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Ok bitches!!! The day one of orientation was FUN! I've already made friends with a Scot/Italian gal, a German gal (duh! I'm haunted by everything German EVERYWHERE I go! To begin with, I saw a German edition of Cosmopolitan at Slurp, a cafe near campus, then my aunt Anna has a mate of daughter is half German and half Indo (waves to Marcel and Aiko) and goes to Auckland Girls Grammar School, and one of the very first mate I made in NZ is German! But you rock, Iva!), an Indian guy, two Fiji blokes, two American guys who turn out to be from Kentucky and have gone to the same high school but didn't each other before Auckland, a Mainland Chinese gal and an American gal. And guess what, I thought I REALLY was the only Indonesian at the international student orientation, but at lunch break I found out there were three other Indonesians...And I was sooo happy to find them I said to Stephanie (the Scot/Italian chica), "Look, I've found my countrymen!" LOL. Actually one of those three Indos did suspect I was Indonesian at the welcome, but the other two thought I was...INDIAN! My goodness! When I'm abroad people think I'm all nationalities EXCEPT Indonesian...Ok, I have museum tour tomorrow, and Steph, Feeraj, and Chan are gonna be there! Maybe Iva will be there as well...AM FREAKIN' EXCITED!
Angie, Yasmina, bro: Yes, yes, and yes, New Zealand is COLD. But I still can stand it thanks my hellish fortnight in Japan. Dini, I don't see anyone masquerading as you here, well...maybe Orgil gave me yourl URL in one of ITS (yes, I don't care whether Orgil is a he or a she. IT equals a dead, unmoving thing to me since IT has no GOOD HUMAN QUALITY) flames in the bottom entry. It also gave me access to this neat site, still under its alias. Oh yes it's annoying. Anyone who speaks Bahasa Indonesia to some extent knows that. However, from now on I will let it do whatever it pleases because (a) if you read its flames in my July 4 entry, it's obvious that its goal is to bug bloggers until there's a hatelisting for it and (b) when I had a quarrel with Indonesian LJ girls a couple years ago and they drove me insane, my mate Chesa gave me this timeless advice: act your class, even when faced with trouble. High class of course. If people don't agree with you on something, as long as you don't ruin each other's lives, why bother arguing?
On a totally different note, a friend of mine decided to delete his Friendster account recently. Well frenger to be precise. And before he did this, he posted a bulettin to everyone on his list (including me) announcing he was to delete his account and that his reason was simply because no one has ever replied to his "important topics" previous bulettins. He also called them "shitheads" for opting to take polls and quizzes instead of discussing with him. Wow. Now that's a new kind of smart aleck.

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Monday, July 11, 2005, 12:32 p.m.

kiwi, kiwi, kiwi
I love my current residence. There's a 24/7 hypermarket at the right rear of the block and my kid cousin's ballet school at the left rear and there's also a bus stop across the street from it. Not to mention the peace and quiet. Feels like living in the country!
The New Zealanders are nice and polite like the Japanese. Or at least that's the impression I've got so far. I like the way The Brits, Kiwis, Aussies, and Irish talk. So soft, unlike the Americans who talk really fast and most of their speeches are peppered with profanity. I'm not used to Kiwi accent yet, however. In my flight from Brisbane to Auckland, two kiwi guys who sat in the row next to me wanted to borrow my pen, and I was almost like, "Pin? I'm not wearing any!" because they pronounced "pen" like "pin"! They also pronounce "friends" "freends"...Guess it will take me a while to understand New Zealander accent.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005, 12:43 p.m.

Second entry. I'm settled in here already, and I really am looking forward to the orientation! It really is different from orientations in my country, in which sophomores and seniors pull pranks on freshmen to their hearts' content. My orientation here includes city tours, nights of pubs and quizzes, and morning tea with the dean...or so the schedule says. Hopefully it's not an Indonesian orientation in when my brother first went to his university in Jakarta (before moving to Tokyo six months later), they said there would be no orientation, but on the first day they told him and his fellow freshmen to come dressed in silly outfist for a week.
Oh well. Signing off. I'm gonna try to ride a bus to campus today.

