he's in Singapore to have a medical check-up, until Monday (methinks). Bah. Lucky bastard. Not only does he get to attend our cousin's wedding on the 25th, but he also gets to go to Singapore! When I was in Indo our trip there was called off...
Yay yay yay yay! Tarkan's released the English version of the spectacular Sikidim...But I like the Turkish version better, to be frank. His voice's stronger in that version. And um...I don't know about the whole translation, but the song's 'tagline' 'hepsi senin mi?' (is it all yours?) is changed into 'the you way you're teasing me'. Well it rhymes by the way. Also some lines are not translated, like 'sikidim' itself. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't 'sikidim' translate roughly into, 'hell yeah, I'm in ecstasy'?
By the way, I'm sooo stumped with assignments. Two are due on the 25th, one of which I've (just) started. Another is due exactly next week, and I've postponed my FTVMS 200 response paper until the 23rd. And I've no idea what to write about. AAAARRRRGGGHHH! Someone lend me a hand!
And I'm still busy as heck with other things. Renewing my visa takes more hassles than I thought. I have my student ambassador training on the 19th, Courses and Careers Day is on the 26th. Duh.
I'm interested in this Duke of Edinburgh Award thingie...I hope it's still open and will commence in September during the mid-semester break. Well I'll do either that or go back volunteering for the museum.
I haven't seen Leo in a while...The library people said he hadn't off to Prague yet (a few weeks ago he told me he'd go to Prague in August), but he 'wasn't in the library anymore'. I asked them if he called it quits, and they said no. I'm so gonna miss Leo...Wait, I already miss him. He's such a fun, cool guy.

Listening to: Tarkan - Sikidim (English version)
Friday, August 11, 2006, 09:39 a.m.

the ball again
Ok, ok. One of my best girls Vivian is thinking of joining UMSA despite being a Hongkie (UMSA's got way so many non-Malaysian members anyway, Caleb and I to mention two...) so she can go to the ball with member price. I say go ahead, of course! I'm sooo excited! I'm already picturing her sleeping over at my place the night before the big day, doing each other's make-up and hair, and...sharing the limo payment. Yes, I plan on getting a limo. Limo rent here is cheap cheap cheap on student rate, but wouldn't it be better if the bill is split?
Oh and by the way August is really a ball month...I don't know about any other place but at my uni it is. Other than the one I'm going to, the commerce faculty and Kiwi Asian are holding balls too. Actually Vivi's kinda torn between Kiwi Asian (she's already a member) and UMSA. Of course I've been talking her into going to the latter...I'm not going to all three lah. Would so broke if I did.

Listening to: nothing
Monday, August 7, 2006, 10:01 p.m.

the little joys of life
I'm lovin' Lee Eun Joo's rendition of The Corrs' Only When I Sleep. I'm not saying her version's better than The Corrs'...I mean, her voice is blah, but the music arrangement is awesome. It's smart how they changed the solo violin to solo saxophone. And I love how the dark tones of the music video adds to this mood of...I don't know, the mood you get when you watch a dead celebrity on screen. Yes, for those not in the know, talented Korean actress Lee Eun Joo committed suicide in February 2005, aged only 24.
Enjoy the video!

You know...I love it when I go to a coffee shop and find the biggest sofa there unoccupied. I can jump in and curl up with my book, and be the object of envy of other patrons. Hahahaha...I also love it when unbeknownst to me, the hottest hunk on campus is having the hots for me and everyone gives me the you-must-be-crazy-not-to-fall-for-him talk. Well which straight girl doesn't love that...And I loved it when last night Carys said my accent was cool. It was the first time someone told me I had a cool accent! Ah, life's little joys...

Listening to: nothing
Saturday, August 5, 2006, 11:36 a.m.

another boring update
Dessert Night was a lot of fun! Pictures later folks...
And guess who's been losing weight? Yours truly! Yep, since I decided to get the vintage dress (see last entry) I've been skipping dinner. As a result, when I tried the dress on this afternoon (they didn't make me the dress as they ran out of fabric so the one I tried on was the very last), it did fit me perfectly! Amazing. Even my stomach looks kinda flat in it. It's a size 8, and a couple of weeks ago I looked swollen in it! Oh, and of course the dress is mine now. I'm sooo looking forward to the ball...
I'm doing Hamlet next week for English 213, and I've seen a movie version of it. It's the one released in 2000, starring Ethan Hawke and Julia Stiles. Well it's one hell of a dumb movie. Even for a Shakespeare novice like me. First off, 17th century talk in a 20th century setting is downright weird. It just doesn't look right, especially when people off (e.g. the radio announcer) the cast talk like, well, us 20th century mortals! Seriously, the cast look like they've just been transported right from the Renaissance. Secondly, the setting is New York City, yet Hamlet is about the mishaps in a Danish kingdom. So, what to do? Transform the country into a company called...The Denmark Corporation. That can't sound more ridiculous, and I'm of the opinion that the company would sound a little smarter if it was given a Scandinavian name to emphasize its Danish-ness. Oh well, that's just two of the many reasons why I shouldn't watch the flick. If you want a really smart adaptation movie, watch Clueless. It's adapted from Jane Austen's Emma for those uninitiated, and unlike Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet (1997) it doesn't go pretentious by showing cast who seem like they don't really belong in the present-day world.
EDIT: Dessert Night pictures are now on my Flickr for your viewing pleasure!

Listening to: nothing
Friday, August 4, 2006, 11:32 p.m.