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Nana. Twenty-friggin-two. Aucks and J-town. University freshman. The UI grad (class of 2005.) School geek. Family includes a weekend dad, a neat freak mum, and a 20-year-old bro currently studying in Tokyo (relocating to Ibaraki in March). As straight as can be. Romanced by no one (as of October 2005.) More?

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I have things to talk about, and I know who I want to talk about them with, but I know they won't respond. I know they'll be interested in the talks, but they're already disinterested in me and that keeps them away. I'm talking about boys and girls alike. I don't wanna talk about them with shrinks, even if they're free of charge like the school ones. That will be pointless.
You know...I hate my fingers. They're where my brain really is. I wish it were in its rightful place, the head. Or better still, the mouth.
Anyway, I have advice I want to share with all of you. Don't give me the surprised look...I'm 22, and even middle school kids have wisdom. You know, when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, always follow your heart. What works for other people might not work for you, and maybe they just want to see you make a fool of yourself. Trust me, such people DO exist.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006, 04:25 p.m.

rama and hong kong movies
Omigod. I heart Ramazan, although I never have a crush on him. Rama is a cool guy...He went to my almamater as an exchange student (he's from Turkey) and when we first met up he not only paid for the lunch but also burnt me a Turkish CD (he knows pretty damn well I'm big on Turkish music)!!! Rama is also fluent in Indonesian and everytime we talk he always ends with, "Please take care of yourself," in Indonesian. He's also a devout yet modern Muslim. He's in Aussie now and boy do I miss him oh so much! I guess I wouldn't mind ending up with Rama, although physically he's not my type.
Guess what, I've enrolled in FTVMS 205 for the coming semester. This paper is about...Hong Kong Cinema. That's heard me right. So Bruce Lee, Michelle Yeoh, Cecilia Cheung, Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan...I'M COMING! Hohoho...I can't wait!
EDIT: I was right...kind of. Graham's younger than me. He's my age, but he was born in September. And him. Oh. My. Gawd. Now he knows I like him. No no, I haven't called him, nor have I e-mailed him. I don't have his number and e-mail address and that was likely to be the last time I saw him. But I sort of cornered him and I really did grin ear to ear during and after our little talk. And maybe he found out from the way I looked at him too. Crikey! Isyana never learns.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006, 07:49 a.m.

islam and those ignorant retards
Rick, yeah...say all you want but let me set the record straight: we Muslims very highly regard our Allah and prophets (from Adam to Muhammad.) We never poke fun at them like you poke fun at your Jesus. It is written in the Qur'an that Allah and Muhammad SHOULD NOT be visualized (can't recall which verses but I'll get around to it Qur'an has no translation) and if you visualize either or both you violate Islam. And if you violate Islam you enrage us Muslims (even the liberal ones like me.) You might say this is just a cartoon, not a war, but put yourself in our shoes. What would you do if someone messed with something/someone you love and highly regard?
I'm sorry...I don't mean to cause another war but boy am I tired of all this ignorance! Mind you, I'm not a fundamentalist. Never am and never will be. I went to an elite private Muslim primary school which, believe it or not, didn't make female students wear hijabs and ankle-length skirts (but now I hear it does) and has a lot of Eurasian students. In my graduating class there was even a Japanese student *waves to Ijima*! I also travel and read a lot and my family consists of various tribes and nations (my mum's distant cousin married an Australian guy and one of her first cousins married a Eurasian (half Indo and half French/Dutch) for instance, not to mention her family's strong Dutch ancestry), so I keep an open mind. I don't wear a hijab because I believe you need a calling to do so (I know girls in Indo who wore hijabs because they were pressurized, and later completely stopped donning them) and totally condemn terrorism and omigod heaven forbid...female circumcision. Well the latter is not an Islamic culture! It part of African culture, I think, but definitely not a Muslim culture! If you can't get access to any translated Qur'an, I suggest you grab a copy of Asma Hassan's Why I am A Muslim: An American Odyssey. That book really is an eye-opening one for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Not only does the book clarify that Islam is kind and loving, but also explains that what the world knows about Islam today is actually a misinterpretation. For instance, many men marry up to four women because the prophet had about nine wives and there's a verse that SEEMS to permit it (which verse? An-Nisaa?), but really that one verse is there because in Muhammad's time women were PROPERTY...They COULD NOT INHERIT, but were INHERITED instead, and that was why men treated them as they pleased. Thus, the prophet married them to save them and the verse serves for that period only. This book really makes me feel blessed to be born a Muslim...a fairly liberal one that is.
Islam aside, happy 19th birthday to Stella! When we first knew each other you were a secondary school kid and I was a college freshman, but soon it's gonna be your turn going to college. Time flies!
Birthday aside, as with almost every Tarkan song I'm so so so so so in love with his single Love Speak, off his first English album Bounce. I don't know, but it's when I listen to Turkish songs (especially by Tarkan and Musrafa Sandal...I also love Sibel Tuzun, although not as much) that I totally embrace my Turkish ancestry. I'm an Arslan (lion) so watch out and hear me roar! Hahaha...

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Monday, February 6, 2006, 08:49 a.m.

Shame on you westerners! Funny you preach benevolence and respect for other people's property but look what you did...You've just made fun of Islam! I believe you've heard that in our teachings the Prophet isn't supposed to be visualized and yet you've just shown the whole world what ignorant bastards you are. And golly, aren't you PROUD! People who have no respect for others as well as for themselves burn in hell. All holy books state it.

Listening to: Tarkan - Love Speak
Sunday, February 5, 2006, 05:10 p.m.

post menstrual syndrome
What they say: Oh Isyana, any guy who gets to spend time with you is bloody lucky. What they mean: I feel sorry for him already.
Yeah...I might look and talk like a kid, but PLEASE DO BEAR IN MIND that I AM 22 years old and although I barely show it I do have every wisdom that 22-year-olds possess. Yes, I feel my age. I feel myself growing old every day, hour, second. That kind of talk is very cheap. Have I ever told you I'm good at talk-decoding? Only post-puberty people have that skill, ya know.
On a much happier note, there's a birthdays galore! Happy belated 22nd birthday to Maya (Januray 29), 22nd birthday to Arum (January 31), 23 birthday to Mandy (February 1), 25th birthday to my cousin Chrezma (February 2), 28th birthday to my cousin Sally and 22nd birthday to Tuning (February 3), and happy early 19th and 1st birthday to my cousin Dimas and niece Allysa! Yay! Multiple partay! LOL. I remember back in grades 11 and 12 there was at least a birthday bash every week. I miss that...

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Saturday, February 4, 2006, 01:05 a.m.

mad about william casey caldwell
Everytime I think I'm over Mr. Caldwell (that's Casey for those not in the know), it turns out that I'm not. I hate myself for it.
I'm supposed to read Patricia Grace's Cousins until page on 140 today, so by Sunday I'll have reached page 200 and can start the essay. However, boredom got the best of me and so I stopped on 134, but as it's not yet dark I'll head for the park and read some more.
Damn. Something's just struck me. I also have to read Dirty Weekend because I'm going to discuss it alongside Cousins and The Bell Jar in the essay. And I haven't even touched the book.
When it comes to carrot cake, better stick with Original. I've tried Starbucks and BB's and both are crap.

Listening to: Boa - Everlasting
Friday, February 3, 2006, 06:57 p.m.