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Saturday, July 9, 2005, 01:34 p.m.

First NZ entry
Hey. Online from my uncle's house in Lynfield now. That, however, doesn't mean I'm settled. Not yet. I haven't moved in here because I brought WAY TOO MANY suitcases (thanks mum), and I'm not done with my enrolment. For the time being, I'm staying at a small hotel.
Hello Orgil. Been a long time since you last FLAMED my blog. What's your problem, hm? I take it you're jealous of me because (a) you're clearly in desperate need of a blog, so you can channel your hatred or negative energy or whatever it is that soooo troubles you. But since you're so dang TECHNOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED and therefore can't opereate even a Diaryland with a built-in template, you try to make people with blogs feel bad, and (b) I'm just simply LUCKIER than you. Look, I'm a UI graduate, and right now I'm attending yet another one of the world's best universities, The University of Auckland. My next stop? Probably Princeton or Sarah Lawrence. Ha ha ha. Poor, poor Orgil. Smart move there with your alias, eh. You're so GILA or CRAZY because your jealousy drives you so.
Well. Enough ranting about such a dire being. See ya later, folks.

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Thursday, July 7, 2005, 09:06 p.m.

banyak ikannya kecil-kecil pada mabok...
Hokay folks...this is officially the last entry from my home country, Indonesia formerly known as The Dutch East Indies. And I'm typing it from my PC since my laptop is already packed. I think I won't be able to go online until I'm really settled, which will probably take a long time. So happy missing me people! Hahahahaha :D
I'm off to the airport in three hours, and yet there are two more people to see and say goodbye to, namely my grandpa and granduncle. I'll do the visits after lunch. Ok, signing off now. I'm so gonna miss you lot so much!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005, 12:15 p.m.

Indo rave and rant
I feel like blogging in my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia. Coincidentally, this is my last day in Indonesia and so I would like to use this entry as kind of a farewell present to the country. Apologies to my non Indonesian-speaking readers.
Eh pecun!!! Lo kira elo tuh siapa sih? Angelina Jolie? Mentang-mentang elo jago bahasa Jepang and sampe dapet beasiswa ke sana jangan dikira elo itu all that yah. Ini juga abang gue, mau aja dikerjain cewek sundel satu itu. Masih banyak cewek lain yang lebih baik and LEBIH CAKEP dari si miss stuck-up.
Koko, tau nggak, aku kangen loh jaman dulu waktu kita chat, tiap kali aku ketik *hugs* koko pasti ketik *kiss* hahahahhaah :) Trus abis kita ketemuan, koko ngga pernah "kiss" tiap kali aku "hug." Surely aku ngga seperti yang koko bayangin, kamu kira bakal ketemu princess tapi yang dateng malah cewek dengan rambut berantakan dan bisa ngabisin popcorn dan nachos sekali nonton film. Mana bawel lagi. Huahahahah...Tapi aku mau koko tau that the day we met will always be one of the happiest days in my life. Aku juga agak kecewa karena besok aku mau ke NZ, and itu berarti aku ngga bisa ketemu koko lagi Agustus ini. Tapi koko janji yah, kasih nomor HP begitu nyampe di Indo. Nanti aku telepon dari NZ deh. And satu lagi: Aku bakal selalu sayang sama koko no matter who's in your arms. Aku seneng pas find out ternyata koko perhatian meskipun di luarnya cuek. Brother, regardless of how many times you've annoyed the hell out of me, I'll always be your beloved little sister!
Oh and Indo aside, happy 4th of July to my rocking American mates (they're proof that not every Uncle Sammer is arrogant): Kathleen, Jeff, Jason, Scott, the Vogel family, and Karsten.

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Monday, July 4, 2005, 08:35 p.m.

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